I want to like this costume… really…

I do find the occasional costume that I like as hard as that is to believe. What’s more, there are even some that I really want to like because they have something about them that just makes me ponder them a lot… This week’s costume does that, but….

Sexy Devil Costume

This has the rather generic name of the Sexy Devil Costume, and it comes with a sheer red robe, tri-top, red shorts, armlets, pitchfork and an attached tail.

The boots are not included and the costume can be found for around $100 US.

But the boots, if you want them, and honestly I think that you really do need them for this costume, are another $100…

So, for the entire look, it would be about $200…

I have to admit that I am really tempted to buy this for me… and my Eternal of course… But the thing of it is that I can without much of a problem, create the same look, and probably a lot better, with what I have around the Realm here and there…

And, come to think about it, I have many times before to be honest.

The pitchfork is yet again one of the lousy ones that I hate with a passion… The horns are a little too plushie for my tastes, but they aren’t totally hopeless either. I really do wish that they made this as an entire costume as I want to like it a lot more than I can without the boots… And I want those boots…

Overall, I’ll give this three out of five pitchforks as a complete look…

Without the boots… Prolly two.

Will I buy this?

Only my Eternal will ever know for sure…




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    • James on September 4, 2013 at 9:35 am

    I predict that Your Majesty will buy the boots and recreate the rest from items things She already has around the palace, and it will look just that much classier and more . . . compelling.

    Her Eternal should start the Vitamin E regimen now . . . only 57 days to Halloween . . .

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    • Pocong on September 5, 2013 at 12:35 am

    I choose to see this as a win. It is to the queen’s wardrobe what “Blurred Lines” is to “Get Lucky”. An inferior product that is mediocre rather than outright bad. I’ll take that over hideous and tacky any day.

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    • TeraS on October 1, 2013 at 1:39 pm

    Anything is better than tacky and hideous…


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