Sep 03 2013

Desires 93

The passions sometimes take over and when they do… You discover that which you didn’t know…


Desires – Beginnings

By BStyles and Tera S

Part Twenty-Nine


A long, long sigh exhaled tremolously from Martin’s mouth. Muscles that he did not know he had tensed slowly began to relax. He had been aware of nothing but the surging, intense, erotic pleasure of her mouth and tongue…so much so that he had forgotten even what his hands were doing. With a final, almost teasing caress of her horns, he lifted his hands a little. Behind him, his wings slowly retracted to their usual resting position.

“I….mm….I’m glad you…approve…” He gasped out, managing a small smile in between the panting breaths, a response to her hand lovingly keeping him poised at the brink of release. His cock was rigid, the head swollen, purple, and angry. Pre-ejaculate had seemed to bleed from his organ during its time between her lips, and more of it dribbled from the tip as she stroked and caressed him.

His face was flushed a red to match even her devilish coloring.


Red is a healthy colour don’t you think?





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    Red is almost always an extremely healthy color, Your Majesty. And her color isn’t devilish . . . it is succubish.

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    Red is the color of explosions and there is nothing in the universe more satisfying and erotic than a good explosion.

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    Very true my heart…


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