Aug 27 2013

Desires 92

I admit that sometimes, just sometimes, being a Succubi gets the better of me…


Desires – Beginnings

By BStyles and Tera S

Part Twenty-Eight


Tera let out a little growl and moan at Martin’s touch on her horns. She slowly began to take his full length into her mouth. Inch by so slow inch she sucked his hardness into her velvety mouth. Then her tongue stroked along the ridge of him guiding him deeper within her mouth until the head slipped down her throat and she had all of him within her.

Then she began to hum softly. The vibrations started at the tip of his cock and then passed in pulsing waves of pleasure along his length. Slowly the sensations enveloped him, the pleasure built and built until all there was in his mind was the pleasure.

When his wings touched Tera again, her tail snaked out and wrapped itself around their legs trapping them in this moment of passion. Tera began to bob her head up and down allowing his cock to slip out and then be drawn deeply within again. On occasion she would twist her hand and swirl her tongue around his cock making the feeling greater and more powerful.

Then she allowed him to finally slip free of her lips with a loud pop. She moaned softly as she wrapped a hand around his length and stroked him slowly, “mmmmmm….. Soooo yummy Martin….”


I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing…





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    Being a succubi is one of many things that is always part of the better of you, Your Majesty.

    Just my humble opinion, for whatever it is worth.

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    When a succubus is good she’s good but when a succubus is bad, she’s very good!

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    As always, I can’t quite see all of the things my heart… But I try…


  4. avatar

    So I will keep showing you, until you cannot stand my presence any longer, Dear One.

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    And I you my heart…


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