Aug 20 2013

Desires 91

What is it that Succubi can offer?


Desires – Beginnings

By BStyles and Tera S

Part Twenty-Seven


Her hands made him quiver…

Her tongue made him gasp…

But her lips made him moan out loud…a new experience this, the realm of physical delight. Again his thoughts meandered to ponder the truly wondrous world of mortals, before Tera’s lips consumed his thoughts in pleasure.

Like seemingly all malekind with no idea how to occupy themselves during such an act, Martin found his hands nestling in her hair. A short moment was taken as he enjoyed the luxurious feel of her reddish locks between his fingers, before his hands strayed to brush against her horns. Remembering her earlier reactions, he gave them a few little touches and caresses. His wings twitched as well, quivering with his delight before he brought them around his body once again, their gentle weight falling around to almost envelop Tera entirely, once more spreading pleasant feathery softness over her bare skin.


Angels can have pleasures too…




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