Aug 17 2013

A Slightly Adult Morrigan Aensland YouTube

There are, not too surprisingly, quite a lot of very adult Morrigan Aensland images… I mean, really adult… So this YouTube I found, which has images of her, isn’t all that adult I will admit. It is, however, interesting to me that the person who uploaded it felt they they had to add a disclaimer to it…

And to be honest, I’m not sure why they did really…

And, in case you can’t see in on the Tale:


Pardon the slightly odd music, I suppose it does make some sense to have a video game theme. There are a lot of images, and of them all I think I liked this one the best…


I really do need to find this work… And I will…





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    Interestingly, the video that intrigued you so, the video that had a disclaimer added, has disapoofed.

    I know the favored Morrigan image will not elude you so easily.

  2. avatar

    One hopes my heart…


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