Desires 90

And… they move over the edge towards….

Desires – Beginnings
By BStyles and TeraS
Part Twenty-Six

Tera smiled as Martin’s body reacted to her touch. In a soft voice she said, “Angels and wishes and hopes and dreams…. You are more than that Martin…. Always so…” His touch over her rear… The caress of his fingers along her sides…. Then that moment when he cupped her breasts… So much pleasure…. So wonderful….

Then that embrace. That one moment when she knew that she was safe in his arms. But it was more than that. Martin knew. That one spot to kiss her on her horns. She almost melted away in his arms from the pleasure that coursed from her horns, through her nipples and into her hot wet sex. She opened her mouth to gasp and then found his lips waiting for her… Wanting her… Needing her for that moment…

When the burst of light came she knew it was right…. That this could happen.. That she could give to him and receive from him without fear for him. She drew herself and then looked into his eyes as the kiss broke….

She whispered, “Let me lay in the bed Martin… Let me lay there and let you touch me where you wish… Let me welcome you…. Let me hold you within me and around me for the pleasures that you offer and that I wish to share….”

Tera moved towards the bed, still in his wonderful embrace. Then her legs bumped against the sheets and she slipped out of his arms to sit on the edge of the bed. With a slight moan she took her hands and gently fondled his cock before she leaned closer to it and slowly extended her tongue.

She breathed out slightly and then licked across the tip making it wet and shiny. Then her lips drew closer to his head. She paused a moment and then sucked it into her mouth, her lips gently rubbing against the sensitive skin below the head, her tongue slowly swirling around his cock in her mouth…


Everything and more…





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    • James on August 13, 2013 at 9:40 am

    *Fanning self*

    Oh, not over the edge, it seems, but riding right on the edge. And everything and more has been there ever since they took one another’s hands and looked into each others’ eyes, for everything and more was in their hearts and souls.

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    • TeraS on August 14, 2013 at 9:32 pm

    *just smiles softly*


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