Aug 10 2013

A Morrigan Darkstalkers Speed Drawing on YouTube

For this week’s YouTube, I am going to share an artwork in progress video, and it is, interestingly enough, not just of Morrigan Aensland, but also of a work that was, some time ago, a Succubi Image of the Week too…

And if you can’t see it on the Tale:


As well, here is a small version of the completed art:

Morrigan by XAnimaetalX

And, lastly, a link to the completed work on DeviantArt too…


I’ve said it before, but, her expression is wonderful, both in her sexuality, but also the mischievousness that lurks underneath the surface too…

I do however wish that this artist would create more works of Morrigan… Mebby someday they will…




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    My sexuality is obvious, little Tera . . .
    and so is my mischievousness . . . or so you think . . .
    I could inspire the artist to draw what comes next,
    but why do that when I can entice you . . .
    . . . when I can tempt you . . .
    . . . when I can draw your delicious imagination,
    your delectable self, closer, into my world . . .
    when I can pull you in . . .
    . . . pull in your brilliant, delicious self . . .
    to come . . . to cummmmm . . . be with me?

    I am waiting, sweet Tera.


  2. avatar


    Ah… If only I had the nerve to write for her too…


  3. avatar

    She is hoping you will let go of that inhibition.

  4. avatar

    *just smiles*


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