Aug 07 2013

Victoria? This Costume isn’t a Succubus one

I expect certain things from certain companies. For example, Victoria’s Secret I expect sexy, seductive costumes that have no faults, look sexy, and, most of all, are something that I would want to buy. They did, once, make a Devil Girl costume…

It’s a shame that it really isn’t.

Victoria's Secret Sexy Little Things Costume

This is called the Victoria’s Secret Sexy Little Things Costume and it came with the bikini that has all those straps on it, the pitchfork, such as it is, and the horns that the model is wearing…

Now, it isn’t available from Victoria’s Secret anymore, but you can find it easily enough on eBay, though why anyone would want to is beyond me at least…

I don’t care for the costume, it’s nothing special, nothing all that sexy, and, most of all, why would they ruin what otherwise would be a sexy bikini by adding all that web in-between?

The horns are cheap lousy ones, the pitchfork is absolutely nothing to speak of either.

And this is where I have the biggest problem of all. Why would Victoria’s Secret want to promote something like this when, in all honestly, just about every other costume they had for sale, and as well, those that they still do have for sale, are so much better than this is?

I can’t believe that they would allow something like this onto the market when they could have doen so much more than this.

As for trying to do something to make this better… I can’t honestly see a way to improve what is, in truth, impossible to do without throwing away the entire thing and starting from scratch.

You would be better served by looking through their lingerie, picking something sexy in red, adding a pair of nice horns and calling that your costume…

Zero pitchforks out of five.

That’s being generous I think to be honest.



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