Aug 03 2013

Yes, it is a YouTube of a Succubus, but otherwise?

So I found this video on YouTube, and while I don’t know anything about this, where it is from, who made it or anything else really… It would be nice to know…

And if you cannot see it here on the Tale:


And here is a still of the Succubus in the event that YouTuve removes it, which is entirely possible…

Succubus Video Still

I give full marks to the makeup artists and the special effects people who made this possible, but, really there are a lot of things that bother me about her and those that know me already know what they are I am sure.

Too much horror, not anywhere near enough sexy. Just because we can see her breasts that does not make her sexy. While the horns and wings are really well done, I just think that the makeup on her face, especially her fangs just makes her more demonic and not Succubish in nature.

I also don’t think a lot of the black spots on her face and other places. It kind of reminds me of a Dalmatian and that just makes things worse for me at least. Her chalk-like skin adds to that effect and, honestly, it shouldn’t.

The point of Succubi is the seduction and the sexiness. In this case I just do not see this at all. Now, part of the problem is that this seems to be one scene of a longer movie, but I just have no idea which movie that could be.

And I would like to know.

So if anyone does know, please leave a comment?




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    Hi Tera,

    It’s from this movie…

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    Yuck. Just… yuck. (glad you don’t look like that huggles)

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    I think she might have been sexy in the previous scene and taken on that form mid coitus, if your theories on this being part of a bigger movie are correct. The splotchy skin makes me think of some kind of lizard or toad. Cute pets, but not something I’d associate with a sex demon.

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    Clearly not a succubi . . . but maybe some other kind of succubus. At the risk of sounding crude, many men, if you get them worked up enough, will let all sorts of females have their way with them.

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    Thankies for the info! And I’ll add this to the SuccuWiki too!


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