Aug 01 2013

Succubi Image of the Week 291

This week’s Succubi Image has quite a lot of things I love about it. It is a commissioned work and perhaps someday I’ll be able to have this artist do something for me as well…

Commission : Kurai Kaminari by Jadenkaiba

Commission : Kurai Kaminari by Jadenkaiba

This work is called Commission : Kurai Kaminari and is by an artist on DeviantArt named Jadenkaiba. You can see the original page with this work here and the artist’s page is here as well.

Wonderfully sexy Succubus, the dress I really do like a bunch. The interesting thing to me is how her look, her body shape, eyes, horns, really all of her just looks right to me. Adding that she’s in a library, which is one of my favourite settings, just makes this just about perfect.

The only thing that bothers me, a little bit, is that her black tail is almost invisible and I’m so-so on her wings. Kind of Morrigan Aenslandish in a way, but they really do work for her at least and that’s the important thing.

I hope to be able to write a story that this work inspired…

Please visit this artist’s page, there are some really wonderful pieces of art there to enjoy…




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    This is a lovely work . . . even so, the artist should be honored to ever get that commission from you.

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    I like her design, especially the eyes. Something about black sclera really gets my goat. I am kind of wondering what that red thing on her leg is though… I think it’s a tattoo but it might be some kind of garter belt? Any ideas?

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    I hope hope so, but not need be so…


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