Jul 24 2013

What exactly is an X-Devil costume anyway?

Sometimes the names they use for Devil Girl or Succubus costumes bother me some. Occasionally the name makes no sense, or isn’t quite right, or is a use of the English language that just is incredible.

And then, then there are costumes with names like this…

X-Devil Sheer Sexy Devil Costume

This is called the X-Devil Sheer Sexy Devil Costume. I’ll get to that in a little bit I promise. It comes with the sheer sequin mesh dress with boa trim, a pair of sequin horns and the pitchfork that the model is holding.

No other accessories are included, nor are the shoes, and, of course, the costume does not come with a tail either…

It sells for $80 US.

So, the horns are ugly, the pitchfork is the one that I hate most of all, but I have a lot more problems with this. I don’t see how a feather boa, or feather trimming for that matter has anything to do with Succubi. Really, take away the accessories and you have a red dress with some feathers and that’s about it.

But the real problem is the name of this costume. If it is an X-Devil Devil Costume then doesn’t that make this not a devil costume then?

I mean, imagine trying to explain that to someone when they ask you where you bought this and what it is called?

They’ll look at you like you are a bit… off.

Anyway, putting aside the nits and picks, overall I suppose that replacing the horns and pitchfork would make this at least partially palatable. Not completely mind you, but a little bit…

I’ll give this two pitchforks out of five.

It’s really not horrid, which is saying something I suppose…



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