Jul 16 2013

Desires 86

I am rather ticklish really… Which will be interesting considering what comes next…


Desires – Beginnings

By BStyles and Tera S

Part Twenty-Two


Tera looked into his eyes as Martin breathed her name and sighed happily. She laid her head onto his chest and nuzzled against him softly as he held her and for a moment she imagined what might been or what could have been if she wasn’t on the path she was given to tread. But then his wings folded around her and all of those thoughts we pushed from her.

She quivered as the edges of his feathers brushed against her bare back and shoulders, and then pressed herself tighter against him. The sensation of his feathers against her skin began to form goosebumps and without intending to, her tail moved to slowly twine itself around her right and his left leg binding them together gently. A tremor passed through her, and for a moment her tail tightened just slightly in the pleasure that he was giving her.

She allowed herself to be held however he liked to, and then said in a soft voice, “Martin… Have you ever held anyone like this before…. Have you ever had the pleasure of someone in your arms like this before…” She nuzzled her cheek against him and whispered, “I hope you have… You deserve to have someone in your heart always…”

She nibbled her lip and then parted her legs slightly. A moment later and Martin could feel the inside of Tera’s thigh beginning to rub against his. She whispered, “I truly want this moment Martin… But I do not want to harm you in any way… Please… If you don’t want this…. I need to know….”



If I am nothing else, I am polite…





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    I just can’t get over how considerate she is. You don’t see that kind of concern for your partners desires often enough in this this kind of literature.

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    Oh, you are so much else, Your Majesty. And your politeness, as profound as it is, is merely some of the overflow of your grace.

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    Manners count you know…


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    One can hope my heart…


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    You can hope. I can know as surely as I know the sun rises over the hills to the east of my house.

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