Jul 13 2013

A Lilith Aensland Cosplayers YouTube

One thing I have noticed on YouTube is that someone puts a YouTube of Cosplayers up and in a short period of time they are removed for various reasons… That bothers me because some of the best works of Morrigan Aensland or Lilith Aensland disappear and that’s a real shame…

So, here’s another one I found and I hope it still is up when it appears on the Tale…

And if you cannot watch the video on the Tale:


It’s difficult to choose just one Cosplayer as my favourite, so I won’t, but do watch the video and see which is your fav…

Regardless of which that may be, I send my compliments to all of the cosplayers for the love that they have placed into each of their creations…




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    Not only love, but ingenuity! How those costumes made entirely from belts not only manage to cover the essentials but hold up those wings, I cannot imagine.

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