Jul 11 2013

Succubi Image of the Week 288

I really like cute Succubi. I’m not sure sometimes why I do like a particular one, but when I find one that I really like, then she’s the one featured on the Tale…

Annalea by Aelannacessara

Annalea by Aelannacessara

This is the Succubus persona of Annalea as created by Aelannacessara. You can click on the image here for a larger version if you’d like, you can find the original page with this art here on DeviantArt as well.

There is also a more recent piece of art of Annalea that I found by this artist as well that is an interesting contrast of where she has gone in the time she has existed…

Annalea by Aelannacessara

Annalea by Aelannacessara

And you can find the original page with this art here on DeviantArt as well. It’s a bit difficult for me to really decide on which of this two works I like better. I do like the first work perhaps a bit more because it was the first one that I saw. There’s just this lovely smile she has that really fascinates me so very much… Her hair is perfect i think as are her horns and tail. They are all just the right look and style for her body shape and that just makes her more cute.

Lovely art, and there is so much more on their page that is just as wonderful…




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    It’s an altogether well done image! I think my favorite part is her dress in the first image which has this absolutely radical pattern on it. Her spear is also pretty cool. I’m a sucker for a girl that can kick my ass. Which means I’m a sucker for pretty much every girl…

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    I think I like the first image better: Annalea seems more mischievous, more untamed there, a succubus with a story to tell. The second seems more . . . Disneyfied–if a Disney succubus is possible.

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    Do like her dress a bunch…


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    All true…


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