This Succubus costume doesn’t reveal that much does it?

I’ve looked at a lot of costumes here on the Tale. A lot of the time the revealing part of them is the rather high hemlines… Well, someone decided that they needed to add a plunging neckline as well… I can understand that, but all the way to the navel?

Devil Mini Dress

This is called the Devil Mini Dress, and it comes with the black mini dress with a red sequin flame design, a pair of devil horns, and a pitchfork.

No shoes, or in the case of the image here, boots, or other accessories are included, nor is a tail.

It originally sold for $99.95, but can be found on special for as low as $$84.95…

Well, it isn’t completely horrid really… However once again they provide a lousy pitchfork and more importantly, the horns do not match at all with the outfit. Getting past the accessories, the flame pattern isn’t a complete mess, though I have to wonder if just removing the pattern completely wouldn’t make this better looking?

Now for some people, the very, very low cut top will look really nice, but I have to wonder if the only reason that costume has such a low cut is for reasons other than for women to think about buying this. Personally, I don’t like it, I really never have liked deeply plunging necklines like this, and I think that if it was about half as deep and still used the lacing, that would really look so much better.

Still, I have to rate this costume as it is, and not what I want it to be.

As such I can give it only one pitchfork out of five.

I think there are better ones than this, it isn’t the worst, but it could be a lot better than it is.

I hope to find one of those soon again…




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    • James on July 10, 2013 at 10:44 am

    Is this same model being used for all succubus/devil girl costumes this year, and, if so, why did somebody feed her curdled yogurt before taking each picture?

    Again, I think the flames are rather silly, and would not be something a real succubus would wear (as if she were announcing “this is what will be happening to you”). As for the neckline, given the models obvious endowments (if you do not look at their faces), I believe this design is intended not to be sold to the person wearing it, but to the significant other of the person wearing it, who will hope for this result.

    Your Eternal would get superior results, of course . . . and would never feed you curdled yogurt.

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    • FZY1 on July 10, 2013 at 5:21 pm

    It would look good on you.

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    • Pocong on July 10, 2013 at 5:43 pm

    Well… At least it isn’t that OTHER fire patterned dress again. It’s more bland and trashy then flesh-shreddingly terrible which, in some ways, makes it a little worse. At least you can joke with your friends about the truly hideous ones.

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    • TeraS on July 11, 2013 at 2:31 pm

    *falls over laughing*

    Thank you for the giggle my heart…



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