Jul 09 2013

Desires 85

If not of the pleasures, than the understanding of what each holds within them…


Desires – Beginnings

By BStyles and Tera S

Part Twenty-One


Her soft moans made his ears heat up as well, ’til it seemed most of the blood in his body was being routed to his face – as well as other regions. A soft exhalation of breath sighed out as his hands left that strangely textured length of tail, stroking over the smooth, soft curves of her naked rear end. “Oh, wow….” he murmured.

His eyes met hers for a moment more. He was hesitant, to be sure. Like a schoolboy with a crush, or perhaps a man unsure if he is experiencing a dream or reality. It seemed, however, something affixed itself in his mind now, assured him in some way. One arm rose up around her waist, drawing her in close. She was just so beautiful. “Tera…”

Martin tightened his embrace some, inclining his head to kiss this vision in his arms. He felt the warmth of her body pressed against him once more, and shuddered a little with the sensation. With his arms around her waist, his wings doubled the intimacy of the moment by encircling the two of them, the soft weight of his feathery appendages tickling over her shoulders and neck in a manner considered close to playful.


I like playful… It’s always so much fun…




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