Jul 03 2013

I’ve definitely seen this costume before… Another way.

So, last week I mentioned that the costume I was looking at seemed… familiar. I thought that I had seen it before, just a bit differently presented. Well, I found yet another version of this costume and my view of it seems to be going downhill even faster…

Devil Dress with Sequins

This time, the site selling this costume decided to use an even more vague and random name to describe it. This is called the Devil Dress with Sequins and it comes with the red gown with that sort-of flame black sequin design, a pair of devil horns and the pitchfork the model is holding.

It does not include the shoes or anything else and it sells for $99.95 US, but there are some discount sales on which means that this costume can be bought for less than $85 US.

I’ll have to admit that I kind of like the dress, not the lousy flame pattern though, don’t care for the pitchfork yet again, and the horns do nothing for me once again.

What really makes this a train wreck I think is the look that the model has and the expression on her. If this is supposed to make the costume look sexier or more appealing…

It isn’t working, even if I like the shoes.

It brings me to a thought which is, why do pictures like this, with the look this model has, make it to publication in the first place?

I’ll bet there is another image of her were she is smiling and has a more comfortable pose that helps in the sexy…

Setting that aside, it bothers me that this design is being recycled yet again… and again… and again… ad nauseum… What’s more bothersome is that they keep using that same ugly black flame pattern on the dress, the same lousy pitchfork and the same set of horns.

Yes there are some variations in style, yes the looks change a bit, but in the end there isn’t all that much difference.

So, in spite of all of that, this is probably the one combination that I can just barely accept, the model’s look having nothing to do with that.

One single pitchfork out of five.

In a pinch I’d wear the dress and the shoes, but my own pitchfork and horns…

I wouldn’t like it, but I could manage it… barely.



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