Jul 02 2013

Desires 84

When the erotic moments… come… they do so in a special way I think…


Desires – Beginnings

By BStyles and Tera S

Part Twenty


She didn’t resist as he raised her hand and then kissed the palm. She did shiver at the kiss in surprise though. It was like a kiss of warmth and rightness that she hadn’t known before. She gave a little moan at the feeling and a light blush rose on her neck. She loosened her touch and watched him turn to face her.

Tera smiled as he looked into her eyes. Then she closed her eyes and allowed him to touch as he wished. As his fingertips brushed over her horns she sighed happily in the feeling. He made a soft rub against the very tip of her right horn and then drew his finger down the length. As his finger rubbed against the base of her horn where it met her skin she gasped in surprise. Then she couldn’t help but nuzzle herself into his touch. It was like nothing her mind could remember having felt before. A quiver of pleasure passed through her horns into her mind and then began to wash through her. She felt her body heat up, the thrill of that moment making her tail flex and twist in the air behind her.

Then his hand moved towards her tail and she froze for a second. As his fingers slid across the length of it, she gasped and moaned in the pleasure. She opened her eyes and regarded him. With a bare whisper she said, “Slide your fingers along the length to the base Martin…. Please?” As he did so, a broad smile passed across her lips. He paused when his fingers were so close to touching her bum and underneath the base of her tail. She nibbled her lip and said, “More? Please?”


I still believe to this day that I could have done this better…





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    Oh, Your Majesty, I cannot imagine how. Not only is the imagery vivid, but the emotions are so honest and raw and visceral here that the reader can feel the touches. Nicely done.

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    I dunno… seems like you did a pretty great job to me! I understand that we all second guess ourselves and everyone has a right to their feelings. If you didn’t like how it came out that’s okay, but keep in mind that we all appreciate and enjoy your writing.

  3. avatar

    I am my worst critic my heart… It is how I will always be…


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