Jun 29 2013

A short film YouTube called Lilith

I always find it interesting how the legend of Lilith seems to attract young student filmmakers to create their own works about her. This particular YouTube short film is from August of 2012 and it was the production of the film making course of 2012 at the Tallinn Estonia Summer School.

An if you cannot see the film here on the Tale, here is a link to the YouTube page…


While it is a film that does not use English as its spoken language, there are subtitles which help quite a lot.

In the event that the video is removed from YouTube, the story follows Lilith from her first encounter with Adam. He demands that she obey him because he was first, and she asks if that is so then why does he not obey the oceans or birds that were on Earth before he?

Adam then rejects her and Lilith leaves, Eve appearing with Adam soon after. As they are interspersed with images of The Apple of legend, time moves forwards and Lilith reappears from the waters of the deep.

When she first appears, Lilith wore white. In her appearances after Adam rejects her, Lilith wears black. She then passes through a town in the day and transforms the scene through her powers into night, revealing the darker side of humanity.

In the end, Lilith returns to Eve and Adam and she berates Eve for submitting to Adam and not being strong and independent as should have been. Eve says nothing in reply, she looks away from Lilith and Adam simply ignores her.

I found the imagery very powerful, the apple spoiling over time reflecting the loss of what was intended did give me pause for thought. The passage of Lilith in the world revealing the darkness in the light also was well done, both in form and the special effects that made that scene possible.

Looking to the actor that played Adam, he seemed to project a “not a care in the world” attitude and a belief that whatever he believed was correct above all others. The actress playing Eve was lovely, but held what seemed to be such sadness within her, and her need to look to the ground in submission was her focus.

The actress playing Lilith was excellent I thought. Of course no horns or tail on her, this story wasn’t about the demoness Lilith so much as about the first woman Lilith who was not submissive to Adam and was cast aside. There was an undertone of sadness in her words and movements I felt, but as well, an underlying strength of character that seemed to drive her forward.

I also thought it was telling that once Lilith rejected Adam, he never speaks to her again, and to Eve he only demands she obey and then ignores her.

The story then is a question of respect, and for this story there was really none between any of the characters in the story… I think that’s telling…




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    I thought that Lilith actually had respect for Adam, as, in this story, she did not wish to rule over him, but for them to be as equals. I am also not sure of why she ends up in a black dress, as she has not become “evil,” save, perhaps, in Adam’s eyes.

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    It is, as at seems, always to be a matter of perspective…


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