Jun 20 2013

Succubi Image of the Week 285

There is one very specific piece of art that I found years ago that I have wanted to see coloured at some point. To my surprise, I found a really amazing work that did that and so…

It’s the Succubi of the Week and she’s introducing New and Improved Evil!

New Improved Coloured Evil

New Improved Coloured Evil

I know that the name of this art probably isn’t right, but honestly in this case the name of the work isn’t important. What is important is that she’s a delicious Succubus and I really do mean that…

Love the outfit, the look, the smile, the style of this art… Her tail is just about perfect, and whomever coloured this art picked a palette of colours that just fit her exactly… She really is wonderful as a temptress of evil, and the box of evil for me adds to the giggles when I see her…

I really need to think about a story sometime for her… There must be a good one…

Perhaps I’ll figure it out soon…




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    Marc Cabot

    She is just ADORABLE. In an evil, sexy way. Thanks for posting!

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    Do you have those nasty bits of goodness that just won’t come out? Try new and improved EVIL, with 50% more mischievous fun!!

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    Thank you Marc…


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    My heart? There must be a story in this somewhere…


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