Desires 82

Perhaps the sexiest thing about the Queen of the Succubi is that while she is, she allows others to see what they will in her…

Desires – Beginnings
By BStyles and Tera S
Part Eighteen

Tera had turned to face him. She wanted to see him become himself. To reveal that which he was. Her eyes twinkled as his wings appeared and she was captivated by him. She looked slightly embarrassed and then her form began to shift as well.

She slipped out of the dress and heels revealing that she was completely nude underneath the dress. With a small smile her body began to shift towards her true form. A pair of slim red horns peeked into existence just past her forehead as her eyes turned completely emerald green in color. As he watched, her long slender red tail shifted into being and swished behind her for a moment. Her breasts became large, full and round. The nipples standing proudly from them. Her nails lengthened and turned as red as her horns and tail. Her lips became full and pouty, a so wet red as well. Then she shook her head a bit and her hair became a long tangle of redish brunette hair that fell perfectly, to just touch the top of her bum.

She stood there, her arms to her sides and then she turned in a slow circle so that he could see all of her. When she faced him again she said, “I’ve never in truth touched angel wings…” She walked around behind him and then so very carefully reached a hand to brush against the very tip of his right wing. She closed her eyes and moved her fingers over the arch of his wing inch by inch, committing the feeling of it to her memories forever. She smiled softly as she reached the smooth skin of his shoulder and then turned her hand over to brush against the feathers from the base to the tip, one by one until she had touched all of it. Then she turned to the other wing and did the same thing. She was quiet in the moment, just enjoying the intimacy of the moment and finally finished by rubbing the last feather of the wing between her fingers so gently.

She moved a bit closer to him and then slipped her arms underneath his wings, lacing her fingers together across his tummy. She pressed against him from behind and then softly said, “You should be seen like this more often…”


Promises and thoughts abound don’t they?





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    • James on June 18, 2013 at 1:27 pm

    Yes, they do indeed . . .

    But I have found it far more wonderful to discover all of who the Queen of the Succubi is than to see only what I might see . . .

    • avatar
    • Pocong on June 24, 2013 at 2:17 am

    I love it when sex scenes move slowly. I feel that it’s something that should be savored, where every sense is emphasized for maximum pleasure. It should be a moment that lasts. Not that I would know personally, it just feels like it should.

    • avatar
    • TeraS on July 11, 2013 at 2:01 pm

    Ah but my heart there are so few that do…



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