Jun 12 2013

Where is the Succubus in this costume?

I have been wondering about some of the costumes that have been appearing of late with vague or tenuous connections to Succubi… This one really doesn’t have many of those I think…

Night Wing Devil Costume

This is called the Night Wing Devil Costume, and it comes with the bustier top, tutu skirt, glovelets, a pair of horns and …wings.

The stockings and boots are not included as always it seems…

It sells for $65 Us on some sites, and can be found for less than that easily enough, though why you would bother I have no idea really…

So much to not like… Lousy horns… again. The wings make no sense, there is no tail, the costume itself is ugly, the glovettes aren’t anything to speak of either.

It does remind me of two other costumes that I have reviewed in the past on the Tale, and neither of them I liked at all as well.

It could well be another of those mashup, reuse things costumes that I dislike so very very much. It doesn’t say Succubus to me, not even Devil Girl all that much considering that the only part of this costume that qualifies are the horns.

Disappointing, would never think of buying this.

I’ll give it a quarter pitchfork out of five.

There just has to be better than this somewhere…

Mebby I can find it…



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