Jun 04 2013

Desires 80

Revelation is when you take the chance to see… everything.


Desires – Beginnings

By BStyles and Tera S

Part Sixteen


Tera was silent for a time as their hands touched. She expected that dammed shock to make her wine and gasp in surprise… But it wasn’t there. She looked at him and then a warm wave of happiness washed over her. She couldn’t help herself as she gave out a little moan of happiness at the feeling. Her eyes fluttered and she warmed up in the emotion that he gave her. Then the other feeling washed across her being and she looked at him amazed. “Do you mean this Martin?”

She looked around for a moment and then spied a door almost completely hidden from view of the manager. She turned back to Martin and said, “Come with me…. Please?” She led him towards the door and then stood in front of it for a moment. Then she traced a finger along the door jamb making it glow a soft green colour.

She looked at him and asked, “May I have your hand please?” Holding his hand, she did the same thing with his hand and a moment later the door disappeared revealing a scene of white clouds surrounding a golden four-post bed, bright sunlight breaking though the clouds when it could….

Tera looked at him and said, “Will you come with me Martin… So that I might see the true you and you might see me as I am?”


Seeing is believing so they say often…




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    And yet, as someone once said, how bllessed are they who believe without seeing . . . just like Tera.

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    I’m a big fan of the little domain she conjured up for their tryst. She could have just rocketed him to a motel or her house but instead chose to go out of her way and make a soft, heavenly environment for him. It’s an environment he would be familiar with and comfortable in and it’s adorable that she’d take that into consideration. Seduction is an art, and she’s Monet.

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    I can only believe my heart…


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    *just blushes*


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