May 21 2013

Desires 78

Joy is. It matters, it exists and, really, is a rare and special thing… for all beings…


Desires – Beginnings

By BStyles and Tera S

Part Fourteen


She kept her head resting on her hands as she said, “What harm would there be in having that moment then Martin? Is it something that is beyond your world and resides in mine? Is it that you cannot bring yourself to allow a moment of joy within yourself?”

She looked around and noticed that almost the entire coffeehouse had emptied out. With the exception of the manager and themselves, the place was theirs alone. She said in a tender voice, “Might I give you that moment of happiness in return for the kindness you have shown me tonight?”

She lowered her arms and placed her hand face up on the table. She looked directly into his eyes and said, “I promise not to do harm nor ask for anything in return. My defenses are lowered and my weapons are sheathed. I will neither take from you nor taint you in anyway.”

She whispered softly, “Let me be your fantasy for a moment and give you that which you seek…”


Fantasy can be, a release, a moment, or a state of mind… or all three..




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    Or fantasy can just be time with one’s dear one, time completely for them, without having to be for the rest of the world.

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    *just smiles*


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