May 18 2013

The Succubus Dance YouTube

Not a lot of choreographed dance that has even a little bit to do with Succubi in it. I found this YouTube recently called The Succubus Dance, which is five minutes of an interesting concept of Succubi I think…

And if you can’t see it here on the Tale:


The choreographers of this dance are Mario Vara and Rosie Torrez according to the information found on the YouTube page of this video.

The music is, at least for me personally, a bit too sharp and violent to represent Succubi in their more seductive forms. As a means to project the more evil or violent side of their existence, I can see it being a good match for that. Still, I have to wonder, as I watched the dancers perform, if another more classical tune wouldn’t have worked as well over the dancer’s movements.

The dance itself I felt had a good mix of control, submission, and the barest hint of sexuality in it. It is, of course, not meant to be erotic in nature itself I would imagine, however some of the poses and interactions between the dancers were quite daring from time to time.

Quite well done and I felt the performers and the choreographers came together well  in the performance as a whole. I have to wonder about the music though, as I’ve said…



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