May 14 2013

Desires 77

Being empathic can be a gift, a curse, and more. But it isn’t who you are…


Desires – Beginnings

By BStyles and Tera S

Part Thirteen


Martin couldn’t help but grin, hearing the happy sound of her laughter. His empathic nature also felt the release of her negative emotion, the dark feelings replaced so quickly by such a simple moment of joy…

His smile faded slightly, as her words were mulled over in his mind. “Happy…” he mused. “I am happy to hear you laugh, there’s no denying that.” But that was not what she had asked. It was not an easy question for anyone, let alone one such as he to answer. He sighed softly, glancing out over the ‘house’s scattering patronage. “Such a simple question, yet it is always the hardest to answer…people think it has to be complicated, involved…”

His eyes fell onto that young couple again, the pair smiling and holding hands as they left the coffeehouse to possibly pursue greater affections. “Hmm…in truth, I wish for something more simple…pure…yet at the same time beyond my reach…”


Isn’t it worth reaching for what you believe to be impossible and yet might not be?



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