Knowing Mom’s Day By TeraS

Today is Mother’s Day… Miss you Mom…


Knowing Mom’s Day
By TeraS


Mother’s Day.

Usually, it can be one of the most melancholy of days in the Realm for Tera …

… usually.

This year, like every year, Tera would go to her mom’s grave, place a cup of tea on top of Mom’s headstone, and then just … talk. She would talk about her fears, her worries, her loss … so many things that she had hanging over her head for the longest time. Then, always, she would talk about the better things that had happened: the good, the joys, the moments of happiness that somehow in some way balanced the scales, even if only a little bit.

Tera missed her mom dearly. Perhaps she didn’t talk about it much, or express the emptiness that was in her, but she was saddened that she couldn’t hear her mom’s voice, touch her hand, just be with her, if only for a moment …

It was always that moment Tera wanted.

She knew that her mom was watching over the Realm, seeing things, knowing … everything. But, while Tera could see her mother’s eyes among the clouds of the Realm now and again, she was never able to speak to her. Tera had a doubt, hidden away within her, that she had disappointed her mother somehow, but she never knew if she was right or wrong about that.

At the end of every visit, Tera would ask: “Are you proud of me, Mom?” She never received an answer, save that the tea offered would be gone and a breeze would blow through Tera’s hair, gently.

Perhaps that was what made this year’s visit … different. For, this year, Tera found a letter where she would place the teacup.

The letter was addressed to her.

It was in her mom’s handwriting …

Dearest Tera,

Don’t cry.

I know you do, often. I know that you think you aren’t doing your best, that you have failed in many things. You worry that you have done your family wrong in some way. I know.

You are, after all, my daughter aren’t you?

You have a soft soul, one that bruises so easily when you believe that you have made a mistake, a soul that holds so much love that you share without wanting anything back in return. You offer so much to anyone who asks of you and you never ask in return. In fact, I know that it hurts you to accept anything from your Eternal, your Heart, your Brother, all of your family because you cannot see why you are worth anything.

You are more than you give yourself credit for.

But you never accept that because that is not within you. You divert the questions, the concerns about you. You ask about those who wish to help you and turn attention to them from you. You refuse, always, to accept that they want to offer you the same in return. It is, in your soul, the worst thing to ask or accept another’s help. You do this because you do not want to burden anyone.

It is not a burden, my love, to admit that you are not perfect, though I know you want to be. It is not a burden to admit that you cannot find your way out of a problem. But then you are as stubborn as I ever was, aren’t you?

Like mother like daughter, isn’t it?

My love for you is obvious, so why isn’t it obvious that I am proud of my daughter and what she has done? How many souls have you comforted in your life? How many have you shown ways to be better than they are? How often have you sacrificed your own happiness in order to be sure that they are all right? Too many to count, isn’t it?

That is your answer, my daughter. I am proud of you in so many ways that I cannot count them all. I always have been and always will be because you do the best you can with each passing moment. And your best is, generally, quite brilliant.

All you need to do is believe.

Your mother does, Tera … forever.

Tera finished reading the last line of the letter though her tears and just wept. Through her sobs, her tears, and her ache, she did manage three simple words: “I believe, Mom.”

There was the familiar breeze that blew through her hair, but Tera barely noticed for how hard she was clutching at the letter in her hands and the sobbing that held her now.

But this year was … different.

If there had been someone watching, they would have noticed that on the other side of the headstone from where Tera stood … a succubi appeared. She was blonde-haired, her eyes a sparkling sky-blue with little flecks of green here and there. She wore white gossamer robes and a pair of white angel wings fluttered in the air behind her. Peeking from her hair was a pair of little red horns and beneath the robes lurked a long, sinuous red tail … exactly the same color as Tera’s own.

She watched Tera and then took two strides, passing through the headstone and then holding Tera in her arms. She hummed a soft tune and rocked her daughter gently, her tail entwined with Tera’s, as they just stood there for the longest time, not a word spoken between them.
Tera didn’t quite see, through her tears, who it was that held her, but she didn’t need to. The grace, the warmth, the gentle firmness with which she was held told her that it was her mother. There was no question in her mind: “Mom.”

“I love you, dearest Tera.”

Tera just hugged her mother ever so tightly, the tears stopping with the words her mother spoke, that little speck of doubt within her fading away until, finally, it vanished …

… and it never returned. The moment passed, Tera felt her mother’s kiss on her forehead and then … she was gone and Tera was alone once more. But, in truth, she wasn’t.

This made this moment different from all of the other years. Finally, Tera was certain her mother was proud of her.

Mother’s Day was never melancholy again.



The End


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    • James on May 12, 2013 at 12:13 pm

    *Huggles for my Dear One from her heart*

    I will be by later with tea and cherry tarts and some quiet time . . .

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    • Pocong on May 12, 2013 at 5:02 pm

    I think your mom would be proud of you and where you’ve gone with your life. Happy mothers day.

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    • TeraS on May 23, 2013 at 8:55 pm

    *hugs softly*


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