May 03 2013

Succubi Image of the Week 278

As yesterday was a special milestone on the Tale. the Succubi of the Week appears today instead… And for it, something slightly different as the Succubi of the Week this time… She has no tail, she is more of a Devil Girl than a Succubus, but she is… interesting in her own way…

I have two images of her to share this week, one is the complete image and the other is a nude closeup of her…

I actually like the second image better, but here’s the first one…

Demon Biker Babe by GrayGhost

Demon Biker Babe by GrayGhost

This is called Demon Biker Babe and is by an artist on Hentai Foundry calling themselves GrayGhost. You can click on the image here on the Tale for a better look or you can visit the page on Hentai Foundry where I found this work instead.

The second piece of art is of the same Succubus, except she is without those skulls covering her breasts which I personally don’t think that much of. If she is a Succubus, then let her be sexy…

Demon Biker Babe Topless by GrayGhost

Demon Biker Babe Topless by GrayGhost

And this is called Demon Biker Babe Topless, click on the image to see it larger or visit the artist’s page on Hentai Foundry where I found this work otherwise…

There is actually a lot I like about her. I like the flames as her hair and I like the boots and gloves too. The shine on her red skin is really well done and that adds to her sexiness a lot I think. Her look with those white eyes is neat too, as is just her overall style.

I think I would have liked to see her posed somehow differently though. I mean, that smile and her body language really gives me thoughts about stories…

I’ll have to ponder them more…




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    Hmmmmm . . . she could easily develop into somebody who could give Tail quite the run for her money . . .

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    Whatever she lacks in tail and horns she more than makes up by being TOTALLY RADICAL. She rides a flaming motorcycle that is also a skeleton! All it would take is one sick donut or a ramp jump on that thing to seduce everyone in a five mile radius.

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    She is rather unique and that made her interesting most of all…


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