Apr 30 2013

Desires 75

There is a thing called fate. It exists because sometimes there has to be an answer for those things that we haven’t got the answers for… But what if the answer isn’t an answer but a question to think about? Then it is fate or is it choice?


Desires – Beginnings

By BStyles and Tera S

Part Eleven


“My fate…” he mused, softly. “Hmm…my fate is to play music.” His strange, wistful smile returned. Idly, he toyed with the empty teacup on the table. “That was why I was created, at least…I don’t cease to be ‘the Harpist’ even though my instrument’s changed….” His eyes took on a faraway look. “It’s one of the small blessings I can give to the people, to help them on their life’s journey” His face said he wished he could do more.

His expression warmed a little. “And if we were fated to meet?” There was a note of playful challenge in his voice. “What of it? Perhaps the weavings of destiny and fate compelled you to attend a not-so-simple guitarist’s gig, with the hopes of forging a new revolutionary friendship among the high and the low…” His shoulders shrugged again. “Or maybe the fates simply wanted you to enjoy a quiet cup of tea at a fine local establishment, with a poor schmuck to keep you company for a time…”

“Either way works for me.” He added, with a grin.


No such thing as a “poor schmuck”… For what matters is what’s inside isn’t it?



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