Apr 29 2013

My gift is… You. The Succubi Queen’s Birthday Manip

Today is, surprisingly, my birthday… As is my tradition I have a manip to share today… It’s not a wonderful or complicated one… But it is the thought that counts… or the story… or both.

Because my gift today… Is you.


My Gift Is You by TeraS

My Gift Is You by TeraS


And the story, which would not be possible without the patience, love, and talent of my heart…


You thought that I wouldn’t know,
wouldn’t be able to see
your secret, stealthy plans,
that I wouldn’t have a clue . . .


But I know you far too well,
and the hints are all right there.
I’m Mistress of your soul,
and I know that to be true . . .


You took a quick, shallow breath;
my musk was preceding me,
and you caught cherry scent
when I moved into your view . . .


Next I heard an unwilled moan,
anticipation and bliss
escaping, while your mind
gives way to my gentle coup . . .


You see a smile you know well,
red as my horns poking out
my tail swishing, amused,
your eyes stuck to me like glue . . .


I revel in the steady click
of my heels crossing the floor
and your face as I stand here;
you are unsure what to do . . .


For you had plans for this day
—my birthday of course—a surprise
you think spoiled. The secret,
pet, is that my gift . . . is you.


Love and Huggles to you all…




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    Happy Birthday, Mistress. (huggles a lot)

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    The wonder you mis-estimate,
    the artful, studied specialness,
    the thing that makes this all so great
    is nascent in the way you bless,
    each passing moment, out and in,
    all those whom you so generously
    declare your loved ones, then begin
    to set our finest features free
    because you, without ceasing, see
    not who we are but what can be
    –all of us better, bit by bit,
    so subtly, quite continually.
    That’s why your picture makes us sit
    up and take notice, for it bears
    the whispers of your grace at play
    as you walk with us through your care.

    There’s the beauty.
    There’s the wonder.
    This is why we are glad for this day.

    Our gift is you, too.

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    Happy Birthday! Thanks for making all our lives a little bit more fun. Here’s hoping you have a good day that ends even better than it started.

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    Oh, how didn’t I know this? Happy Birthday Majesty Tera!

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    Happy birthday my Queen. Have a spectacular day that you deserve.

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    Thank you all for your love and kindness… It means more than you can possibly know to me that you all do care…

    Love Always


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