Apr 27 2013

An interesting Heroes of Newerth Succubus Model YouTube…

I’ve never played Heroes of Newerth, but I know there is a Succubus in the game, I know what it looks like and I think that as a Succubus, there are possibilities for the character…

And recently I found this YouTube of a model of one…

And if you can’t see the video here on the Tale:


As well, in case the video vanishes, the Succubus herself…

HON Succubus Model

I admit that the image is a little on the dark side, but then in the game itself, Succubi travel in and are dark themselves so…

She’s an interesting mix of colours, at least the traditional colours are there if perhaps a little bit gaudy, but then this is a video game after all…

I’ve been wondering what she looked like for some time and, really, she isn’t what I expected her to be, however I do like her more than the Warcraft Succubi, which has to count for something at least in my mind…

I’m not sure why she is so… heavy looking? I think that a slimmer Succubi would look better and be a little more sexy…

But, again, that’s just me…




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    She’s a little too bestial for my taste.

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    Yes, her heavy-set appearance and claws (I cannot tell if she has hooves or feet) are off-putting, but the colors are intriguing. What would such a brightly-hued succubi be up to?

  3. avatar

    I like to think she’s heavy looking because that’s how she attracts people. She’d be jollier than the average succubus, softer when someone hugs her, and she knows where the best restaurants in town are. And if all else fails she can use that weight to K.O. him.

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    She doesn’t look as regal as the queen to me.

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    Some like this, obviously, but yes there are better ways always aren’t there?


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