Apr 25 2013

Succubi Image of the Week 277

Last week’s Succubi of the Week was the work of an artist on Hentai Foundry and this week, I have one more piece of wonderful Succubi art from this artist to share as well…

Devil Chick Laying in Bed by Davemacer33j

Devil Chick Laying in Bed by Davemacer33j

This work of art is called Devil Chick Laying in Bed and is by an artist on Hentai Foundry calling themselves  Davemacer33j. You can click on the art here to see it a bit larger, or you can see the original page I found this work on here as well…

I’ve said before that I like pinups, but the ones that I really adore are the ones that are slightly understated like this one is.Yes, she is nude, but it’s not just there to look at, she’s teasing and smouldering in her sexuality which I think all Succubi should be… It’s not about being sexual, it is how you use that sexuality…

And this is just a wonderful expression of that.

Sexily posed on the sheets, the naughty bits are hidden but you can imagine them I am quite sure… Cute horns and tail, lovely hair style, my personal favourite of course, and a look and smile that fits her to a tee…

It almost looks as if a photograph of a real person was drawn over to create this, the effect is so very realistic and I like this a bunch…

For another quick, “I’m bored” drawing, this is amazing I think and I would love to see more…




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    He keeps calling me “Chick.”
    I am so much more,
    waiting here, warm, snuggling,
    You can come, adore,
    We’ll make “ever after”
    forgetting all before.

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    I like how inviting she looks. That’s the sign of high-tier seductress, when she’s confident enough in her abilities to leave the choice to you. I would gladly hop into bed with her and then talk about Muay Thai until one of us fell asleep.

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    Beautiful my heart.. Thank you…


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    The best Succubi are the ones that know the ways of the soul…


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