Some fetishes just don’t make a Succubus Costume…

I admit that I have a few fetishes… The thing is, that regardless of what they are, the most important thing is that whatever the outfit looks like, it really, really, has to be sexy and not trashy…

I think this costume falls into the trashy side of things a bit too far…

Hot Flames Devil Fetish Dress

This is called the Hot Flames Devil Fetish Dress. It comes with a strapless satin look bandeau, zippered fitted fishnet bodice and a wetlook pleated ruffle skirt with a mesh underlay. The horns are included, but the boots are not.

It sells for $46 US on several sites on the web…

But, honestly? I just really don’t like this at all.

The horns are about the worst of all possible ones they could have chosen. I mean… Just really awful beyond description. I hate the zipper in the mesh part of this. Why would they put that in the front of this costume when they could have just as easily hidden it on the back instead.

The skirt is… shiny. I’ll give it that, but otherwise that red fringe at the bottom just really doesn’t work at all.

I suppose I could remove the mesh completely and just wear the top and skirt, but then there isn’t a tail so, overall, what would be the point in that in the first place?

Actually that brings up a thought… Why didn’t they forget about the mesh in the first place? The skirt and top alone wouldn’t look that awful, but the mesh just kills everything.

Still, I think I will have to find out more about those books she is wearing… That could be… iinteresting.

I’ll give this a quarter pitchfork out of five.

Not on my list and I hope that it isn’t for anyone else either…




    • James on April 24, 2013 at 10:03 am

    Oh, the top and the skirt would still look rather awful . . .

    Are we sure those are horns, or is it the back end of some giant alien earwig burrowing into her brain (which would explain why she bought the costume)?

    • Pocong on April 24, 2013 at 7:49 pm

    Dude has a point. They really do look more like giant insect pincers than horns. At least all those “Alien Termite People” fetishists finally have a costume for them?

    • Avatar photo
    • TeraS on April 24, 2013 at 10:12 pm

    *falls over laughing*

    That would be something wouldn’t it?


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