Apr 23 2013

Desires 74

Listening. First you must… listen. Listening is, really, one of the things that a Succubi should be able to do don’t you think?


Desires – Beginnings

By BStyles and Tera S

Part Ten


She listened to his words and blushed a bit. In a soft voice she said, “Perhaps I was meant to be an Angel and lost the way… Or it might be that I am an Angel, but in the guise of a demoness…” She sighed at that, “Demoness… How I hate that. I appear to some in my true form and immediately I am seen as evil and dangerous. Yet if I appear as I am now I can be mistaken for an Angel and accepted… I am of two worlds in truth and neither is totally mine… But that is and will be my fate for all time I know now…”

She gazed at him and then said, “But then… Your fate it seems isn’t better than mine…. You want to talk about it?”

There was an uncomfortable silence and she added, “Maybe we were brought here for a reason…. Maybe…”


Mebby is the start of many things really…



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