Bo shouldn’t play poker… ever. Seriously.

Yes this review of the Third Season Finale of Lost Girl is late. I could give all kinds of reasons for it being so, but I’ll go with the one that fits best with this episode I think. Too many things going on by far. I expect that in most season finales there is an effort made to close some plots and get the next season’s set up to some point. But why exactly did there have to be so many plots thrown at the television screen? The Wanderer plot alone would be enough by itself to support a season, but instead there will be, roughly, ten plots going off at the same time next season. Really wasn’t needed I think.

As well, why is it that Kenzi “has to be Fae” now? Kenzi is Bo’s connection to her humanity and that being taken away, if it is, really makes little sense and I think will wreck a lot of the chemistry in the series should it happen. Also, setting so many characters into positions of danger or changes for what seems to be only for the sake of doing so isn’t what this series is about. Oh, one last thing. The writers need to read certain parts of the show bible again. There’s a huge error in this episode that renders so much of the Isaac plot impossible, regardless of how much skill Lauren might possibly have… But I digress…

The thirteenth, and ending episode of the third season, also episode forty-eight of the Lost Girl TV series was this week. Bo and Tamsin make out, then pull hair before making eyes at each other. Dyson has a snack before becoming a passenger in a car accident. Kenzi gets the keys to a brand new car without going on a game show, and The Morrigan ticks off Bruce, someone she really shouldn’t have. Vex gives The Morrigan a shocking time, Trick finds out that Stella has an extra ticket to Scotland to share. And Bo finds out that her mother is still kicking before her father cheats at cards which throws her out of the Dal Riata…

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This is the thirteenth and final review of the third season of of Lost Girl. A summary of this episode has been added to the SuccuWiki, but won’t be adding my commentary to the articles there as that is what the Tale is for….

Bo is surprised to learn that having family issues means that you wind up being one of…

Those Who Wander

The episode begins with Bo (Anna Silk) still outside of the compound where Dyson and Lauren are held. Bo attacks the guard who shot Tamsin (Rachel Skarsten) and eventually draws Chi from him in order to try and heal Tamsin from her wounds. However, when Bo attempts to give the Chi to Tamsin, her body rejects it and the Chi flows back to the guard where it came from. Bo tries to get information on where Dyson is from the guard, but he falls unconscious. Bo then returns to Tamsin and tries to get her to respond once more, but fails. Bo then calls out to Dyson that she “could really use your help and I hope you are okay.” Inside the compound, Dyson (Kristen Holden-Ried) remains within his cell and calls out to Aife (Inga Cadranel) if she knows a way out of the prison they are in. Aife answers in a confused voice: “It’s called death and its coming for you.” The scene then shifts to the other cells where other Fae are seen, some missing parts of their bodies or otherwise gravely injured.

After the opening credits, Bo has returned to her home with Tasmin who remains unconscious. Bo contacted two of the Kitsune who had worked with Tamsin in the past, Amanda (Allison Dawn Doiron) and Kasey (Sidney Leeder) in an attempt to save her, but they are more interested in themselves. Bo grabs the two by the hair and drags them over to Tamsin where Amanda tells Bo that Tamsin is close to death and the bullet wound she has suffered has nothing to do with her condition. They explain that the fact that Tamsin is losing her hair tells then that she is: “Close to the end of her life cycle.” But the fact that Tamsin has split-ends seems to disgust them more. Bo asks if there is a way to stop Tamsin’s death, but she is told: “This is the way of the Valkyrie. To live. To serve. To expire. Over and over again.” When mention is made of who Tamsin is involved with the Kitsune describe them as being “Voldemort bad” and “as old as time.” When asked what his name is, they tell Bo they do not know, nor do they want to know and, for the first time, seem frightened and very serious about this. One of the Kitsune then offers to take the bullet out of Tamsin and Bo asks in surprise if she is a doctor. The answer is: “No, but I’ve been pre-med for twenty years. I love college!” Kasey asks if they have: “time for a make-over” and is told that: “it’s a horizontal laceration. Oooof course we do!” As the two Kitsune start to work on Tamsin, Bo walks away and dials her phone mumbling to herself of: “A shit-storm of Fae proportions.”

Bo calls Kenzi (Ksenia Solo) and is surprised when she answers the phone. When asked if she is alright, Kenzi tells Bo that she is: “Keeping it realzes with my peeps in tent city.” Bo is surprised by this, not believing that Kenzi is in the sewers where she had been before Kenzi met Bo. She asks Bo if she has found Dyson and Bo tells her that they found Dyson, but have not rescued him. Bo asks again if Kenzi is alright and she tells Bo that she had to leave the Dal Riata when The Morrigan “shifted into total psycho-drive and wow has she ever gotten chubs!” It is then seen that Kenzi is being held in mid-air by Bruce (Rob Archer) as The Morrigan (Emmanuelle Vaugier) stands nearby. Kenzi then quickly hangs up on Bo before anything more is said between them, The Morrigan looking unpleased with Kenzi.

Back at Bo’s place, Tamsin awakes to see Amanda and Kasey hovering over her and comments: “I knew I was a goner, I didn’t expect to wake up in slut heaven.” Amanda giggles: “OMGG. The G is for extra glitter.” Tamsin tells them that she’s impressed by their stitches and Kasey adds that Tamsin “barely looks like like you are dying.” Tamsin is angered by this and demands to know what they have told Bo, but Bo enters the room and asks the two Kitsune to leave. As they do so, they ask if they can: “rifle through your drawers slash trying on your underwear!” before running upstairs. Tamsin apologizes, but Bo tells her: “Well, they’ll be out of luck. I don’t wear underwear.” Tamsin comments: “Good to know.” Bo then tells Tamsin that the Kitsune did her makeover to: “Pretty Woman before she met Richard Gere” and then hands Tamsin a mirror to see what happened. As Tamsin works at getting rid of the makeup, Bo asks Tamsin for help in getting Dyson out of the compound, but Tamsin is not for the idea as she believes the place is too heavily guarded and they have no chance. Bo then asks if they collected the guards into one place “could you cast doubt on all of them?” Tamsin is unimpressed and tells Bo: “There was a time when I could lay waste to an entire army. Now if i go full Valkyrie I’ll pass out. Sucks to get old.” Bo tells Tamsin that she is sorry and Tamsin replies: “You should be. You never got to see me in my prime. I could settle a battle with the blink of an eye. Before I got weak and started slumming it as a mercenary.” Bo then asks: “Fell in with the wrong guy?” When Tamin looks surprised, Bo continues: “Or so the movie version would go.” Tamsin then tells Bo that if she wants her to help, they will have to go see someone named Massimo who “can juice me. Druids are good like that.” Bo answers that she “always wanted to meet the Druid” and Tamsin tells her “This should be fun then.”

Meanwhile Kenzi is still in the clutches of The Morrigan and Bruce. Kenzi looks at her phone and tells The Morrigan: “Now. Let me check my very packed social calendar umm… nope! Not scheduled to take any more of your guff. No matter how chouette your shoes are.” The Morrigan thanks Kenzi and adds that she uses them to “crush rodents.” Kenzi responds that she isn’t afraid of death, but she is “open to other alternatives.” The Morrigan tells Kenzi that: “Snapping your poorly constructed human body wouldn’t be much of a challenge. I’ve seen better constructed dorm bookcases.” Bruce then forces Kenzi to sit in a chair as The Morrigan tells Kenzi that she is more interested in someone that “The Light hold dear to their hearts.” Kenzi guesses Dyson or Lauren, but is told “No swizzle-spine. I meant Trick. Your beloved Blood King. Is dead.”

After a commercial break, at Isaac’s compound, Dyson again tries to communicate with Aife who remains confused and unsure about what is happening around her. She keeps asking Dyson: “Is my daughter okay? She’s my daughter see? Bo’s my daughter… Bo’s my daughter.” Then she sings a odd rhyme: “Dark, Light, Wrong, Right, Skip to my loo… Darlin.” before giggling to herself quietly. She then tells Dyson: “Most couldn’t handle the pain. But I could. Again.” Dyson calls out to Aife trying to find out what Isaac wants with the Fae he has imprisoned and Aife tells him: “At first he wanted… me? He’d been watching me. Tracking me. He thought me powerful. The most powerful. Then he saw me defeated. Broken after Bo and I fought. Still he picked me up and he brought me…” As Aife tells this story, flashbacks are seen from the episode Blood Lines before Dyson interrupts her asking what Isaac did to her. Aife does not answer, but instead says: “Always with the questions. What’s the ultimate type of Fae Succubus? Who is the strongest? But I never told him. I never told him it’s my Bo. My daughter. I told him it was you. I saw it in her eyes that night. You gave up your wolf to save her.” Dyson answers that he did, not admitting that he gave up his love for Bo to Aife. Aife continues: “I did too. I gave up the wolf to save my girl. Because we love her… We love her…” Dyson says nothing, but just watches Aife fade away into insanity once more.

Lauren (Zoie Palmer) meanwhile is tending to Suneetha (Julie Brar) the Fae that was in the cell she was placed into by Isaac. She asks Lauren if she thinks her husband, who was bar-tending at the Dal Riata, survived. Suneetha tells Laurent that she is a Cabot and has 38 children, hoping that she will live long enough to see them again. Lauren promises Suneetha that she will, but Issac (Shawn Doyle) appears and tells Lauren that she “shouldn’t make promises you cannot keep and you shouldn’t get attached to the lab rats.” Lauren shoots back that she “knows better than to take advice from a sociopath.” Isaac then claims that he placed Lauren in the cell for her own good, but now he needs her. Lauren demands surgical tools in ten minutes to save Suneetha and then she will do as Issac asks. Isaac tells Lauren he will “see what I can do” and leaves.

Elsewhere in the city, Tamsin and Bo meet with Massimo (Tim Rozon) who greets them: “Well, well. Spider and the fly.” He tells Tasmin that she “looks like ash” before leering at Bo adding “and you look good enough to eat.” When Tamsin asks for her “pick-me-up” Massimo toys with her before Bo snatches it from his hands saying that she will hold onto it: “Just in case.” Bo then walks away to try calling Trick and as she does so, Massimo asks Tamsin if she is: “losing her edge.” Tamsin warns him: “The last person that said that lost their hand.” Massimo coldly replies: “But not by you” referring to what happened to Acacia in the episode Delinquents. Tamsin says nothing and Massimo apologizes adding that he loved Acacia as well. Tamsin coldly answers: “Love will get you killed.” Massimo then continues: “As much as I would love to watch all of this go to hell, I have a date with a cabin up north” and then hands Tamsin the Rune Glass. She asks if it will work on Bo and his answer is: “measure it three times. Cut it once.” Tamsin warns Massimo: “He won’t measure” and they look at each other for a time before he walks away and Bo returns. Tamsin asks if Bo had any luck and Bo answers: “Sure. I still have you.”

Lauren demands that Isaac release his captives, but he tells Lauren a story instead. He reveals that when he and his brother were children, they were camping in a tree house and a Wendigo attacked them, killing his brother by severing his head from his body, but Isaac was blamed for his brother’s death and sent to an asylum. Lauren tells Isaac that Wendigo can be very territorial when provoked, but he insists they did nothing to the Fae. He then tells Lauren that eventually he found a Wendigo and made it suffer before killing it. He tries to convince Lauren that he did not enjoy doing so, but also that he discovered a new race of being in the process, the Fae. He insists that his plans are “all about evolution.” Lauren warns Isaac that the Fae will find him and “they will take more than your head.” Isaac taunts Lauren that she should leave and tell them, but adds he expects that they will not take her back and he is her only protection now. Lauren is shocked and asks how long Isaac has know that she has worked for the Fae. He tells Lauren: “Long enough to know you are the only one that can help me. You are the only one that can help the human race to ascend.” Lauren tells Isaac he is insane, but he continues to explain that the reason Lauren is in the compound is to: “extract the stem cells from the strongest Fae I can find and implant them…” Lauren realizes what he wants and finishes the sentence: “into you. A cross-breed. You want to become Fae.” Isaac smiles: “And I am going to use Dyson’s DNA to do it.”

After another commercial break, Bo and Tamsin approach Isaac’s compound. Tamsin is unsure about what is about to happen, but Bo warns her: “Don’t pussy out on me.” A guard sees them approach and moments later all of the guards surround the two of them. Bo attempts to convince them that she and Tamsin are lost, Bo overacting and Tamsin not really caring to try to do so. The guards seem to be aware that Bo and Tamsin are Fae and take them inside the compound.

The Morrigan in the meantime has Kenzi tied to a chair and tells Kenzi that she is: “quite the comedian.” Kenzi tells her: “But not a terrorist. Those should be extinct Fae elders in the banquet room might have bought your hysterical anti-human rhetoric, but Bo won’t.” The Morrigan gloats: “Bo isn’t here. And Trick’s dead. And Dyson’s probably a shag carpet by now.” When Kenzi suggests that Hale will oppose her, The Morrigan reveals that Hale: “Hale’s gone sweetie. Pissed his leather panties while he begged for his life. He left you like the coward he is.” Kenzi asks: “Is this your end game? Torture the human for info on what?” The Morrigan reveals that she has questions about Bo’s lineage that she wants answers to. Kenzi is confused as The Morrigan reveals that she has: “Tried bribery, a Mesmer, a parasite.” Kenzi suggests that she could have tried not being “such a bitch” which angers The Morrigan and she picks up a stun gun which arcs menacingly. She approaches Kenzi and only says Bo’s name which makes Kenzi reply rapidly: “What? Broke up with Lauren? Can now super-suck a crowd and enjoys watching online cat videos? You might as well torture away honey because I’m not telling you squat.” The Morrigan seems stunned as she asks: “Bo can feed off multiple Chi at the same time?” Kenzi is quiet a moment and then taunts The Morrigan with: “I doubt Bo could hoover deep enough to remove those crow’s feet.” The Morrigan then attempts to use the weapon on Kenzi, but it sputters out and dies which angers her further to the point where she presses the device against Bruce’s arm and injures him. Bruce suggests that Trick’s home might be warded, and The Morrigan repeats what Bruce suggests, Bruce bowing to her adding that she is “so wise.” The Morrigan then claims that she has what she wanted and tells Bruce to take Kenzi somewhere and “end her once and for all” as she leaves, Bruce watching her do so, an angry look in his eyes.

Bo has been separated from Tamsin and is brought to Isaac who gloats over her being there asking “How’s it hanging?” Bo answers: “Judging from your pants, high and to the left.” Isaac then tells Bo that she is the latest addition to his collection, but she tells him that she is there for Dyson and “no mad scientist can stop me.” Lauren then appears and asks: “How about a sane one?” When Bo runs over to embrace her, Lauren turns away slightly and raises a hand to stop Bo. Lauren notes that Bo came for Dyson and she knew Bo would, but Bo tells Lauren that she traced the number on Lauren’s phone and she insists that she can save both Dyson and Lauren. Isaac then interrupts telling Bo that Lauren is his partner. Bo asks Lauren what is going on and she tells Bo: “The Far have ruined my life. They have cursed my girlfriend, they have held me prisoner, sometimes literally. And all the while my brain… my talents… Don’t you see? This is a chance for me to do something meaningful. To save my kind.” Bo does not believe what Lauren is saying, thinking that Lauren has been brainwashed. Lauren tells Bo: “Maybe that was our problem. Did you know my name isn’t Lauren?” Bo is not shaken by this and tells Lauren: “Whoever you are. I know you and I love you.” Lauren replies: “And I loved you.” She then turns to Isaac and tells him that she will do as he asked, provided that he releases Bo unharmed.” Bo asks what Lauren is talking about, but Lauren does not answer her as Isaac asks why Lauren has changed her mind. Lauren explains: “The Fae will never let me live out there, and here I have a chance to transform humanity and take out the one man that has stood in my way.” Bo asks who, and Lauren answers: “Dyson. I can’t save you both. Just like you couldn’t love us both. Goodbye.” and then walks away from Bo, who stands there in shock before being taken away to a cell by the guard. As she leaves, Bo calls Isaac a monster, but he replies: “Oh no. Not yet. I can’t wait until you see me afterwards Succubus. I think you’ll find me very familiar.”

The next scene has Isaac gloating over Dyson as he lays strapped to a table. He tells Dyson that he is the strongest creature he has even encountered. Dyson tells Isaac he can do what he wants with him, but asks that he let the other Fae go. Isaac comments: “That’s so noble. I hope it doesn’t rub off on me.” When Dyson tries to break free of the table, Isaac adds: “I hope that temper doesn’t rub off on me either.” Isaac continues to gloat, overjoyed that he will have all that Dyson is when the operation is completed. Isaac then leaves Dyson and walks to where Lauren is preparing for surgery. He tells her: “I do like the wolf you know. It would be nice if he survives.” Lauren coldly answers: “I wouldn’t bet on it.”

Another commercial break and we return to see Bo and Tamsin in a cell together. Tamsin tells Bo: “It feels bad in here. I’ve lived with death and whatever lived in here begged for it.” Bo tells Tamsin: “Well hold it together because you are all that I have left.” Then, from across the hallway, Aife calls out: “Bo? Bo? Sweetheart?” Bo turns at the sound of Aife’s voice and answers in a shocked voice: “Mom?” Aife goes into a panic ranting: “No! It can’t be! I gave them nothing! I gave them the wolf!” Tamsin asks: “Want to introduce me?” and Bo explains: “Tamsin… This is Aife… My mom.” Aife continues to panic, calling out: “They pitted Fae against Fae. Made us feed off each other. Bo… My daughter… Bo. Kepe her from the evil.” Bo tries to tell Aife that it is alright, but Aife continues: “No! It’s not okay! You have to leave! If your father was here he would kill them all! And then resurrect them and kill them again!” Bo can only whisper: “My father” before Aife continues: “They want powerful? They fear us? If he were here… If he were here… He would never allow this to happen…” Aife then rubs her hands over her stomach while Bo bangs her hand against the cell door and demands: “What has this to do with my father?” But Aife does not respond and drops to the cell floor, quiet once more. Tamsin tells Bo that she is sorry, but Bo replies: “I don’t need your pity. If these asshole want a fight. Let’s give them one.” Tamsin tells Bo to juice her. Bo grabs Tamsin by the hair and bares her neck. Tamsin asks what Bo is doing ans she replies: “You really need to learn to share” before plunging the device Massimo gave them to restore Tamsin’s power into Tamsin’s neck and then taking Chi from Tamsin as she does so as Bo takes Tamsin’s Chi, her eyes turn a bright blue and remain so as the two begin to fight in the cell.

In the operating room, both Dyson and Isaac are laying on operating tables with Lauren standing over Dyson. Dyson asks Lauren why she is doing this and she tells him: “Because I have injected you with six doses of anesthetic.” Dyson asks Lauren not to do the surgery, but Lauren turns away, asks Isaac if he is ready anf then begins the procedure by extracting bone marrow from Dyson. causing him to scream in pain as she does so.

Elsewhere, Bruce says: “I’m sorry. It has to be done. I have to end this.” Kenzi is tending to Bruce’s injury and tells him: “Better! Better! But don’t apologize! Be firm! Tell her you expect full severance.” Bruce shakes his head and explains: “The Morrigan is going to severance my heart from my chest if I actually try to quit.” Kenzi finishes bandaging Bruce up and he thanks her for being kind to him, explaining that he “hates the sight of blood.” Kenzi expresses thanks to Trick’s “anti-violence-in-the-lair- thing-ama-protect-ums” for protecting her, but Bruce explains that she should thank her hips. Kenzi looks at Bruce and says: “Bruce! I said we could be friends!” Bruce then explains that she needs to look in her pocket. Doing so, Kenzi discovers what Hale placed in her pocket in the previous episode. Kenzi is confused but Bruce explains: “You know? From the poem? To Clan Zamora, a gift bestowed. Immune to evil deed, to blow. For he who carries sacred twig, Immortality shall cling.” Kenzi is amazed, and Bruce explains that he has a “Phd in Medieval Fae Verse.” Bruce adds that the “stick” as Kenzi calls it, is the stick of Zemora but what is really weird is that it is passed from father to son in the clan. Kenzi realizes that Hale gave her the gift to protect herself over his own life and comes close to tears.

Bo and Tamsin battle in their cells which draws all of the guards to see what is happening. One of the guards opens the cell and both Bo and Tamsin step into the hallway. Bo comments: “Your move Valkyrie” and Tamsin uses her powers to freeze all of the guards in the area while Bo’s eyes glow as all of the guards are commanded by Tamsin to be unconscious before Tamsin falls to the floor drained from the effort she had to make. Before she also falls unconscious, she tells Bo: “If you find Dyson, he has my Wilco bootleg.” When Bo takes her hand away from Tamsin, more of her hair falls away meaning that she is closer to the end of her life than before. Bo then uses a pass card from one of the guards to unlock all of the cells and free the Fae, including Aife. Suneetha calls out to Bo: “Bless you child, you really are the Chosen One.” Bo then takes Aife by the hand, leaving Tamsin behind and when Aife asks where they are going, Bo tells her: “Anywhere but here.”

Bo and Aife then arrive in Isaac’s office to find the surgery finished and Isaac seeming different. Isaac asks: “Who let my pets loose?” As a guard moves to take hold of Bo, Isaac waves him away saying that Bo will be his first test of his new powers as one of the Fae. Bo is shocked when Isaac moves at faster than human speed to arm himself and Isaac declares himself “reborn” before telling Bo that he needs to get past her. When Bo tells Isaac he will have to get past her first, Isaac shouts “Awesome!” and then moves to attack Bo. However, as he strikes with the blade he holds, Aife steps in front of Bo and takes the knife blow instead. Moments after Aife falls to the floor, Bo holding her, Dyson barges into the room and kills the guard before turning his attention to Isaac who rushes out of the room. Bo tells Dyson: “Whatever he is needs to die” and Dyson rushes out of the room in pursuit of Isaac, Bo holding Aife in her arms and calling out “Mama?”

Back from commerical, Bo holds Aife asking if she can hear her. Aife whispers: “Of course I can Isabeau.” You know that was my mother’s name?” Bo answers that she knows and that Trick told her everything. Aife tells Bo to look out for “him” but Bo is confused about who Aife means, whether she means Trick, Isaac or Bo’s father. Tamsin enters the room and tells Bo that they have to leave while they can. Bo refuses saying that she left her mother once before and all of this happened. Tamsin tells Bo that Aife held out long enough to protect her and that Bo cannot let that be in vein. Suneetha then enters the room and promises Bo that she will look after Aife. Bo thanks her and then she and Tamsin leave the room. Moments after they do, Aife opens her eyes, takes hold of Suneetha by the neck and then begins to feed on her Chi, this image being the last one of Aife in the episode.

Tamsin and Bo arrive in the operating room where Tamsin tells Bo that: “It’s time to go.” Bo asks: “Where might that be?” Tamsin replies: “Wherever he wants you.” Bo reveals that she knew that Tamsin would betray her and Tamsin congratulates her: “You’re smart. I’ve always liked that about you” as the two begin to circle each other slowly. Tamsin tells Bo: “You should have learned from The Dawning. Trust your instincts.” Bo refuses to go with Tamsin and in response Tamsin reveals that she has the Rune Glass to Bo and then throws it at Bo’s feet where it shatters and the contents spray over Bo. Tamsin is perplexed noting: “I’ve never known the Druid mix to be a dud before.” Bo taunts Tamsin with: Maybe he fudged the recipe.” Tamsin tells Bo: “Or maybe you don’t love and trust the way you claim.” Bo tells Tamsin that it isn’t about her, it’s about Tamsin and Bo reveals that “the taste on your lips, the feelings of doubt… kind of sucks.” Tamsin tells Bo: “I’ll just have to take you down old school. I’m stronger and older.” Bo answers: “All I just heard was old.” Tamsin taunts Bo with “Baby Fae.” Bo responds: “Dead woman.” Then the two attack each other.

Elsewhere, Trick (Richard Howland) still is in the trunk of a car that he was thrown into at the end of the previous episode. He mumbles to himself: “The Blood King bested by a car trunk. Not on my watch.” Then there is the sound of footsteps outside and then Hale (K.C. Collins) opens the trunk telling Trick: “No need to go Wrath of the Titans old man” and helps Trick out of the trunk of the car.

Bo and Tamsin continue to battle, their fight being fairly even between the two of them, either really gaining the upper hand in the fight. Tamsin tries to use her powers to make Bo give up, but Bo resists her. Then Bo draws Chi from Tamsin, but she breaks away before Bo can take enough to remove Tamsin as a threat. After throwing each other into various pieces of equipment, Bo finally takes the upper hand in the fight and forces Tamsin to the floor, then straddles her. Bo’s eyes turn completely blue and an evil smile passes over her face for an instant before she returns to normal and simply says: “No.” Tamsin demands that Bo kill her, but Bo refuses and tells Tamsin that she doesn’t want to continue the fight either. However, Tamsin draws a weapon and holds it against Bo’s throat. Bo tells Tamsin she has a choice, Tamsin tells Bo that she is already dead. Bo insists that Tamsin is: “More alive that anyone i have ever met.” Tamsin pauses in confusion and reveals that she doesn’t know what to do. Bo whispers to her: “Fight” and then Tamsin lowers the weapon to the floor. Bo tries to tell Tamsin that it will be okay, but Tamsin tells Bo: “No… I’ve cursed us both. You have no idea. He’s going to come after us.” Bo takes hold of Tamsin and forcefully tells her: “We need to get the team back together. Regroup. Somewhere safe.” Tamsin whispers: “Safe? Okay. I’m going to get Dyson.” Bo tells Tamsin that she will find Kenzi. When Tamsin asks about Lauren, Bo’s answer is: “I don’t know where they took her.” Tamsin admits to Bo: “You’re not like anyone I’ve ever met in my life. In any of my many lifetimes.” The two look at each other for a long drawn out moment and then Tamsin runs off with Bo going in the other direction, telling Tamsin to meet her at the Dal Riata.

Hale and Trick are standing together and Hale tells Trick: “My piece of business as the acting Ash was protecting the Blood King from the clutches of the Dark.” Trick questions this, but Hale explains: “Turns out that politics wasn’t my thing” as a car pulls up beside them. When Trick turns around, he sees Stella (Deborah Odell) in the car to his surprise. Hale explains that since Stella has to leave for Scotland, it would be a good place for Trick to “hide out until this battle is won.” Trick and Hale shake hands, Trick telling Hale: “You were wrong. You would have made a great Ash.” Hale smiles and walks away saying: “Later. I have to see about a girl.” Trick asks about The Morrigan and Hale tells Trick not to worry about her as he “has a guy on the inside” as he dials his phone.

In The Morrigan’s lair, Vex (Paul Amos) answers his phone with: “Her royal highness is ready for delivery, provided you are clear on what I get for playing my part Hale.” Vex then is seen to use his powers to pull The Morrigan into view, who is tied up and gagged before making her leap backwards onto a bed. Vex continues to talk to Hale and says that whatever deal Hale is offering is “acceptable” and they will “hash it out over a nice cup of tea Hale” before hanging up the phone. Vex then gloats as he threatens The Morrigan with the weapon she tried to use on Kenzi with: “It’s like my birthday, La Shoshain and the St. Valentine’s Day massacre all rolled into one!”

Dyson is chasing after Isaac through a field when Isaac suddenly stops and tells Dyson that he cannot kill him, but Dyson answers: “I’m pretty sure I can.” Isaac tells Dyosn that they are “connected. We’re bothers.” Dyson then reveals that Lauren tricked Isaac and did not use Dyson’s DNA but instead used Suneetha’s DNA which was that of a Cabot. Isaac does not believe this, but when Dyson tells him: “Fae do not usually eat Fae, but in this case I’ll make an exception” he tries to save his life by offering Dyson money in exchange for his life. Instead Dyson gives him a short head start and then begins to chase him down again, transforming into his wolf form as he does so. The last image of Isaac is that of him running in panic into the forest, Dyson closing in on him.

After another commercial, Kenzi and Bruce are walking together in the street. Kenzi warns Bruce to look out for surprise attacks, but he tells Kenzi: “I don’t do stealth Kenzi.” She tries to convince him that she will be alright and that he has to look after himself because of what The Morrigan will do when she finds out that he helped her. Bruce explains: “The Morrigan declared you an enemy of the Realm. I’m not leaving your side till you’re safe. You’re tough Kenzi, but you’re human.” Kenzi answers: “Not for long.” Kenzi then tells Bruce: “I met someone. He said he could make me Fae. And I think I am going to take him up on it.” Bruce tells Kenzi that it’s a bad idea and when Kenzi says that the person is Massimo, bruce becomes very upset about this telling Kenzi: “Massimo the Druid? Really bad idea.” Kenzi insists her friends need her to “nut up and do the rescuing for once. And I can’t when I’m… this.” Bruce insists that he will not let Kenzi meet with Massimo alone, but Kenzi tells Bruce: “Well, it’s a long walk.” Bruce smiles and then uses a car remote as he tells her: “Who’s walking?” Kenzi turns around to see a sports car in black which Bruce explains is: “The Morrigan’s new toy. And you get to drive.” Kenzi is overwhelmed and whispers: “I love you.” Bruce replies: “I love you too Kenzi” but Kenzi tells Bruce she was talking to the car and Bruce mumbles to himself: “Darn.” Once they are in the car, Bruce asks Kenzi: “Just try to keep it on the road.” Kenzi puts on a pair of dark sunglasses, starts the car and answers: “Roads? Where we’re going, we don’t need roads.” The last image of Kenzi and Bruce in the episode are the two of them racing off in the sports car, destination unknown.

Dyson steps out of the woods, his hands bloodied to find Tamsin waiting for him in her truck. She tells him to get in and they start to drive off, but before they do, Dyson removes something from his teeth and throws it out the window. As Tamsin drives, Dyson comments that she looks “pretty rough.” Tamsin tells Dyson he should have seen the other guy. Tamsin tells Dyson: “I’m too stubborn. Should have expired years ago. Now there is nowhere to run.” Dyson tells her: “Whatever it is, we’ll get through it together.” A moment later and the song “The Wanderer” begins to play on Tamsin’s truck radio. Tamsin comments: “That song.” Dyson recognizes it and adds: “I heard it during Bo’s Dawning.” As they round a bend in the road, a figure in black stands in the middle of the road ahead, his back to the two of them as they approach. Tamsin says in a quiet voice: “That’s Bo’s father.”, referring to The Wanderer himself who appears to be a man dressed exactly as the man in the Wander card image. Dyson is shocked by this revelation, but before he can ask any questions, Tamsin says: “We all have to make choices” and accelerates with the intention of ramming Bo’s father with her truck. Dyson asks what she is doing and Tamsin tells Dyson: “We all got to die someday.” Dyson yells at Tamsin to slow down or stop, but she does not and there is a glinpse of a man in black holding a cane and dressed in old style clothing who turns into black smoke just as Tamsin’s truck reaches him. Tamsin then loses control and it careens over a cliff before landing on its roof. The final image of Tamsin and Dyson being the truck upside down and smoking, its wheels still spinning.

The final scene of the episode begins with Bo entering the Dal Riata and calling out for Kenzi and Trick, but neither answers her. Bo tries to make a phone call but the doors to the Dal Riata slam shut and the radio begins to play the song “The Wanderer” but at the point in the song where the words: “But they don’t even know my name” are said, the record seems to skip over them over and over again. Bo calls out in anger: “You’re right. I don’t. But when I figure it out, you are in serious shit.” As Bo says this, a card falls through the air in front of her and when she picks it up, it is the Tarot card of The Wanderer that has been seen many times in the series. Bo asks: “Cards and parlour tricks? Got anything else?” Then every piece of glass in the room explodes and Bo ducks to avoid the worst of the things flying through the air. As she kneels on the floor, dark black smoke rolls over and around Bo before crawling up her body and covering her completely. When the smoke vanishes, Bo is no longer to be seen and the Tarot card drops through the air once more.

The final image in the episode is a view of the tarot card on the glass and debris covered floor. It is the Wanderer card again, but this time it shows the image of The Wanderer and a silhouette of Bo as well on it as the episode and season comes to a close.


Fade to black…


So this was a season finale? Really?

It did, mostly, do what it was billed to do, but when the show was over I really felt cheated for the most part. It wasn’t satisfying as I expected it to be. I had the oddest feeing that the way the episode ended for several characters was a means to write the out of the series in the quickest way possible. I worry that the best of the series will be taken away for something worse to come. I don’t want the series to fall into the trap of making a huge change for the sake of change, I want the story to move forward and get to the core story of the series. Who is Bo?

That’s a question that is pointed at, hinted at, and is never gotten to of late, at least not in a meaningful way. This can be done, but it isn’t for all of the side stories that the episode ran towards. I get that they need to set up cliff-hangers and plots they need, but so many?

Last year’s finale, honestly, was much better than this one. There were hints of the future and it didn’t take a huge number of scenes to get to that. The problem with this season was that we never got the payoff from it. The Kenzi plot never resolved most of all and that was the biggest disappointment of all.

While this episode promised something about Bo’s mother and father, about the Fae calling humans terrorists, about Isaac wanting Fae, Lauren’s past, Trick being kidnapped, Hale not being the Ash and many others. We didn’t get much, if anything that was satisfying in the episode.

I really wish it was, I can imagine that it could have been and that’s what worries me more…

On to the characters in the episode…

Bo… Buffy Bo again this week with the barest hint of her being a Succubus. Not the best way to end the season. There were a few moments, the Lauren scene, the Tamsin fight, that were defining for her. The one thing that I though was really telling however was her moments with Aife. That showed, more than anything, who Bo is.

Dyson… Lots of growling, screaming and yelling and I won’t start on his dental hygiene. There was a moment with Tamsin that I think might go somewhere, but we’ll see.

Kenzi… It was nice to see the old Kenzi snark again. More it was nice to see her being heroic and doing what she feels is right for her friends. I just hope she doesn’t make a huge mistake. Kenzi line of the week: “Roads? Where we’re going, we don’t need roads.”

Trick. About ten seconds of Trick in a ending that felt rushed and wrong. I’m not saying that he being with Stella isn’t right, I’m saying how he got there was wrong and could have been done better. False threats are not a good story.

Hale. Almost back to the Hale we know and love. I hope he’s back next season.

Lauren. Really not thrilled with her. Not at all. And her vanishing wasn’t well done either.

Tamsin: She became more than she was before. And I found that I liked her for once.

Isaac. Lunch. Wacko lunch, but still lunch.

The Morrigan: Almost evil… Almost. But got her just desserts and that made me smile.

Aife. Nutty… Beyond nutty and that’s a problem. And a threat. And a worry for next season.

Massimo: Do not like and do not care at all about him.

Stella: Lovely look between her and Trick, but that was all there was of her.

Vex: I think, really, the happiest part of the episode for me. I’ve missed him and what he did and how he was brought back the old Vex and I loved that…

Bruce: I love him. So very much and I want to see a lot more of him… If that’s with Kenzi, that’s even better and I can hardly wait for more…

Amanda and Kasey: Ditzes. Too much so. Really cringed at them and not sure I need to have to see them again. Or at least give them a personality makeover please?

Come to think about it… The entire episode could use one…


My Review of Those Who Wander

Keeping my interest – 4 Pitchforks

Portrayal of a Succubus – 2 Pitchforks

Overall look and feel – 4 Pitchforks

Storyline – 3 Pitchforks

Main Characters – 4 Pitchforks

Mythos – 5 Pitchforks

Overall Rating – 3.6 Pitchforks out of 5


Again a season finale with way too much going on for its own good. There was no really good reason for the Isaac thread other than to put Aife back in the series and even that was wafer-thin as a reason for it being there. Honestly the duck-taped rationale for everything that happened to Aife post-Bo fight in the first season makes no sense. If the writers are seriously trying to make us believe that Bo wouldn’t sense her mother being alive that doesn’t fit really. More so there is no evidence whatsoever in the series that Isaac was around and plotting for at least two seasons before he appeared in the series proper.

Then there is Isaac himself. Someone that insane could not possibly manage to construct the organization he had, the equipment he used and so on. There has to be another layer to his story and perhaps that will return. We’ll see about that.

Getting away from the Isaac plot, leaving it out would not have hurt the episode at all. There was enough conflict from The Morrigan, enough problems for Kenzi, Hale, Trick, Tamsin and Bo that in the end, nothing would have changed. The Wanderer plot was so thinly touched that it accounted for less than 10 minutes of screen time if that. Why? That is a much more important and vital plot to the series because it matters to the main character and the point of the series as a whole. She wants to find her past. Get back to that.

I will note however that in three short scenes Bruce has become one of my favourite characters in the series and that’s saying something. I really want to see more of him and there is at least the hope of that happening next season. And if the writers are listening, don’t kill Bruce off!

In spite of all of that, I really paid attention to the episode for the small hints about Aife, the direction that The Wanderer plot was going towards, Kenzi, even The Morrigan as much as I dislike her. But what killed the episode was the Isaac moments. Too… flippant for me.

So very little of Succubi appearing in this episode. Three feeds, two by Bo, one by Aife. And that’s all. Otherwise nothing to speak of and nothing learned about either of them really… It’s becoming evident that the theme of Succubi in the series is being pushed more and more to the background. Really wish it wasn’t.

I thought it was rather funny that the operating room was placed in the middle of an observatory. Actually I know exactly where it is and I hope that the money they were given to us the place for the show helps a lot. I also give high marks to the special effects crew for the explosions at the Dal Riata at the end of the episode. That really was impressive to watch…

The story lines were, really, a jumbled mess. This seems to be an ongoing problem with the series and they need to get some focus on what they are trying to accomplish. Story matters. It would be good to remember that point in the future.

All of the characters have, in various ways, changed. Whether good or bad, that will be seen in a lot of cases but here’s the thing. There is a threat coming and they need to face it. At least they have started that process in this episode, as much as they could, but again the movement was slight save for Tamsin and Lauren. Everyone else seems to be on the edge of a choice or change and that will, I hope, carry on into the next season.

The mythos of the series didn’t really change all that much. There was some hints and supposition for The Wanderer, but nothing really concrete about him save that he is Bo’s father… Mind you, nothing like a good tease, which they did, but honestly I hope for more. There should be more. But there wasn’t time this episode, so the mythos suffers a little for it.

In summary, the finale wasn’t what I wanted it to be. I didn’t expect it would be, but I hope for the best… I don’t feel like I got that in the end from this one…


Next Season: Daddy and Mommy Dearest?


Bo’s father grounds her for a century when she tells her father he’s a dick. Bo’s mother goes bananas when Bo tells her that she’s a few fries short of a happy meal and then won’t share the one she’s got. All hell breaks loose when Dyson finds out that Bo is pregnant with his child and Lauren will be delivering… assuming she isn’t in jail that is. Kenzi becomes the new Lost Girl when she turns into a Succubus and shows Bo how they really style… which gives Hale a new view of Kenzi… And Vex gives The Morrigan a make-over she’s never going to get over…


So what happens next season anyway? The most obvious thing I can think of is that with Anna Silk having a child in May that Bo might not be around in the series for a little while. To be honest I don’t think that will hurt the series as a whole if it happens. Mind you, having Bo being pregnant would be an interesting direction for the series to go in. But for the most part I am expecting the plot with Bo’s mother and father to be what drives the season overall which brings up a question…

What is it that makes almost every single character on the series have parental issues? Specifically mother ones with father ones being a bit less prominent, but still it seems like that is a running theme. I am hoping for more than a simple “sorry we left you Bo, but hey! You have all of these great powers so why don’t we turn you evil and take over the world!” kind of plot. That’s been done much too often and I hope that the writers don’t fall into that trap… But I doubt it I regret.

Are Tamsin and Dyson dead after that drive over the cliff? I expect not and I have the feeling that they leaped from the truck in the split second after Dyson growls and went all wolfie in the cab of the truck. So I’ll call that a red herring and move on from it.

Lauren’s disappearance was really poorly done as it consisted of a single line in the episode that they don’t know where she went. I wonder about that DNA she took from Dyson and if she injected it into herself, becoming a wolf-shifter like Dyson. Wouldn’t that make for all kinds of odd and weird plots? More so if Dyson now is attracted to Lauren. The triangle relationship isn’t over. Lauren was playing games and she will be back. The question is, who is she really?

I would like to see Vex be the new leader of the Dark Fae. At least we will be rid of The Morrigan who honestly never struck me as a real threat. More so, if as it seems, that Vex made a deal with Hale there actually might be peace between the Light and Dark and that would make for a more interesting part of the Lost Girl universe. Besides, The Morrigan dropped down several pegs would be a joy to see…

Trick seems to be going away with Stella for a while. Or at least at this moment in time he is. If the series returns with weeks passing as it did at the beginning of the season then this plot won’t go anywhere and, again, I call it a red herring. Shame really, it would be nice to see Trick being happy for once.

Kenzi being Fae doesn’t seem right to me. But if he has to be so, then make her a Succubus like Bo so that we can see a better one than Bo was or is. Yes, I know that Bo is the Succubus of the series, but really, she isn’t. She is more than a Succubus, all signs point to that, so why not have Kenzi be our real Lost Girl and the series focus on her really dealing with what her live becomes? Oh, and there is still that matter of the favour she owes The Morrigan which was never claimed… Is that ever going to happen or has the writing staff forgotten about it?

We’ll see what happens next season… Whenever that happens. Showcase is claiming late 2013 for the fourth season to start… Based on Syfy I am not really expecting to see Season Four until January 2014.

I hope, more than I can say, that it is more coherent than the third one was, and that they actually have the episodes build to something amazing instead of making a lot of filler episodes that waste a full third of the season. It does not have to be that way. Nor do that have to rush everything into three episodes that could have been done in six or more.

They say timing is everything. The series needs to figure out how that happens for the next season and make it better than what has come before. It can, it really can I believe manage that.

But then I always have hopes don’t I?

See you next season… I have my dump truck of popcorn ordered and paid for already…




    • avatar
    • James on April 20, 2013 at 12:29 am

    One dump truck is far from enough.

    As for all the mother/father issues, I think that says a lot about the psychology of the head writers.

    As for all the cliffhangers, I think that says a lot about contract renegotiation time . . . Trick may yet spend a verrrrry long time in Scotland, leaving Kenzi to re-open the Dal Riata as an after hours rave . . . 😉

    And the gap between seasons may be decided by Ms. Silk’s RL delivery date.

    Last but not least, US audiences are much squickier about sex than violence. SyFy may give us a whole lot of Bo-ffy for a long time.

    • avatar
    • TeraS on April 24, 2013 at 10:10 pm

    And I will, from here on out, call her Bo-ffy… That’s too perfect…

    And as for Kenzi and the Dal Riata? So want to see that!


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