Bo should never join a book club…

Something that should have never happened in Lost Girl did this week. The series went and dropped themselves into the world of Desperate Housewives. Well, maybe it’s more accurate to say Bewitched with an attitude problem. But in spite of that horrid misjudgment, the episode wasn’t all that awful really. Ignoring the new age witches part of the episode, there is a lot to think about for the characters overall and Bo in particular. There are moments where Bo really seems to step back and come to see that things are different, are very much so.

It laid the groundwork for the end of the season, and in doing so I have to wonder just how much of the story, from the very beginning mind you, was directed at Bo finding her father at this point in time. Certainly from the middle of the second season that became more evident that it was going to happen. It probably will. Whether it will cause the series to go off the rails in the next season… That will be some time away in the future to be told.

The eleventh episode of the third season, also episode forty-six of the Lost Girl TV series was this week. Bo gets involved with a coven of witches that are bitches, and Kenzi gets in touch with her story telling, babysitting ways and discovers she sounds like her mother. Dyson and Tamsin get up close and personal with a field of nightmares and Trick gets a long awaited delivery of Guinness at the worst possible time when the Dal floods.

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This is the eleventh review of the third season of of Lost Girl. A summary of this episode has been added to the SuccuWiki, but won’t be adding my commentary to the articles there as that is what the Tale is for….

Bo learns that even Ferris Bueller would have problems if he had to have…

Adventures In Fae-bysitting

The episode begins with Bo (Anna Silk) and Kenzi (Ksenia Solo) at Bo’s place watching a horror movie on television. As the movie progresses, Kenzi calls out: “and cue the blond in the baby doll dress walking into the woods alone” before grabbing a bowl of popcorn and adding: “human sashimi anyone?” and having some. Bo has some as she replies: “I could rescue her so easily.” Kenzi tells Bo: “Yes, yes you can Chi-suck your way to victory, You are a superstar, you really can do anything.” Bo mumbles: “Except fix my relationship.” After Kenzi agrees: “You suck at coupledom”, Bo tells Kenzi: “I think what you meant was no worries Bo-Bo you’re just on a break.” Kenzi allows that Bo is and makes a few sarcastic comments, but when Bo asks her when she was last on a dat, Kenzi’s reply is: “Dating is so not a thing. I have a vibrant inner life.” Bo mentions that reminds her they need more batteries and Kenzi looks at Bo adding: “oh-oh.” Bo insists she feels alright and that the break that she and Lauren are in the middle of is just “part of the Bo and Lauren journey. We’ll be together in our own time.” Bo then points at the television calling out: “Oh! fresh meat! The babysitter! … and the phone is ringing.” Kenzi adds: “Spoiler alert! The call is coming from inside the house!” Bo continues: “Which means the killer is inside the house!” Kenzi becomes more animated yelling: “No! No! Don’t pick up the phone! Get out of the house!” Bo joins in and throws popcorn at the screen at the same time.

The scene switches to a babysitter named Lisa (Kate Ross) in a house somewhere answering the phone. At first the call sounds like an obscene call, but then changes and she recognizes the caller as one of her employers, Tim Parker, apparently calling from India. He asks how everything is and they talk for a while, but then the conversation turns strange again when he describes what she is wearing. Lisa is frightened by something outside, hangs up the phone, and then discovers her employer hanging from the ceiling in a hallways nearby. She seems to faint but then is next seen laying on a couch asleep, the events seemingly a nightmare as she is woken up by Mrs. Parker who assures her that all is well before walking away leaving Lisa confused as she looks to where she saw Mr. Parker hanging and there is nothing to be seen.

After the opening credits, Kenzi and Bo meet Lisa who found one of their old detective flyers they put up in the beginning of the first season. Kenzi comments: “Look Bo-Bo, we were so young.” When asked where she found it, Lisa tells them: “On a bulletin board in a coffee shop under a poster for meditation classes.” Bo looks at it commenting: “It’s been a while since we’ve taken a case cold but it could be fun… satisfying.” Kenzi asks about Caroline and Tim Parker and what is so odd about the place they live, being sure to ask: “It isn’t built on an ancient burial ground or a portal to hell is it?” Lisa insists that something happened to Tim which brings Kenzi to ask: “Did you accidentally sacrifice a virgin?” Bo is shocked and Kenzi looks at Bo telling her: “What? It happens.” Lisa insists that many bizarre things have happened in the gated community called Shady Grove. Kenzi pulls Bo aside and they have a short conversation. Kenzi comments that while she likes the idea of “Bo and Kenzi playing Dangerous Housewives” they have no evidence to look into. Bo points out that Lisa seems to terrified and Kenzi finally agrees: “Alert the neighbourhood. Hotties be invading.” and they agree to look into Lisa’s concerns.

Meanwhile at the police station, Dyson (Kristen Holden-Ried) is at his desk looking through some files when a young woman enters and asks to speak with him, explaining that The Ash sent her. Dyson pauses for a moment as she looks very much like the woman that was found dead after being with Bo during the episode Faes Wide Shut. Dyson agrees and she introduces herself as Anita (Miram McDonald), then explains that a few weeks ago she felt pain unlike anything she had before and lost contact with her twin sister. Dyson asks if they were identical, which they were. When asked how he knew, Dyson explains that identical twins have a connection unlike any other. Anita continues to explain that normally her sister contacted her every few weeks while she travelled, but she suddenly stopped doing so. Dyson agrees to help and looks at a picture of Anita’s sister as he does so.

The scene switches to a small exclusive gated community in the suburbs where Bo and Kenzi are being shown a house by Susan Bates (Sadie LeBlanc) who extols the virtues of the area to them. As Bo and Kenzi look around, Bo comments that the house looks “grown up nice” while Kenzi scoffs “our place has character.” Bo answers: “And roach-termite hybrids.” Susan asks if Bo’s husband would like the place, but Bo explains that she is looking for a fresh start and so is “my sister Kenzi who just left rehab.” After Bo and Kenzi hug Kenzi explains: “Anti-depressants. Turns out there is such a thing as too perky!” Susan presses Bo for more information and Bo tells her that: Lau..rence… and I are taking a break.” Kenzi adds: “He left her at the altar for our other sister.” Susan tells Bo that she’s better off and that she learned that after her second divorce. Bo then presses Susan for more information about the community and is told that the person that owned the house, Jake Thatcher, disappeared leaving everything behind when he did so. As they continue to talk, a man looks in though a window and Susan explains that his name is Sam (Ryan Scott Greene) and since his wife disappeared he has become weird, and he has a weird ten year old as well. Then Susan’s phone rings and she answers the call, becoming very animated and upset that something has started without her. After ending the call, she makes her excuses, explaining that her friend Caroline is “just losing it” and rushes off, asking Bo and Kenzi to lock up when they are finished. After Susan leaves, Bo and Kenzi agree that there is a connection between Caroline and the missing people in the community and decide to follow Susan who they see enter a home nearby. Kenzi and Bo go around the side of the house and look in a window, Kenzi commenting the the interior looks like “home makeover safari edition” as a scream comes from inside. Bo and Kenzi rush to the front door. Kenzi questions this saying that “I thought only stupid girls go into the house.” Bo reveals that she is carrying a knife adding “unless she’s got this and she’s just awesome” and they burst in to find Susan with Caroline and another woman drinking, laughing and screaming in the front room. Susan comments that they know how to make an entrance and Caroline asks: “Do you always bring a knife to book club?” Kenzi asks if they are reading 50 Shades of Grey, but all they do is laugh at the question.

After a commercial break, Bo explains that she is carrying a knife because her old neighbour was “a little rough” and they heard screaming which Caroline dismisses as the woman talking about their neighbours. Kenzi comments that the house looks “very Ashram-chic.” Bo also notices a necklace that Caroline is wearing and is told that Tim, her husband, brings her things on his travels for her “spiritual awareness.” She also tells Bo that Susan has told everyone about her “little breakup.” Susan comments that “if it gets hard then something is wrong.” Kenzi adds: “I always say the opposite, if it’s soft… Am I right?” which makes the women laugh. Kenzi is surprised and tells Bo: “I’m good at book club.” Susan suggests they “set Bo up with Pete the tennis pro” and Caroline agrees if Bo “likes them hairy and sweaty.” Kenzi replies that Bo “likes them all.” Eleanor (Melinda Deines) who has said nothing to this point tells them that Pete only has eyes for Lisa who she calls “Tits McGee.” The woman make some jokes about Lisa and talk about her “lively imagination” but also say that she is an excellent babysitter. The discussion turns then to Sam, who they describe as being helpful in the beginning but after his wife vanished he became different, but Carline describes him as being “magic with a sauté pan.” Caroline then invites Bo and Kenzi to her afternoon barbecue. Eleanor then leaves to get another drink and after Caroline leaves as well, Susan tells Bo and Kenzi that Eleanor’s husband also vanished before she leaves as well. Bo decides to stay and look around while Kenzi leaves to try and find some information on Sam after telling Bo that this “feels like old times” and Bo suggests that they should get some new flyers made. Bo then overhears a conversation between Caroline and Eleanor who wants to leave for a while, but Caroline is not happy about “breaking up our club.” When Eleanor asks what they will do about Sam, Caroline tells her that they will not panic and Eleanor agrees.

As this happens, Lauren (Zoie Palmer) is at home talking to Doctor Isaac Taft (Shawn Doyle) who is trying to convince her to leave the company she is with, not knowing that Lauren is the property of The Ash, and work for his instead. He tells her about all of the technology that is available there, but Lauren points to some samples on her work bench and asks: “But do you have mould?” She then explains that she has a job and is happy where she is. Isaac is confused about this wondering why Lauren with all of her talent is working for “Ash Pharmaceuticals a small R&D company that I’ve never heard of.” He tells Lauren that she is better and brighter and she should work for him, but Lauren gently pushes him out the door.

Bo meets with Lisa and asks her about Sam, and she tells Bo that she babysits his son Ethan twice a week. Lisa has no idea where Sam goes when she babysits for him and notes that Sam “flies solo and keeps to himself.” As they continue to walk along a path, they enter a clearing which has a Carousel of horses that is spinning around and playing a version of the song “The Wanderer.” Bo is captivated, seemingly mesmerized by this and goes closer to have a look but as she does so, Lisa stops behind her and seems to go into a trance-like state before turning and walking away, leaving Bo there alone watching the Carousel. When Bo snaps out of it, she finds that Lisa is gone.

Kenzi is searching for information with Trick (Richard Howland) back at the Dal Riata. He asks her how suburbia is and she replies: “Oh, you know, filled with tofu scarfing, crystal rubbing, Buddha bumping hypocrites. Yeah, they’re zen until they get a single scratch on their luxury SUVs.” Trick explains: “People have always searched for guidance Kenzi. Even those that have to commute.” Kenzi smiles, asking: “You get that from your big fortune cookie book?” Trick answers no, but he did find a name in the book he is looking through. Kenzi assumes that it is Sam, but Trick has found Lisa instead, properly named Lisa Allen. He explains to Kenzi that Lisa is a Guppy, a kind of Fae spirit that lives in the earth and that she was reported missing over one hundred years ago. Kenzi is shocked that Lisa doesn’t know that she is Fae, but Trick adds that Lisa is also dead. Kenzi answers: “Bad news usually comes in three. Fae, dead and…” Trick continues: “Guppies have a very specific calling.”

The scene shifts to Lisa who is holding a knife and standing over the body of Eleanor as Bo rushes into the room. Bo calls out to Lisa: “What did you do?” Lisa answers in a trance: “I have done as I was asked.” Eleanor’s body then bursts into flame and vanishes leaving no trace and following this, Lisa drops the knife and says again that she has done as asked.

Following a commercial, Bo has brought Lisa to Trick and Kenzi in the Dal Riata. Trick explains that Lisa is a “Killing machine that brings darkness and can be invoked every one hundred years.” Kenzi wonders: “What a cute name. Who names a killer Guppy?” Trick continues that while Lisa is dead, “Guppies do not have Chi per se, they run on the energy of those that invoke them to kill. Lisa is essentially an empty vessel.” Bo asks if Lisa will be able to tell them who is doing this, but Trick explains she “blacks out after each kill. Lisa won’t remember a thing.” Kenzi comments: “Like Fae-nesia?” and Trick agrees. Lisa then awakens, completely confused but Bo tries to calm her explaining that she is safe. When Lisa asks what happened, Kenzi takes over and leads Lisa from the room into the Dal Riata to talk to her. Kenzi and Lisa are next seen at the bar, many drinks beside them, as Lisa tries to understand everything that Kenzi has told her. Kenzi jokes: “On the bright side, killer dead babysitter, the TV movie writes itself!” When this doesn’t go over well, Kenzi offers Lisa one of the drinks, but Lisa refuses saying she doesn’t have identification. Kenzi’s answer to that is, “Honey, your are like, a thousand years old, I think it’s kosher.” Lisa tells of her wish, that she grows up, becomes a doctor and helps people. Kenzi tells Lisa: “You are Fae, that makes you special. And maybe you can learn to control it like Bo.” Lisa questions this asking: “Controlling when I kill people? Where I kill people? How I kill people?” Kenzi pointedly tells Lisa that the killing is not her fault which only makes Lisa say that they can do it again. When Kenzi tells Lisa that Bo is going to Caroline’s barbecue, Lisa becomes upset saying that she has to babysit Sam’s son. Kenzi tells her that she has to stay at the Dal Riata with Trick and she will look after Ethan. Lisa warns Kenzi that Ethan is “super high maintenance”, but Kenzi assures her that she can handle one ten year old.

The scene shifts to Sam’s house where Ethan (John Paul Ruttan) throws a sandwich that Kenzi made for him against a wall and refuses to eat it. Kenzi winds up in an argument with Ethan who calls her sandwich “crap” and Kenzi wonders if Sam has the same anger issues as Ethan seems to have. When he refuses to eat anything, Kenzi tells him a story about goblins that come to eat little children that don’t eat their dinner and then suddenly realizes what she is doing and mumbles to herself: “Oh my God, I sound like my mother!” Kenzi then asks Ethan “Tell me where the weirdo cheese is” but Ethan runs off yelling: “No! I want Lisa and you smell like gasoline!” After Ethan leaves, Kenzi looks through a small notebook and finds it contains a series of names which are all of the missing persons. Kenzi calls Bo to let her know about this and Bo tells her: “I think I found Sam’s hit list. And I think I know why some kids are sent to work in the mines.”

Bo is at the barbecue and after listening to Kenzi goes over to talk to Sam who is preparing food. They have a short conversation about crab which ends with Sam sticking a large butcher knife into one killing it and noting that: “boiling them actually toughens the flesh.” Bo comments: “So you stab them into deliciousness. Good to know.” Bo begins some small talk with Sam and finds out he has been there for about six months which is long after the killings began. When he hesitates to answer, she touches his hand and under her control asks him where Eleanor was, he answers she had to leave, but when Bo says that he had her killed, he says that he did not. As this happens, Caroline appears and sees that Bo is doing something to Sam. Bo continues to press for information but all that Sam tells her makes it more and more unlikely that he is the one responsible for the killings. Before she can get any more information from him, Caroline walks over and interrupts them, telling Bo that she has been looking for her and has a surprise for her.

At the police station, Tamsin (Rachel Skarsten) arrives drunk and begins talking to Dyson. When he questions her being drunk she tells him: “You said I had to be here, you didn’t say I had to be sober.” After telling Tamsin that she “looks like shit” she grabs a photograph Dyson was looking at. Dyson explains that the twin of the Fae they believed Bo had killed showed up. Dyson explains that he missed clues at the time of their first look at the crime including marks that indicate that Riley had been dragged to where they found her. Tamsin tells Dyson that isn’t the worst theory she’s heard and slaps him on both shoulders before starting to walk away. Dyson confronts her asking what is going on and Tamsin answers: “What? Because you care?” Dyson tells her simply: “Very much.” She picks up one of the photographs and warns him: “One more crack out of you and your neck is going to look like hers.” Dyson grabs the photograph back and then counts the finger marks shown which are six and therefore cannot be Bo’s. Dyson hands Tamsin the photograph and starts to leave, telling her they are going back to the crime scene, cover up the evidence, and she should: “Try some makeup.”

Meanwhile, Lauren is talking to Hale (K.C. Collins) explaining what she has found. After she finishes, he thanks her for her work, explaining that he has been busy with his inauguration. Lauren asks that she be allowed some time away from her duties for Hale, but he tells Lauren that she cannot do so, explaining that he has to be able to protect her from the Dark Fae who would kill her if they could. He claims to understand that she “broke up with your girlfriend and you need some space, but that is not my problem. Bo is not your boss. I am.” Hale reminds Lauren that she is pledged to The Ash and then turns to leave. However Lauren tells him: “I fought by your side Hale.” Hale relents telling Lauren: “Take the weekend if you’d like. And we’ll see you Monday.” Hale moves to leave again as Lauren calls out: “It’s true what they say about power. It doesn’t change people. Reveals them.” Hale pauses by the door where two bodyguards wait for him and calls out: “First thing Monday morning” and leaves, Lauren looking after him with a troubled expression.

Caroline has lead Bo to the same park where the Carousel is and waiting there is Susan. Caroline then takes hold of Bo’s hand and laughs: “There it is, that power!” She then tells Bo that she saw her using it on Sam and Bo tries to explain that they were only talking, but Susan comments that she could see the dark red aura around Bo as well when they first met saying that it is: “strong, a survivor.” They ask Bo to join their club as they are short one member, that being Eleanor. Susan calls Eleanor weak, unlike Bo and Caroline tells Bo that she has power and asks her if she has not wanted more while Susan talks about what a “blast” it is. When Bo asks them what they do for fun, Caroline calls out a summoning and when it is over, the skies darken as clouds cover the sky. A flaming pentagram is revealed just in front of them and Bo says in surprise: “You bitches are witches! And you can count me in” which thrills Caroline and Susan as Bo looks concerned.

After another commercial, Caroline tells Bo that they normally start slow, but they have some unfinished business to attend to. Susan then asks Caroline if she remembers when they “did away with Paul” then Caroline tells Bo that she found a spell which got rid of the body. Bo tells them that she doesn’t like the idea of killing people, Caroline rationalizes: “We’re just using what the universe gave us to rid ourselves of the negative forces in our lives.” Susan adds: “Like cheaters. Was Laurence a cheater?” Bo manages to stutter out that it was her that was cheating but Susan insists that Bo is in denial and suggests that she wants vengeance. Caroline continues to rationalize: “It isn’t about vengeance, it’s about strong women understanding their worth.” Before this can continue, Bo’s phone rings and she moves away to answer it. When she answers the call Trick tells Bo: “One of the tunnels under the Dal flooded. My backorder of Guinness finally came in and two Centaurs got into it over a woman?” As Bo continues to talk to Trick, Caroline and Susan argue with each other until Susan caves into Caroline’s demands. Trick tells Bo that Lisa left the Dal Riata in all of the confusion and they need to find Lisa and the ones that are controlling her. He also tells Bo that there is a “trinket that humans need in order to invoke the Guppy. It’s called a Macuto. Find that and you can stop her from killing again.” As Trick tells Bo this, she sees the Macuto on a necklace that Caroline is wearing. Bo ends the call saying that she is: “on it like Kenzi at a waffle bar.” When asked by Caroline who she was talking to, Bo tells her: “My physic. I didn’t tell him anything but he knew something big was happening.” Caroline agrees that something big is happening.

Lauren in the meantime, answers her door to find Isaac there. She tells him that she didn’t take him to be a stalker and he replies: “I prefer super fan” as he enters carrying a file. He tells Lauren that he has something she needs to see. He explains that he was wondering why Lauren spent five years in the Amazon and Afghanistan. Lauren’s answer is that she is adventurous, but Isaac continues and explains that he had his lawyers look into Lauren’s background and they came up with the file he holds. Isaac then hands the file to Lauren, calling her “Karen” and when Lauren opens the file it is an international warrant for a Karen Beattie who is wanted by the authorities. Lauren closes the file and tells Isaac that she doesn’t respond to blackmail. He tells her that his lawyers “do not want me to associate with a known fugitive. So I fired them. I don’t care what you did and I don’t care why you did it. Everyone has secrets. You’re no stranger to reinvention and we both know you can use a fresh start. So that’s the only copy. Do with it what you want.” Lauren is shocked and confused, not believing that Isaac is serious. He then leaves, telling Lauren “You wanted freedom? That’s what it looks like.”

Kenzi in the meantime has managed to get along with Ethan to the point where she has been reading him his favourite story books, but he isn’t tired. When asked what Lisa would do, and told that she would tell him a story, Kenzi tells a story about “A superhero named SuperKenz.” Kenzi goes on to tell the story that SuperKenz : “Wasn’t just any human. Not only did she have super personal style, but she had a smorgasbord of powers. Her sense of smell was as strong as a wolfs. And when she sang she could knock people out just like a Siren.” When Ethan asks what a Siren is, Kenzi answers: “A douchebag that wears stupid hats.” But then continues on with her story telling about her own encounter with the Kitsune and how she escaped from it. When the story is over, Ethan says: “I want to be like SuperKenz.” Kenzi tells him: “You and me both buddy.”

As this is happening, Bo has been tied to Caroline and Susan to perform a ritual. As Caroline speaks, the winds rise and the Carousel nearby begins to spin faster and faster, the music from it as well speeding up with each passing moment. As Caroline continues, she becomes thrilled with the power around her, calling for vengeance and then directing it to Sam. Susan is confused as she understood that they were going to target someone else. Bo realizes that Kenzi is in danger now because of Caroline sending Lisa to kill Sam and tries to break the circle, but Caroline tells Bo that the only way to do so is if they all agree to do so. At Sam’s house, Lisa is stalking the corridors holding a knife and looking for Sam.

Back from another commercial, Sam returns home and calls out for Kenzi, but instead finds Lisa walking towards him holding a knife and not answering him. Sam is shocked and says that he thought the killer was Caroline and the book club, not her. Kenzi appears and tells Lisa: “Lisa honey, put the pointy killy thing down.” As Kenzi tries to get Lisa to listen to her, Bo takes hold of Caroline’s hand and tries to use her power to make her stop, but instead all she does is make Caroline laugh: “Oh my God, that’s better than sex!” Bo tells her: “Then you’ve been doing it wrong.” Susan and Caroline then begin arguing over the power they have and Bo uses this to question why Caroline is the leader of the group. Bo then takes hold of Susan and tries to make her see things her way, but again, Susan is overwhelmed by Bo’s powers saying: “That’s amazing.” Susan and Caroline fight a little more and then Bo presses telling Caroline that she knew exactly what she was doing in using Lisa to do her killing for her. The fight continues and then something changes which takes Lisa out of her trance and she drops the knife, telling Kenzi that she cannot control herself. Back at the circle, Susan rants over how much she hates everything that Caroline stands for and has done. Bo begins to react to the change in the circle and tells Susan: “You are so strong…” But Susan’s eyes glow and her voice changes and in a man’s voice she tells Bo: “You know not your true strength child, but soon you will. And the world will bow down before us.” Caroline is shocked, saying: “I’ll be damned.” and then both Susan and Caroline are vaporized, leaving Bo alone in the park. A moment later and the darkness dissipates, the world returning to normal as the Carousel slowly spins and continues to play the Wanderer song. Bo looks on in shock asking: “Who are you?” before picking up the Macuto that Caroline once wore.

Elsewhere, Dyson and Tamsin enter a field, Tamsin wondering why there are there and not at the crime scene instead. Dyson explains that he smelled something and believes that Riley had been dragged from the field where they are to where they found her. Dyson tells Tamsin: “I’m glad you’re here with me on this one partner.” Tamsin tries to tell Dyson: “I have to tell you something. Some serious shit is about to go down.” Dyson stops her and tells her to call for backup explaining that the entire field smells like death.

Trick and Bo are in the Dal Riata with Lisa. Trick tells Bo that it’s time, but Bo asks if there is another way instead of what she has been asked to do. Trick tells Bo that Lisa will not live much longer because the Chi from the witches is running out and she will cease to be very soon, adding: “It’s a mercy. Trust me.” Bo sits beside Lisa who asks her: “Will it hurt?” Bo assures Lisa that it won’t and asks her if she is sure this is what she wants. Lisa tells Bo: “I’m eighteen and I’ve never kissed a boy. I’ve never been to Europe. I’ll never be a doctor. I’m also already dead.” When Bo reaches out to touch her, Lisa asks for a moment longer and Bo pulls back and listens as Lisa continues: “It’s hard for me to know that I’ll never have what you have. I mean, look at you. Your life is a mess. I mean, you have a life to mess up. You have family and friends and memories even if they are bad ones.” Bo replies: “I never really thought about it that way.” When Lisa tells Bo that she will be invoked every one hundred years to kill again, Bo assures her that she will be there. Bo pauses and then admits: “That’s the first time I’ve ever said that out loud.” Bo makes Lisa a promise that she will be there to stop her every time, but Lisa tells Bo that: “Kenzi said that being Fae was special. But I don’t want to be special. I want to be human. And if I cannot have that, I want to be at peace. Will you give me that?” Bo promises that she will and then touches Lisa on the cheek with her hand. Lisa smiles and tells Bo: “It feels nice. You have such a pretty face.” Bo then moves close and draws the Chi from Lisa until she collapses on the sofa, her life taken from her by Bo. As she closes Lisa’s eyes, Bo whispers: “Back to sleep sweet girl…” She then picks up the Macuto and dangles it over an open flame which makes it burst into flame as well which destroys it and frees Lisa from its power. Bo watches it melt away saying: “They will never use it against you again.”

After the final commercial, Bo returns home to find Kenzi there waiting for her. She looks at Kenzi and raises her arms as she says: “Hug. Now.” Kenzi embraces her and whispers: “I’m so sorry you had to go through that.” Bo asks Kenzi: “What am I doing?” Kenzi is confused and Bo explains: “I mean, what am I doing here Kenzi? When i was in the temple, during the Dawning, I saw something. I felt something.” Kenzi asks: “More dead people?” Bo continues: “Love. it was a vision or maybe a memory, I don’t know, but I didn’t see his face. It was my father.” Kenzi asks if Bo is sure, and Bo explains that she cannot stop thinking about what happened and that she fells different with a “power that I didn’t have before and I think my dad has something to do with it.” Kenzi tells Bo: “Wow. You’re dad? That’s huge.” Bo tells Kenzi that she has to find her father. Kenzi tells Bo that they need to deal with one thing at a time and she needs to figure out where she is with Lauren and if it is a breakup or not. Bo sighs: “I’m so much better with weapons.” Kenzi tells her: “I know, but you’re a big girl. Just rip the bandaid off. Seek closure grasshopper.” Bo replies: “You are so wise” and then Kenzi leaves as Bo begins to call Lauren.

Lauren answers her phone, but instead of Bo, it is Isaac who is calling her and asks if she needs helps with her suitcase. When she asks where he is, there is a knock at her door and when she opens it, Isaac is there. He asks f she is ready and Lauren tells him that: “I’ve cancelled my newspaper, put my cable on hold and there is enough food in the cat bowl to last a month.” When Isaac asks if she has a cat, Lauren explains that she was joking and that when she is nervous she makes jokes. He reassures Lauren that everything is fine before picking up her bag and telling her that he will take it to the limousine that is waiting for them. After he leaves, Lauren takes one more long look around her home before she removes the pendant she wears that marks her as belonging to The Ash and putting it away in a drawer of her desk. She then begins to walk towards the door, but pauses and places her phone on the desk as well. She stops once more at the door, to look over her home again before turning out the lights and walking out the door. Moments after she does so, her phone rings as Bo tries to call her.

The final scene of the episode begins with Dyson and Tamsin watching as a group of investigators works on the field. They have unearthed several bodies that lay nearby and continue to search the field for more. Dyson cannot believe how many there are and Tamsin is shocked by how many different kinds of Fae they have found. She lists some of what they have found: “A mermaid fed on by a Windigo. Baku by a Mare. Dark, Light.” Dyson cannot make sense of any of what they have found, as “Fae do not feed on other Fae like this.” Tamsin groans in pain and when Dyson asks what’s wrong she explains that: “These people died in fear, I can feel it.” Dyson looks over some of the bodies and then points one out saying: “Hey, that’s a Qarinah. I haven’t seen one of these outside of Egypt before. You know the feeding signature of a Qarinah is similar to that of a Succubus.” Dyson then lifts one of the Qarinah’s hands to reveal that she has six fingers and therefore is the Fae that killed Riley, thus proving Bo was not responsible for her death. Dyson ponders over this evidence saying: “So our girl has sex with Bo, and a few hours later is killed by a rare Egyptian Fae. Then dragged to the alley from this dump site?” Tamsin looks out over the field and tells Dyson: “This isn’t a dump site Dyson. It’s a mass grave.” Dyson looks at her and replies: “Something is hunting the Fae.”

The final image of the episode begins with an crane shot of Dyson and Tamsin standing by the bodies they have unearthed. The camera then swings up and away before tracking into a nearby tress where it stops to reveal a camera hidden in the trunk of the tree overlooking the field. The last image of the episode is an overhead view of the scene of the field from that camera’s point of view.


Fade to black…


I’m not sure I cared all that much for the book club slash murder club slash slightly off group of nuts that made up the core of this week’s story. I can’t say that I really cared all that much when they were zapped out of existence either. Something that got to me as well was when they used their “powers” how the world went from day to night. I understand that there is supposed to be some kind of greater power that was involved, but honestly I cannot accept that Bo’s father is that powerful. If he was, then why didn’t he get involved when Bo was facing the Garuda, or Aife, or tried to find her after she went missing? Any Fae capable of turning day to night and all else that happened would have been able to manage something to help their daughter… If they really cared mind you and there is only Bo’s experiences in the Dawning to give a clue to that.

Mind you, the moments with The Wanderer were interesting and add up to some thoughts that I have about not just him, but who he has influenced. If I assume that he is an Incubus, then all of the things that went on in this episode make a bit more sense really. It’s quite possible that Lisa and Bo being in a trance when the Carousel is turning kind of links into something having power over them. It also would work to explain the coven, Susan especially so.

Then there is the reveal about Lauren. Lauren isn’t Lauren? Lauren is a made up personality to hide from the authorities? Really? Having paused the image of her wanted poster, I can’t see a reason for her to ran and hide. It also begs the question of whether or not Nadia was in on who Lauren really was or not. There’s a problem with the timing of Lauren being in the Amazon and so on and what happened with the Fae as well. If she’s supposed to have been taken by the Fae with Nadia at the time she was, I don’t think she could have built up a really strong background in science. And if the Ash needed her for her expertise, then it would follow that he would have known her in her prior name and role. If that’s correct, then it follows that all Lauren is, her name and abilities are given or through the Fae. If she has really left, is she really that good that she can continue her work? Going past that question, if Lauren is no longer protected by the Ash, which apparently she is going to be, when are the Dark Fae going to go after her, or will the Light Fae do so and if they do, does that mean Dyson?

And, of course, we have yet another threat to the Fae uncovered. Which of course Bo will wind up facing and having to overcome somehow. But this threat, of Fae being killed, actually goes back to the second season when Lachlan asked Lauren to investigate why Fae were dying. I don’t believe that what happened then was The Garuda’s work. I think it might have used it for its own ends, that’s quite possible. The question is who is it? I have a problem with it being Bo’s father at the core of this threat. Considering that way back in the first season there was a lab that had captured an UnderFae and was using it, that in the second season there was a reference of Ciara investing in a medical lab as well, and then to this episode there are cameras watching the field where the Fae are buried… I have the oddest feeling that Isaac isn’t as innocent as he seems to be. It might be a little kafkaesque in nature, but it wouldn’t be the first time in the series there was a twist to be seen…

Onto the characters in the episode…

Bo… A few things changed for her this week. She didn’t learn much about what’s coming at her mind you and what bothers me more is that she doesn’t talk about it to anyone. She did have to make what I think was the hardest decision she’s had to make so far. To take a life. To kill an innocent. Something she swore she would never do. That was devastating to her and I hope that she remembers. What will be more so, if it appears next week, is when she realizes that Lauren is gone…

Dyson… Nice to see the detective being a detective again, how fleeting a glimpse it is mind you. At least he knows for certain that Bo didn’t kill Riley which has to be worth something to him. I wonder if he’ll actually tell Bo or not.

Kenzi… Babysitting Kenzi was hilarious. And “just out of rehab” Kenzi was just perfect by far. I’ve missed the sillier things that Kenzi gets into, but there are also the small moments when she is Bo’s link to her humanity and when that happens… it’s special as it was this episode. Kenzi line of the week: “Lisa honey, put the pointy killy thing down.”

Trick. Not much Trick this week. A bit less Trickapedia thankfully but I do find myself wondering why that order of Guinness took so long to get to him.

Hale. My have you changed. I wonder if becoming Ash automatically makes you an ass? It really seems to be something that all of the Ash have in common doesn’t it? It’s a shame that the Hale we knew doesn’t seem to be around anymore…

Lauren. So Lauren isn’t Lauren and she running away… again. I wonder if the writers have it in mind to just wreck all of Bo’s relationships in the most bizarre ways possible. In the case the reasons are, really, wafer-thin.

Tamsin: She really doesn’t look good drunk. Or for that matter when she is betraying those around her. I have the feeling that her arc is coming to a really messy end very soon. It also would be good if she learned to actually tell someone something important rather than messing around with baloney…

Isaac. There’s been something wrong about him from the beginning and that just gets worse whenever he appears. It’s not likely he is who he claims to be. Oh, and his personality puts a kink in my tail… A bad one.

Caroline: Self absorbed waste of space. I think she’s a neighbour of mine actually now that I think about it.

Lisa. It’s tragic to have a life unlived and a world unseen. She is, I think, the most tragic character this season. Her scenes with Bo were heart-breaking and I think that she will haunt Bo for a long time to come..

Susan: Didn’t care, really couldn’t care and won’t.

Elanor: Stereotypical like the other two of the club. Nothing lost, nothing gained.

Sam: Could have been interesting, he started out to be but turned into wallpaper.

Ethan. It really is something when two scenes tell you a lot about a character. More so when that character just works so well with another. Ethan and Kenzi really was perfect and I’m glad that they chose this actor for the role.

Anita: To be honest I didn’t see the connection with Riley from earlier in the series. I didn’t make the connection until Dyson explained it and that was a surprise to me. I would have thought that a plot point this important the connection would have been more obvious than it was. Mind you, I suppose that making her more like her sister would have been a little too much.

Kind of like how this episode was at a lot of points in it really…


My Review of Adventures In Fae-bysitting

Keeping my interest – 4 Pitchforks

Portrayal of a Succubus – 3 Pitchforks

Overall look and feel – 3 Pitchforks

Storyline – 3 Pitchforks

Main Characters – 4 Pitchforks

Mythos – 5 Pitchforks

Overall Rating – 3.7 Pitchforks out of 5


I did have problems staying interested with the book club. I have problems with that kind of attitude and really have little in me to tolerate it. I understand that it needed to be so for the story, but in doing so I think that the casual viewer was probably turned off and turned away and they shouldn’t have been. Ignoring this part of the episode there were several important events that occurred and wrapping them up with a frivolous plot really hurt the entire episode. If it wasn’t for Lauren’s plot, or the Dyson/Tamsin plot, or for that matter, Bo encountering The Wanderer, i wouldn’t have paid the episode a lot of attention and called it a throw-away. But it really wasn’t to my surprise.

Bo wasn’t all that much a Succubus this episode. While she did try to use her powers on Susan and Caroline, they didn’t really work save for some sexual innuendo. The tragic part of Bo’s powers this week was that she took the life of an innocent. Bo was more private eye Bo this week which wasn’t all that bad a thing really. Still she is a Succubus and we haven’t seen much of her being one for some time now in the series and the season is almost over. I’m not looking for her to jump into bed with everyone. I am looking for her to be more than she is. I’m not seeing that right now.

If I could ignore the suburban part of the episode, I would say that the episode was really well set and the effects were really well done too. The problem is that the series really doesn’t mesh well with “clinical, clean, and perfect” as was seen for most of it and that I think made it suffer. Still, the scenes with the Carousel were some of the best moments of special effects in the series this season. It’s a shame that the darkness was overwhelmed by all of the perfection in suburbia.

Again, the main storyline wasn’t all that interesting. That hurt the episode as a whole and it shouldn’t have. There were moments that saved it, notably the ending with Dyson and the passing of Lisa. I have to wonder what it would have been like if a Fae had summoned Lisa and where the story would have gone from there. It’a an interesting thought and more so than a bunch of new age witches getting lucky with the Fae.

Lauren was the biggest surprise this week. Her past is more complicated than really has been hinted at and that’s going to be a real problem it seems. Tamsin coming to see that she has to make a choice is also very telling for her. Bo facing the fact that she killed an innocent also is earth shaking to her. There really is a lot that happens this week that pushes a lot of the main characters towards their fates. The question is, will they be better for them, or be ended by them?

I thought it was neat to have a Fae called a Guppy. That did make me smile and really was a stroke of genius. What was more so was the appearance of the Qarinah to explain how Riley was killed and make a rational explanation of why Bo couldn’t have killed her. I had wondered if they would use such a myth and how they would make one different from a Succubus in the series. The effects team did an amazing piece of art making her extra fingers as well. Very realistic I thought. It does beg the question of what other Succubus like being will appear in the series and when. It could make for some stories not expected…


Next Week: Hail. Hale


Chaos strikes during a daring attack on The Dal, leaving the fate of one of the gang in the balance. Meanwhile, The Morrigan leaps on the opportunity to ignite the tensions between Light and Dark… catching Kenzi and Hale in the crossfire.


I wonder if Hale will be wearing anything red in the next episode. Every other Ash has managed to get themselves killed haven’t they? On the other hand, there’s been a lot of images of the Morrigan wearing red so maybe her time comes to an end? Wouldn’t it be interesting if she does something to Kenzi and Bo goes over the edge?

Of course this episode is going to set up the season finale, which means that there has to be some kind of epic danger to everyone around Bo. I’m not sure that The Morrigan is the right person for that role, but we’ll see won’t we?

Here’s my one concern and it goes back to what was found in that field this episode. Why do I have the worst feeling that we are going to have a bunch of zombie Fae appearing before the end of the next episode? I really hope not, but with all of the hints going on I won’t be surprised.

Then of course there is the question of Lauren. I think that she really hasn’t left the Fae and in some way the Morrigan is involved in what’s going on. If not her, then Bo’s father, if he is actually appearing is. I still really don’t see the point of adding more tangled past to Lauren, but it seems to be coming regardless.

Oh, one last thing. Whoever is making up these summaries, can you please stop with the Scooby Doo references? They aren’t a “gang” by any means. You can come up with better summaries and teasers than that can’t you? Or am I just expecting too much?

I hope not, I really want the season to end on a high note… So please get there?




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    • FZY1 on April 5, 2013 at 11:11 am

    Do you write the whole episode down? Wow you are one fast typist if you do!

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    • James on April 5, 2013 at 1:56 pm

    *trying to decide whether to feel sorrier for Her Majesty or Her Majesty’s neighbor*

    Your Majesty has a marvelous, endless supply of grace, which is one of Her best features. It also allows LG to get away with a lot, because Her opinions on each episode seem to mellow considerably between the broadcast and the review.

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    • TeraS on April 5, 2013 at 11:58 pm

    I do have a tail to help with the typing my hero, but no, I have it on my Mac, on my DVR and elsewhere and pause the show to write what’s going on… It can take two or three nights to finish it all…


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    • TeraS on April 5, 2013 at 11:59 pm

    I vote the neighbour my heart… Though, it would be story wouldn’t it?


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