Apr 04 2013

Succubi Image of the Week 274

For this week’s Succubus, I found a really deliciously evil image on Hentai Foundry, She’s sexy, she’s quite red, and I think she’s the image of a classic Succubus… There aren’t a lot of those that I like and I really do like this one a lot…

New Demon Girl by creativeodditiesstudios

New Demon Girl by creativeodditiesstudios

This art is called New Demon Girl and is by Creative Oddities Studios. You can find the original page on Hentai Foundry with this art here.

I love her boots and gloves, they really go nicely with her red skin I think… A sexy cute tail is a bonus of course and I even think her wings suit her perfectly. Her horns are a bit large for me and I never really have liked bands or other things wrapped about Succubi tails, but, again, in this case everything just seems to be perfect for her…

Especially her hair, which is just delicious and makes the image for me…

I think there is a story around her, possibly something a bit on the Domme side, or a lot so. I do wonder though if she wouldn’t look better wearing something and not being nude as she is here. I think a little bit of something latex like on her would have added to the seductiveness of this Succubus…

Nevertheless, she is wonderful and I love her a bunch.

Lovely sexy Succubus and I’m really happy that I found her too…




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    Definitely more than a bit on the domme side.

    There are times when the succubus seductively reels her prey in, and there are the times when she just throws the prey against the wall and has her way . . .

  2. avatar

    Her collar suits her well. Indeed, this is a very nice find!

  3. avatar

    Sounds a bit like Tail my heart…


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    Thank you Neko… She is lovely isn’t she…


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    Just a bit like Tail, Dear One . . . I did notice that. 😉

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    Thought you might my heart…


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