Desires 71

A name you are known by. But what you are, is that your name or what you are?

Desires – Beginnings
By BStyles and TeraS
Part Seven

Tera… Recognition dawned clearly in his eyes as she revealed her name to him. So, this is the one… He gave a rueful chuckle, leaning back in his chair once more.

“No, I fear I lack in the department of love as much as you…” He sighed, regretfully. “…but I don’t see any harm in delaying my return for a while yet. After all, you sound as though you have more to let go of than one song could contain…”

His smile was warm, and he seemed to have relaxed a tension he did not know he had. “I have heard your name before, Tera. Quite often, in fact. And I must say, I’m a little surprised that someone of your….celebrity…would humble herself so in a place like this.” He shrugged against the back of the chair, draining the last of the tea from his cup. “In truth, you are not the only one known by many names…’Martin’ is probably the simplest among them.”

His eyes seemed at the same time regretful and considering, appearing to glitter golden in the dim light of the coffeehouse. “Do you think to find your lover here, then? I should imagine you have shared the honor with quite a few already…” His tone was insinuating, true. But he lacked the accusatory tinge that others among his brethren would use in the presence of one such as her.


Words do hurt don’t they? Sometimes they do…




    • James on April 2, 2013 at 12:07 pm

    Yes, they do, but I have a sense he is trying to cushion his as much as possible. The best thing he could do is to not let the stories he has heard influence his meeting of the person . . . but that is so very difficult.

    • Avatar photo
    • TeraS on April 5, 2013 at 11:56 pm

    It was, really, a moment that I think I misunderstood…


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