Mar 30 2013

A bemusing piece of Succubus jewelry…

I have to admit that not a lot of jewelry that I find with a Succubus theme in it, really is something that I would consider wearing. Sometimes it’s too cheap, sometimes just too tacky, and mostly they just don’t inspire anything in me to want them…

This piece of jewelry comes close…

The Devil's Seducer Pendant by FuFuFox

The Devil's Seducer Pendant by FuFuFox

This work of jewelry is called the Devil’s Seducer Pendant and is by someone calling themselves FuFuFox. You can find it on etsy.com here for $59 US. You can kind other items as well here on their artist’s page.

It is described as an image of a Succubus covered by a clear glass cabochon, surrounded with a double beaded bezel of Japanese seed beads and Czech crystal beads. It measures about one and a half inches in diameter and the backing is made of leather. The creator of this pendant also notes that it doesn’t like water and shouldn’t ever get wet.

If it was somewhat larger, I would consider it for a costume I have possibly, but I just think that it is a bit too small as I have said and also that it seems to be just slightly odd fashion-wise with most of my outfits.

That’s not to say it’s not a lovely image of a Succubus or that the right outfit wouldn’t make this work, I just can’t think of a good combination to use it with right this minute…

Still, I’ll ponder it some and perhaps something will come to me over time…



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