Bo should do something when someone pulls her hair out…

Something really bothers me about this week’s episode, and that comes to the guest star. I cannot for the life of me understand what the point was of having her. All she did was deliver a message, which in fact she told Tamsin was her reason for being there. Then appeared in about two minutes of the episode in total before a last fleeting glimpse of her… well her hand at least. I wonder how much that cost the series in total. I wonder what they actually gained from it. And, of course, I wonder who the wanderer is… But that’s another story isn’t it?

And speaking of story, where was the story in this episode? Taking all of the side stories out of the episode left so very little and, for the most part, I cannot see a reason of this episode to happen very much. That’s bothersome because the original writer and creator of the series wrote this episode. I expected better and I really was disappointed. I don’t like being disappointed and I hope, really a lot, that the last few episodes of the season don’t do that again…

The tenth episode of the third season, also episode forty-five of the Lost Girl TV series was this week. Bo tries to be the most popular camp counsellor for the fourth time, Kenzi gets in touch with her inner juvenile delinquent, and Dyson finds out that wolves are really girlie. Lauren gets the heck beaten out of her and afterwards Bo’s heart gets the stuffing knocked out of it too. And there are woodcrafts galore!

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This is the tenth review of the third season of of Lost Girl. A summary of this episode has been added to the SuccuWiki, but won’t be adding my commentary to the articles there as that is what the Tale is for….

Bo finds out that when some teenagers go bad they are more than…


The episode opens with Bo (Anna Silk) in her bedroom looking at herself in a mirror and commenting that she “feels different.” As she continues to look in the mirror she says she looks good and her eyes glow and she adds: “Oh, this is going to be fun.” Bo seems to be mesmerized for a moment and then Kenzi (Ksenia Solo) rushes in telling Bo that someone is trying to break in. Bo just smiles and then there is the sound of someone, or something, trying to break in. Bo finds a baseball bat, but Kenzi looks at her and asks: “I’m sorry, am I interrupting your softball game? Could you please grab a big girl weapon?” Bo’s answer is that she is a “big girl’s weapon and what? You think I can’t handle a few robbers?” Kenzi doesn’t believe that it is robbers saying that someone is coming for Bo because she and Dyson “cheated on your Fae finals.” Bo isn’t happy about this and tells Kenzi: “Hey! I did not cheat!” Kenzi continues to freak out telling Bo that there’s probably a Fae out there looking for revenge looking to take their skin, or their tonsils. They hear someone trying to open the door to Bo’s bedroom and open it to find Lauren (Zoie Palmer) there carrying a breakfast tray which falls to the floor, dumping the contents all over the place. Bo and Lauren look at each other for a moment before Lauren says: “Ta-da.” Lauren and Bo then start picking up the pieces as Kenzi leaves the scene. Lauren comments that surprising Bo with breakfast in bed went a lot better in her mind and Bo laughs for a moment. Lauren then asks Bo about the Dawning and Bo tells her that since it happened she feels like has been reborn, that she feels like she’s had a moment where she now knows that she is part of something bigger now. Lauren starts to tell Bo something but Kenzi rushes in and picks up her sword, calling it Geraldine. Bo embraces the two of them telling them both that she loves them. She calls Lauren “the domestic Goddess” and tells Lauren that it is her turn. Kenzi looks shocks and asks if Bo is going to cook. Bo tells Kenzi that she is fairly sure she can “crack an egg.” She picks up the tray with all of the broken dishes and comments: “How hard can it be?” as she rushes away. Kenzi tells Lauren that: “This is not the Bo that I recall.” She then asks if this could be a “body swap, Morrigan parasite, last night’s sushi which I totally might have gotten at the dollar store.” Lauren smiles and replies: “The Dawning has changed her and we knew it would. The important thing is that she is still our Bo. Right?” Kenzi still looks concerned but answers: “Yes.”

The scene moves to a clearing in a forest were two teenagers are sitting and talking together. After a while Matt (Craig Arnold) convinces Della (Brittany Allen) to take her top off, lay down, and allow him to blindfold her. He tells her that doing so heightens her other senses and then starts to breath on her gently before running what she thinks is a blade of grass over her chest, but he tells her that it is a feather. Then a shadow moves over them both and Matt is pulled away. Della calls out his name, but Matt does not answer her. Eventually she sits up and yells out that what he did wasn’t funny. She then puts her top on and storms off, stepping on some kind of wooden object on the ground as she does. Matt is then shown staked to the ground, leaves stuffed into his mouth and some kind of creature hovering over him.

After the opening credits, Bo and Kenzi are at the Dal Riata with Dyson (Kristen Holden-Ried). Kenzi looks into a file and seems very squeamish about what is in it asking: “Where is this camp and why does Freddy Kruger live there?” Bo takes the file and as she looks at the information inside comments that they are teenagers with “crazy rap sheets.” Dyson explains that most of them had slipped through the system and were fending for themselves, Kenzi’s attention being drawn back to things as he does. Bo asks why Tamsin isn’t involved and Dyson brushes this off saying that Tamsin is off for a few days “dealing with a dustup at a Dark Fae bar.” Bo laughs and says that it is her fault, referring to the fight that she and Tamsin had during Fae-ge Against The Machine. When both Kenzi and Dyson just look at her, Bo quickly adds: “Funny story, great ending, another time, why do you need us?” Dyson tells them both that the latest death happened that morning and while Dyson investigates he needs some backup as well to protect the other campers. He asks Kenzi how she feels about “tapping into your inner juvie?” Kenzi scoffs: “Camp’s really not my thing.” Dyson just looks at Kenzi saying: “Come on.” Kenzi throws her hands up and resigns herself to “make it work.” Dyson thanks her and then turns to Bo who pleads: “Please say camp counsellor.” Dyson laughs: “If you wanted to be a camp counsellor.” Bo is thrilled noting that: “Yes! I am awesome with that! Camp Chipewa voted most popular counsellor three years in a row!” as she pokes Kenzi in the ribs. Dyson shakes his head: “Should have known.” Bo rushes off, saying that she has to tell Lauren, and Kenzi tells Bo that she’ll be right along before sitting down with Dyson and looking at him intently. Dyson asks: “What’s that look for?” Kenzi tells him: “This look wonders how the wolfman is doing post Bo’s Dawning?” Dyson looks away before answering: “Fine.” Kenzi makes a buzzer noise and tells Dyson: “I’m afraid that was not the answer we were looking for!” Dyson tries to convince Kenzi that he is okay, but she isn’t convinces, slapping Dyson in the shoulder before leaving Dyson at the bar alone.

Bo is at home with Lauren, telling her about the case as she packs and adding that she never had anything like the situation she is going into at Camp Chipewa. Lauren comments that she is glad she went to Space Camp when she was younger. Bo seems very hyper and excited as she continues to pack her things, not at all like she usually is. Bo then asks Lauren is she is worried about her being with Dyson, adding that Lauren should know that she can trust her. Lauren shrugs: “I was just hoping we would have this weekend to talk.” Bo explains that she is sorry but also that she “sort of needs this. To taks something down that’s big and ferocious and murdery.” Lauren tells Bo: “We’re been out of sync lately, that’s all.” This gets through to Bo and she tells Lauren: “I know. And that is my fault. But now that the Dawning is over, things are going to get better. I promise. You know I would much rather spend the weekend with you.” Lauren does not look happy as Bo presses on: “Blame Tamsin!”

Elsewhere, Tamsin is walking past a building when someone jumps out behind her and places a knife to her throat. Tasmin calls out: “Acacia?” This person that holds the knife to Tamsin is in fact Acacia (Linda Hamilton) who greets her: “Hey Lady.” before releasing her. She berates Tamsin, telling het that she taught her never to drop her guard, Tamsin’s answer is that she also was taught to “respect my elders.” Acacia calls Tamsin a “cheeky bitch” before she asks Tamsin how she’s been and the two laugh together. Tamsin then asks: “What brings you to my corner of our dark little worlds?” Acacia answers: “I am here to deliver a message. He knows you’ve found her.” and hands Tamsin a tarot card of The Wanderer. Adding that it is “time to finish the job.”

After another commercial, Bo and Kenzi arrive at the Youth Camp and discover that it isn’t the kind of camp they expected, Kenzi commenting that: “I think this one begins with the letters POW.” After looking at the building for a moment, Kenzi adds: “This is nature? Discovery Channel led me to believe there was more green.” Bo then pushes Kenzi towards the door telling her: “You go first. Go ahead.”

The scene shifts to Bo in her office with Della sitting on the other side of the desk from her asking: “Camp Chipewa?” Bo is slightly embarrassed and answers: “When I took the job, I thought it would be another kind of camp.” Della asks: “Devoid of murder you mean?” Bo tells her that she is sorry about Matt and asks if Della wants to talk about what she saw, but Della tells Bo that no one cares about what someone like her saw. Bo tells her: “It might be hard for you to believe but I am someone like you.” Della asks if Bo has ever stabbed anyone and Bo looks uncomfortable as she admits she has. Della then tells Bo that her eyes were closed and she didn’t see anything. After telling Bo about what they were doing and how it was supposed to make her other senses better, Bo asks if it did and Della tells Bo that she smelled smoke “like when you are straightening your hair and you burn it.” She also tells Bo that there is “something about this place that is just off.” Bo tells Della that if she does want to talk, she’ll be there for her. Della asks if she can leave and Bo tells her she can. but before she goes, Della thanks Bo for listening to her.

Dyson in the meantime is at the place where Matt’s body was found with a woman named Jolene (Kerry Laifatt). Dyson asks if there are any registered Fae in the area who act in this manner but is told that there aren’t any that have been ruled out already. Dyson is told that each killing was different, one stomped to death, another burned, and a few were strangled. Dyson asks where she was at the time of the attacks and Jolene explains that she was “here” as she is attached to the grounds and cannot leave them. Dyson makes the connection that she is a Lares, the protector of the lands the camp is built on. Dyson picks up an item similar to that Della stepped on earlier in the episode, but Jolene does not know what it is, but Dyson thinks he might and when he is told that the campers are allowed to run free in the area, suggests that they not be allowed to.

The scene shifts to a barracks in the building where a group of teens are milling around as Kenzi walks into the room. One of the teens comments that Kenzi is a “narc” and then two of them begin grilling Kenzi to see if she is really “one of them” or not. When asks what she is in for, Kenzi’s answer is “theft, explosives, devil may care attitude,” Kenzi is asked about what goes into a pipe bomb, she answers Talcum, then is asked which lock is easiest to pick, Kenzi’s answer is “Rim.” She then turns the tables on the two questioning her and asks what they should do when they break into a 1992 Jaguar and the alarm goes off. The one teen that tries to answer Kenzi shoots down with more knowledge than they have before asking “are we cool?” Kenzi passes the test and shakes hands with one teen and notices that he has a tattoo on his arm. He explains that it is the name of his girlfriend but Kenzi cannot read the word and wonders if the writing is Klingon before asking what they “do around here for kicks.”

Tasmin and Acacia are seen sitting on the back of a pickup truck in the middle of a field drinking beer. Acacia comments: “You lead one battalion astray and the entire war of 1812 goes to the Canadians.” Tamsin replies “Well they wanted it more and you were the one that brought the maple syrup whisky.” Acacia agrees, but also notes that she “brought Tecumseh” to which Tamsin laments “now there was a General.” and Acacia answers “there was a man.” Acacia then asks “how much longer are we going to pretend you aren’t in big trouble.” Tamsin shrugs and claims that she will figure something out. When asked what that might be, Tamsin suggests: “I don’t know. Maybe I’ll find someone else he wants more and make a trade.” When Acacia asks who “he” wants more, Tamsin does not have an answer. Tamsin tries to reason with Acacia saying that Bo is not “a skip” and asking her to remember what happens when they deliver someone to “him.” Acacia’s answers: “We get paid.” Acacia reminds Tamsin “That’s what we do. We find people and we bring them in.” Tamsin tells Acacia that Bo has been through the Dawning and that makes her more powerful, however Acacia has a solution for this. She hands Tamsin a small vial with a stopper in it and explains: “He has though of that. Rune glass. One hair from someone she loves, two hairs from someone she trusts and 3 from her own head. Put them in the bottle and the Druid will do the rest.” When Tasmin asks “do the rest how?” Acacia tells her: “Bitch, do I look like a wizard? I don’t know. Put the whammy on her. Make her putty in your hands. I took this gig because I thought it would be easy money taking sense into you. Don’t let me down. And don’t get any deeper in this than you have to. Just bring in the girl okay?” Tamsin is not happy about any of this and only answers: “Okay.” Acacia then comments “it’s a beautiful day, I think I’ll walk.” before she leaves Tamsin beside the pickup truck alone.

In the meantime, Bo has taken the group of teens and Knezi outdoors and is trying to befriend them. This does not go really well and all of Bo’s suggestions are berated and ignored. Eventually she calls Kenzi over and attempts to use her in a demonstration of trust where she falls backwards and trusts Kenzi to catch her. However, Kenzi does not and Bo falls to the ground. Bo then pulls Kenzi aside. Kenzi giggles: “Are you seriously going to pretend that wasn’t the funniest shit in history?” Bo tells Kenzi that she needs the teens to respect her, but Kenzi tells Bo that it’s more important that they respect her, otherwise they won’t learn anything from them. Kenzi then tells Bo, “Della is a mental mess. Nelson is semi-confrontational. The rest are various remixes of angry.” When Bo tells Kenzi that they cannot defend themselves, Kenzi tells Bo that they do have skills. When Bo questions those skills being from the street, Kenzi coldly tells Bo: “Hey lady, don’t knock the streets. The streets taught me a lot. I got skills, I can be bad ass.” Bo’s answer is: “I’m sure you can, but this isn’t a human monster, this is a monster. As in serious, as in you need to come and get me and Dyson if things get real okay?” Kenzi is less than impressed with Bo’s attitude and answers: “Fine.” Bo then gathers everyone together telling them: “Okay, let’s meet Joline in the lunchroom, it’s Taco Tuesday!” and herding them back towards the main building.

Following a commercial break, Tamsin breaks into Dyson’s apartment and looks around, searching for some of his hair to use. It takes her some time, but eventually she finds a comb with some hair and puts that hair into the Rune Glass. After doing so, she finds a picture of Bo in a drawer and looks at it for a long moment before putting it back and starting to leave. However, she pauses at a garbage can in the room and stuffs the Rune Glass into the bottom of it before leaving.

The teens are talking about the deaths, one of them wondering if they are all some kind of “freaky animal attack.” When one wonders if it was a wolf, Dyson then appears at the door and tells them that: “A wolf wouldn’t leave the body intact.” Kenzi looks at him then says: “Not to mention they are really lame.” Dyson shoots back: “Oh really?” Kenzi presses on: “And surprisingly girlie.” Dyson moves away from the door answering: “I think you protest too much. I think you love wolves.” Kenzi’s retort is: “Wolves wish that I loved them.” Before this can continue, one of the teens calls out: “Enough with the weird wolf love talk.” Dyson introduces himself and then explains that he “works with Jolene.” The teens are not thrilled with the idea that Dyson is “another social worker.” Dyson then explains that they have a plan and it involves them all staying together as he leaves the room and locks the door behind him despite Kenzi giving him a pleading look.

Elsewhere, Acacia has Tamsin by the throat and throws her against a wall angered that Tamsin threw away the Rune Glass telling her that: “We have to take care of that unaligned Succubus bitch!” Tamsin defiantly answers: “Her name is Bo.” Tamsin tells Acacia that it is her problem and she will deal with it, but Acacia tells her: “It was your problem until I guaranteed that you would finish the job.” Tamsin is shocked, telling Acacia that she never asked her to do so. Acacia tells her: “Do you remember who we are dealing with? If you betray him there is not a place in this world that his freaky little minions will not find you.” Tamsin’s answer is: “Or you.” Acacia demands that Tamsin deliver Bo as agreed or she will instead before turning and walking away leaving Tamsin shocked and worried.

Back in the camp, the teens have decided to break out of the room they are trapped in, Kenzi taking the lead role. She asks if anyone has a stolen credit card she can use to break out and after all of them raise their hands, Kenzi uses one to open the door, but instead of staying together, they run off in different directions.

As this is going on, Bo is in a video conference with Lauren who tells Bo that the body of the teen that was killed was stuffed with leaves, twigs and bark and that it would have taken hours to do so, the teen being alive through most of it. Lauren adds that the items she found come from a tree that no longer grows where the camp is. Their conversation moves on to talking about the two of them going somewhere together afterwards, Bo suggesting Egypt, but Lauren telling Bo that she as been there twice before. The conversation then turns to Lauren being busy “with her stuff” and Bo “being busy with with your stuff.” Then a creature appears behind Bo and begins to strangle her as Lauren watches helplessly for a moment before she picks up her phone and calls Dyson who rushes to Bo to save her. Dyson crashes through a locked door to get to Bo and in the confusion the creature manages to escape. After checking on Bo, Dyson goes after it, but runs into Kenzi who tells him that the teens are on the loose just before Dyson smells burning hair and leads them to where they find Della killed in the same way as Matt.

Following another commercial break, Tamsin arrives at her office to find a box waiting for her on her desk. She opens it to find the severed hand of Acacia and the Rune Glass as well and she realizes that Acacia is most likely dead and she will be next if she does not complete the mission she is on. Lauren is at home trying to figure out what kind of Fae Bo and Dyson are dealing with as Tamsin enters and calls out that what Lauren is talking about seems like a Tikbalang which Tamsin describes as a forest creature that lives in the Philippines. As Lauren reads one of her books about this Fae, Tamsin plucks a hair from her which surprises Lauren. Tamsin’s reason for doing so is “eyelash.” When Lauren asks what Tamsin is doing here, the conversation turns towards Tamsin telling Lauren about the kiss that she and Bo shared, and then progressively making Lauren more and more angry until she slaps Tamsin in the face and tells her to leave. Tamsin does so, but not before telling Lauren: “Guess I deserved that.” As Tamsin leaves, Lauren sinks into her chair in shock over what she has learned.

Bo and Kenzi are back at home, Kenzi berating herself that if it wasn’t for her, Della would still be alive. She also tells Bo that the teens will not trust her anymore, but Bo tells Kenzi that they will be there shortly. Kenzi starts to leave, but Lauren arrives and explains that none of them can leave. Lauren explains about the Tikbalang and that they need to smoke it out and then cut its mane of hair in order to defeat it. Bo comments: “So we smoke it out and give it a makeover.” Dyson arrives with the surviving teens who have no intention of staying at Bo’s place. Kenzi however tells them that they can trust Bo and the others to keep them alive. Kenzi then tells the teens that they can help them to catch the killer and asks who there can make pipe bombs. All of the teens and Kenzi raise their hands, and a moment later Lauren does as well.

Bo and Dyson return to the camp and wait for the Tikbalang to appear. Bo takes the opportunity to talk to Dyson and asks him: “Do we need to talk about the Dawning? Because I need to talk about it.” Dyson agrees and Bo explains that she appreciates everything he did and what he risked for her, but Bo is still in love with Lauren. Dyson simply nods and says: “Alright.” Bo is confused by this and Dyson tells her that: “We’ve been through a lot together Bo. The main thing I’ve learned in that time is the people that underestimate you always lose. When I volunteered I wasn’t risking my life, I was trusting that you would save it.” Bo pushes Dyson back with the end of a baseball bat before asking that he tell her the truth, if it was hard dating her. Dyson answers: “It was harder losing you.” Bo comes close to him and tells Dyson: “Even through all we have been through, I’m glad we ended up here.” Before they can continue talking, there is a loud noise and they rush down the hallway and enter a room where they find the Tikbalang surrounded by smoke bombs. Bo confronts the creature and discovers that it is Jolene. Bo then cuts her hair and brings the fight to an end. Elsewhere, Lauren returns home and discovers hundreds of the strange wooden markers all over the place.

Following another commercial, Lauren turns to leave but is confronted by Nelson who blocks her way. At the Dal Riata, Trick (Richard Howland) is talking with Bo and Kenzi and tells them that the small wooden things they have found are called Caltrops. Bo explains that they have solved the case already, but Trick explains that they are part of an old Fae hunting game used by an obscure sect and are used to mark their prey. Kenzi looks at the writing in the book that Trick is using and comments that she has seen the writing before and it looks like Klingon. Trick explains that the writing is from the Philippine language of Baybayin, a pre-Spanish Philippine writing system. Kenzi tells Bo and Trick that Nelson had a tattoo on his arm in the same writing and said it was the name of his girlfriend. Trick reveals that mates hunt in pairs which means that Nelson will kill again and Kenzi tells Bo that Lauren had been saying bad things about Jolene. Bo rushes away and tells Trick to call Dyson to meet her at Lauren’s place.

As this happens, Lauren is being beaten severely by Nelson until he finally forces her to stand up and makes her look at the Caltrops. He tells Lauren that “Your girlfriend took my girlfriend and ruined our game, so now I am going to ruin you.” Lauren asks if he is going to kill her and Nelson tells her: “Those are the rules.” Lauren manages to choke out: “You’re human.” Nelson rants: “You know how it is, you’re nobody and then one of them comes along and looks at you, teaches you. How do you go back to a mortal life after that?” As he says this, Nelson is slowly choking Lauren to death and when he asks her if she has any last words, Lauren tells him: “This precious game of yours? It’s over asshole.” Bo rushes through the door and begins to choke Nelson with a baseball bat intent on killing him. Dyson arrives moments later and manages to snap Bo out of her single-mindedness and Nelson drops to the floor before Dyson drags him away and Bo rushes to Lauren’s side to comfort her.

Bo tries to give Lauren some first aid, upset that she can’t do more for her and she needs to see a doctor, but Lauren tells Bo: “I am a doctor.” Bo tells Lauren how much she id hurt seeing Lauren like this, but then Lauren tells Bo to stop the first aid. When Bo tries to kiss Lauren, Lauren tells Bo: “I’m not happy. But you are.” Bo agrees and tells Lauren: “After the Dawning, I feel new. Lauren, I want to be happy. I want to live, I want to travel the world, but I only want to do that with you.” Lauren is close to tears as she explains: “I’m just so tired Bo. These last few years with the Fae, The Garuda and Nadia… I feel like I am losing myself.” Bo tries to comfort Lauren, telling her that she wants Lauren to feel: “Amazing, like I do when I’m with you.” Bo asks Lauren what she wants her to do and Lauren reveals: “I think that we need a break.” Bo is shocked, asking: “From us?” Lauren begins to break down crying: “I’m so sorry Bo… But I think that I am always going to be asking from you than you can give to me.” Bo cannot believe what Lauren is telling her and in a shocked voice tells Lauren that she will give her space and tries to rationalize Lauren’s decision as being connected to the beating she has been through, and that they need to focus on her and not Bo. Bo tells Lauren that she should take all the time she needs and that she “isn’t going anywhere.” Bo then leaves Lauren on her couch and moves towards the door, pausing there a moment to look at Lauren again, telling Lauren, “This is just a break. Right?” Lauren does not answer, holding the tears at bay as Bo turns and walks away. After Bo leaves, Lauren finally breaks down and cries openly.

Another commercial break finds Lauren at the Dal Riata sitting at the bar as Dyson enters and walks up to her. Dyson tells Lauren that Nelson is going to jail for a long time. He asks her if she is okay and Lauren tells him: “Did you know that I thought you were the enemy? For a while there? That you were going to swoop in and take her away. Turns out I’ve done a fine job of screwing it all up by myself.” Dyson sits with her looking very concerned as he says: “Yeah. We’re going to need shots.” Lauren tells him: “We’re on a break.” Dyson jokes: “Well, if you are looking for a distraction, I’m partial to bar fights, and howling at the moon. Don’t know if that’s your cup of tea though.” which makes Lauren laugh a little bit and say: “Noted.” Dyson continues: “For what it’s worth, she really does love you. I can tell.” Lauren sighs: “Well, whatever happens it’s not like she is irreplaceable and absolutely perfect right? She’s so stubborn.” Dyson replies: “She can be bitchy.” Lauren laughs: “Impetuous”, then adds: “Brave.” Dyson considers a moment before he adds: “Noble-hearted.” Lauren slyly answers: Best sex I’ll ever have” and Dyson laughs loudly agreeing with her. Lauren then asks: “How will I ever get over her?” Dyson has a sad look and replies: “I’ll let you know.” Dyson then takes a bottle and glasses from the other side of the bar, and pours them each a drink.

The final scene of the episode begins with Bo packing up some of the things that Lauren had left behind at Bo’s place in a cardboard box. There is a knock at the door and Bo answers it to find Tamsin there. Bo walks away from her saying: “Unless you are Kenzi or a bowl of Tequila spiked ice cream, please Fae off.” Tamsin comments: “That is a sad, sad little box.” She tells Tamsin that is it a box of Lauren’s things and that they are having problems, but they will get through that. Bo asks if Tamsin thinks it would be okay if she kept the box for things for a while, Tamsin tells Bo: “I think she’d be good with that.” Tamsin then hugs Bo, which confuses Bo, but then Tamsin entangles her fingers in Bo’s hair and as she pulls away rips several of them out making Bo cry out in pain. Bo tells Tamsin: “I’m about to get ragingly drunk, would you like some wine?” Tamsin says yes, but then puts Bo’s hair in the Rune Glass as she turns and walks away, leaving Bo alone. When Bo turns back around she finds that Tamsin has left. The final image is of Bo rubbing the back of her head where the hair was pulled out, her eyes changing colour, and a scowl appearing on her face.


Fade to black…


The thing about this week’s episode, more than anything else, is that the main story, the teens, wasn’t at all interesting. The side story about Tamsin could have been on its own one episode or several of them and been a lot more interesting for it. However, within that story there is a problem and that’s the “special super guest star” role. I just didn’t see the point of having it for what we got out of it. Three minutes of cursing and swearing along with some info dumping to me at least can be done by just about any minor character. So why did it need a major star to do so?

Then comes a bit more about the Wanderer, whomever that might be. At least we know it is a he if nothing else. He has minions apparently, and “freaky” ones at that. All signs point to it being Bo’s father. Question is, who is that, what are they, and in the end, what happens when Bo gets there? I am seeing a mess if this all comes in a single episode, which I hate to say I think will happen… again. Along with this comes the question of Bo herself. Hyper Bo isn’t the Bo we’ve come to know. It looks wrong in her actions and manners and I hope that this doesn’t continue. Though it probably will…

And we have the Bo and Lauren breakup. After all else that’s happened this year, something like this was bound to happen. I can’t see this continuing for long as the triangle of love and competition is so central to the series. And really there’s too much plot possibilities in that not to keep it going for a long time to come.

The main plot was a waste of time. It did nothing for the series as a whole, the main characters did their thing outside of it, and in the end, all it allowed for was to put Lauren in danger. It could have been a good look into Kenzi’s past, but really it did nothing to put light on that. Kenzi remains very much a mystery and that’s one that keeps many interested including me.

Being that there are only three episodes left, it would be nice to get the main season arc moving… or the second one, or the third… one of them at least…

Onto the characters in the episode…

Bo… Hyper-active Bo isn’t the Bo we know. Yes she’s changed but at the moment that change does not look to be for the better. There is something coming for her and it’s going to be a real problem which i think will be a lot worse than the Dawning ever was. I fear that we’re going to see a lot of possessed Bo from here on out. Her reaction to Lauren bothered me. It felt wrong, looked wrong and really was wrong. I wonder if Bo’s still within her illusion many times in this episode and I hope she isn’t…

Dyson… He being there for Lauren I think was a pivotal moment for them both. If this results in a better relationship for them and Bo in the end, all of the pain before would have some meaning.

Kenzi… I missed fun Kenzi last week and she was back this week. It really was amazing to see all that she had been through, her defending those that grew up on the street, and in the end… She couldn’t help but be the reminder that she is to them all. Kenzi line of the week: “Wolves wish that I loved them.” That entire scene was all Kenzi at her best…

Trick. Trickopedia again. Enough of this please? He had so much more to do before and now he’s back to this?

Hale. MIA. I’m putting up lost Hale signs on light poles.

Lauren. A terrible beating and break down. But also some healing between her and Dyson. This might be the bleakest she’s been since Nadia’s death, but there is the smallest hope and I think that she’s strong enough to find it and hold on to it.

Tamsin: She’s not who she seemed to be, and in that we have the door opening to what happens to Bo at the end of the season it looks like. Can she make a choice that might mean the end of her life? Perhaps. There has to be meaning for her at some point other than being sarcastic all the time.

Acacia. Don’t care, won’t care, not going to care. There was no reason for her to be in the episode other than to give a message and for all of that she was forgettable moments after she left the scene. I think this was a wasted opportunity. Shame really, but that’s about all it was.

Della: She was interesting, but underused in the episode. Would have liked more.

Nelson. Someone that wasn’t much other than to be there as a threat when the threat seemed to be over. The scene with Lauren was gripping, don’t get me wrong, but otherwise there was little to remember him by.

Trudy, Matt and Jolene. … Not much to say really… Though I felt like Trudy was the most interesting of the three of them overall.


My Review of Delinquents

Keeping my interest – 3 Pitchforks

Portrayal of a Succubus – 1 Pitchforks

Overall look and feel – 2 Pitchforks

Storyline – 3 Pitchforks

Main Characters – 4 Pitchforks

Mythos – 4 Pitchforks

Overall Rating – 2.9 Pitchforks out of 5


Another episode that didn’t keep my attention throughout. Yes I did pay attention when Bo and Lauren broke up. Yes the moments between Lauren and Dyson were captivating. But that happened at the end of the episode. Other than a few scattered moments, there really wasn’t all that much that made me want to watch. I’ll also add that having “the major name guest star” appear after all of the hype for a grand total of three minutes was a complete waste of time. You could put any actress into that role and have the same impact. If I didn’t care about the series as much as I do, I cannot say that I would have watched the episode as much as fast forwarded through a lot of things.

I think a lot of that was how uncomfortable I was with Acacia swearing and cursing all of the time. It didn’t fit with the actress, it didn’t fit with the world of the series really and if it was for shock value, what shock is there in calling someone bitch? There isn’t any. There’s a problem with something that jars what you expect for the sake of the shock value… When that shock isn’t there? Then why do so in the first place?

There was really nothing of Bo being a Succubus in this episode to speak of. What’s more bothersome is the “new and improved hyper Bo!” that she seems to have become. If this is how she will be in the future that’s going to make it harder for me to watch. Bo needs her humanity and I have the worst feeling that it is being stripped from her once piece at a time.

The locations were rather plain and not that interesting. That might have been the point, but if it was, then why do it? Mind you I have problems with the episode as a whole anyway. Oh, and that videoconference that Bo and Lauren had? Wow. I mean… wow. That was just awfully jerky and weird.

I’ll say that as a whole the episode did have some things going for it, though the use of their guest star wasn’t one of them. The addition of Tamsin not quite being who she was supposed to be was a change and the set up for the “taming of Bo” was a good example of a character being trapped by circumstance. But as for the main plot of the teens? They could have cut that all out of the episode and you would never have known it. That’s a real problem.

Overall the one character that changed the most was Tamsin. I know that Bo and Lauren’s relationship has changed, but while that is a shift in the series, I don’t think that it is as important as Tamsin’s. She’s going to make a choice, or has already, and that’s going to be a huge problem. I cannot see that the Bo, Lauren and Dyson triangle is over. It’s too much of a central point of the series and killing it would be a really bad thing. We learned a little about Kenzi too, but nothing like I had been hoping would happen… It was disappointing.

The mythos was broadened a bit and that was good to see. There should be something new every week, but, and I mean this sincerely, Trick shouldn’t be used as the Trickopedia for the series anymore. There has to be a better way of doing things than that. Still, the mystery of the Wanderer continues, but with a few tidbits to ponder… It does make the wait a pain though…


Next Week: Adventures In Fae-bysitting


Bo and Kenzi become entangled in the schemes of a gated community when a babysitter pleads for their help to prove her employer has met with a foul end. Meanwhile, Lauren comes to a difficult – and dangerous – decision.


Seems like yet another side story to me really. Didn’t Tamsin just, for the lack of a better description, give away the “keys” to Bo? Are we going to take a pause until the season finale now with regards to the entire Wanderer plot? Really? Maybe that guest star took so much budget from the series that they didn’t have a choice and needed something small to bridge the gap.

Yes, I am ranting a bit, but honestly I cannot understand why there is a need to go off on tangents from the main arc of the series for reasons that to me seem oddly inconsistent. Some consistency would be nice to at least set a course that the series looks at on a regular basis. Oh, but then going into Bo’s past would then, I think, mean that the Wanderer might be revealed wouldn’t it? I still think that it’s Bo’s father. But, we shall see…

The thing about this summary tease is that mention of a gated community… I vaguely recall a short lived series called The Gates… Do you? There was, kind of, a Succubus teenager in that one…

I hope that there isn’t in this episode. Emo-Succubus does not sound good to me…




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    • James on March 29, 2013 at 10:08 am

    The reason for a super-special guest star was to hook in sci-fi geeks who remember her from other roles, and probably a hope to keep them in case she shows up again for the finale.

    Normally, I would say that a crossover with a defunct series would be out of the question. But here . . . ?

    • avatar
    • TeraS on April 5, 2013 at 11:53 pm

    I still wonder what the money could have been used for otherwise in my thoughts…


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