Mar 27 2013

The costume isn’t quite a Devil’s Delight…

Delightful is a frame of mind I suppose… I think that something sexy and seductive is delightful, but others might not. Still, there has to be some pleasure in something to be delightful right?


Sexy Devil's Delight Costume

This is called the Sexy Devil’s Delight Costume, and it comes with the headband, the choker, and the dress.

Not included is the pitchfork, or the shoes.

And it sells for originally for $50 US, but it has appeared on sale for as little as $19 US.

It doesn’t really say Succubus or Devil Girl to me really. The only thing that really says that are the horns, with look very odd with gold loops on them to be honest.

And, there is no tail of course. which again makes this less of a Devil costume… It’s certainly not a Succubus one for certain.

The dress itself isn’t that flattering, sexy, or cute really to me. It might be to others, but I have seen much better costumes than this one.

I mentioned that I can’t see the Devil part of this costume all that well, and it strikes me that this might be another example of taking left over items and throwing them together to sell them off.

Not for me, and it’s certainly not on my list of possible costumes this year…

One pitchfork out of five.

There is so much better out there…



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