Desires 70

If you are what others think is not… good… how does one see themselves?

Desires – Beginnings
By BStyles and Tera S
Part Six

She moved the cup of tea closer and turned it around to be able to grip it properly. She nodded slightly and said, “Yes…. My kind…” She went to slip her finger into the handle and got that little zap of electricity again. She pulled her hand away and looked confused for a moment. Then she took a breath and gripped the handle tightly. Her arm shivered for a minute or so and then the tremors stopped and she was able to pick the cup up and raise it to her lips. She took a sip and then said. “Curiosity for a night? Interesting. In some cases that might be seen as stalking or something like that. In others an expression of flattery and possible desire.”

She looked into his eyes and whispered, “I would rather the latter. I do not wish to have my past ruin a moment in time immortal…”

At his jest with the tea she tilted her head and asked, “And then you are called home? Perhaps to a loved one I hope? That must be nice.” She took another sip and said, “I haven’t had that for ages. But the fault of that might be mine or not. The reality is that I am and thus the song’s meaning to me.”

She put the cup down and added, “Give a little bit. Just a little bit. But will that happen in my life? That I do not know.”

She offered her hand and said, “I know your name from the posters. You are Martin. You have no idea of my name. I should fix that oversight. I am know by many names by many people, but in truth my name is Tera…”


And things start from a name don’t they?




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    • James on March 26, 2013 at 11:34 am

    One knows what is in one’s own heart, and then one must live with it.

    And just about all the best things start with a name . . .

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    • TeraS on April 5, 2013 at 11:52 pm

    All things of worth begin with one…


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