Mar 09 2013

Possibly the worst YouTube about Succubi I have seen…

I think that honestly and truly I give anything and everything with a Succubus, or a Succubus theme in it a chance. I really and truly do…

However, in this case, while it is humour and I do get it, I honestly didn’t enjoy this video at all…

And if you can’t see it on the Tale:


Now, as I said, I get that this was all in humour, and yes I did look at the other videos in the series, but honestly I didn’t like the host of the piece and that just made it fall apart for me…

Anyway, it is, somewhat about Succubi and so here it is, those I advise that you to take it all with a shaker of salt at the least…




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    Yes, that was fumb . . .

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    Pretty awful. He’s basically read the first two paragraphs of the Wikipedia page on succubi and called it a day. Still, it has given me the kick in the tail I need to start my own research again.

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    mmmhmmmm…. Pretty much so.


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    At least there was some good in it Elanna…


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