Mar 02 2013

An interesting Succubus leather mask…

I found a lovely mask recently that I am going to share on the Tale today… I think it’s really a wonderful choice for a masquerade party and really whenever a little bit of mystery with your Succubi would be nice…

And I think this is really nice…

Batwing Leather Mask by Jyn Donham

Batwing Leather Mask by Jyn Donham

This is described as the Batwing Leather Mask by Jyn Donham on etsy.com, and you can find the page with this handmade item on sale here for those that are interested in it for a quite reasonable $59 US…

Its creator Jyn Donham, designs and produces all sorts of lovely masks and you can find their page on etsy.com here to see many more of their masks and designs and as well they have another site here that you can see still more of their works, all of which are truly exceptional designs…

I just think that this mask with the right dress, likely black of course, and my red horns would be smashingly sexy and delicious… I see that they also do custom work and I will have to ask about an idea I have of a special mask for a Succubi…

I wonder if it might be possible to create for real…




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    And you would be gorgeous in it, Majesty . . . of course, you would be gorgeous in anything. I can imagine a story where Queen Tera–or perhaps someone else–is able to disguise herself in a very complete, very succubish way, using a ask just like that, a ask that seems quite magical.

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    Cripes… this guy is in Decatur, GA…. that is like half a hour from me!! Now just need a reason for the mask.

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    And i can think of a story too where the mask hides the succubi or starts to create the succubi. As for tera looking good…. when does she not look good mask or no?

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    I wish so my heart…


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    Dearest Legion.. Ah but you know my thoughts already…


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