Monthly Archive: March 2013

Mar 31 2013

A Review of Pandora’s Box by Amelia Elias

Pandora's Box by Amelia Elias

Another story about Incubi this week on the Tale… And I do mean the plural. A story with one Incubus is hot enough, but two of them that want the same woman? Oh that could well really be interesting… And if that woman is named… Tera? It has to be something that I just have …

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Mar 30 2013

A bemusing piece of Succubus jewelry…

The Devil's Seducer Pendant by FuFuFox

I have to admit that not a lot of jewelry that I find with a Succubus theme in it, really is something that I would consider wearing. Sometimes it’s too cheap, sometimes just too tacky, and mostly they just don’t inspire anything in me to want them… This piece of jewelry comes close… This work …

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Mar 29 2013

Bo should do something when someone pulls her hair out…

Something really bothers me about this week’s episode, and that comes to the guest star. I cannot for the life of me understand what the point was of having her. All she did was deliver a message, which in fact she told Tamsin was her reason for being there. Then appeared in about two minutes …

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Mar 28 2013

Succubi Image of the Week 273

Succubus by Robot Panda

A bit of a different Succubus for this week’s image. She’s got a tail, but her horns aren’t there… or are they? You never know what’s in the shadows do you? Are they hair, or are they horns? Only she knows for sure… This is called Succubus and is by an artist on DeviantArt that …

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Mar 27 2013

The costume isn’t quite a Devil’s Delight…

Sexy Devil's Delight Costume

Delightful is a frame of mind I suppose… I think that something sexy and seductive is delightful, but others might not. Still, there has to be some pleasure in something to be delightful right? Right? This is called the Sexy Devil’s Delight Costume, and it comes with the headband, the choker, and the dress. Not included …

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Mar 26 2013

Desires 70

If you are what others think is not… good… how does one see themselves? ________________ Desires – Beginnings By BStyles and Tera S Part Six   She moved the cup of tea closer and turned it around to be able to grip it properly. She nodded slightly and said, “Yes…. My kind…” She went to slip …

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Mar 25 2013

Ask By TeraS

This week I didn’t have the time to write for Storm Clouds as I had hoped to. Some know the reason why, and it is a good reason. Perhaps this short thing can explain it some… Storm Clouds will return next week all things willing once more…   ___________________   Ask By TeraS   If …

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