Feb 28 2013

Succubi Image of the Week 269

I love pencil art of Succubi… Mainly because it seems to bring out the base thoughts of the artist when they are creating their work… And many times those thoughts are really quite interesting…

Succubus 01 by Cyborspasm

Succubus 01 by Cyborspasm

This is called Succubus 01 and is by an artist on DeivantArt called Cyborspasm. You can see the page I found this work here and the artist’s page is here as well.

Her tail is deliciously sexy and is just perfect for her body shape and pose too… No horns, but she does have a really nice set of wings, and for those that know me, I don’t often like the wings she has. Quite an interesting look on her face, if not a come-hither look, then perhaps a moan caught in mid-purr from her lips?

Interesting hair style, it does come to a taper at the mid-point of her back, which is nice, but also that it trails around her wings where they come out of her shoulders which seems to be something that some people forget would have to happen…

The setting isn’t over the top, which adds to her allure I think, less is more here and that helps quite a lot too. I might have liked to see her with heels to match her standing on the tips of her toes, but considering she is nude, having shoes would look a bit odd wouldn’t it?

Lovely art of a Succubi and another story source perhaps?

Please do visit the artist’s site, they have lots of lovely pieces of fantasy art on their site, such as this one of another Succubus that I think is beautiful, and this 3D art of a Succubus as well!




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    Oh, poor helpless me,
    caught here in the lava flow,
    fear making me hot.

    You make me hot, too.
    See how I’m ready for you?
    Come save me . . . cum on . . .

    Mmmmmmmmmmmmm yes! Here you are,
    caught . . . with me wrapped around you . . .
    . . . ooohhhh, hot, helpless you.

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    Lovely my heart… So true your words are…


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