Kenzi the Kitsune does not sound right at all…

I think the one thing I can say about this week’s episode is… thank goodness that fake Kenzi plot is over with. Honestly that was getting to me and just watching it end really made me happy. More, what made it right was Bo’s admitting that Kenzi was her heart. I have someone I call my heart as well, and I would do anything for him. Because that’s what you do when you love someone. You do… anything. Bo’s finally learned that after three seasons… Took you long enough sweetheart…

And we have the threat finally for this season that Bo has to face. Took much too long to get to that thank you and now that we know what it is… It makes not a lot of sense actually now that I think about it. But that’s a rant for later on I think…

The sixth episode of the third season, also episode forty-one of the Lost Girl TV series was this week. Bo can’t get anyone to listen to her just like Kenzi did, Faux Kenzi makes moves on Dyson that are just wrong and hurt in more ways than one. Trick and Lauren discover that Bo’s real problems are approaching and Tamsin learns, finally, what really does matter in her life…

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This is the sixth review of the third season of of Lost Girl. A summary of this episode has been added to the SuccuWiki, but won’t be adding my commentary to the articles there as that is what the Tale is for….

Bo is taught that the most important thing is her life is where she is on…

The Kenzi Scale

The episode begins in the Dal Riata as Bo (Anna Silk) throws Faux Kenzi (Ksenia Solo) against the bar and tells Trick (Richard Howland) that this person isn’t Kenzi while Dyson (Kristen Holden-Ried) and Tamsin (Rachel Skarsten) watch from across the room. Bo is extremely upset and continues to throw Faux Kenzi around as she demands to know where the real Kenzi is. Trick calls Dyson over who separates the two and then calls out to the rest of the Fae in the Dal Riata that it is closed. Faux Kenzi continues to act like Kenzi which continues to enrage Bo. Dyson attempts to calm Bo down and understand what is going on as Faux Kenzi tells Trick what Bo had been doing to her which confuses the two until Trick demands they stop and Faux Kenzi tells them all that: “Bo is killing again.” Tamsin smiles and yells out “Yes!” as Bo’s anger overcomes her and she moves to attack Kenzi. Dyson stops her again, and Faux Kenzi continues to talk to Bo using all of the nicknames and words that the real Kenzi would use which pushes Bo further towards the edge. Trick moves between the two and tells Bo to be calm and tell him how she knows that it isn’t Kenzi. Bo’s answer is she just knows, but Trick tells her that he needs more than that. Bo’s answer is that when she told this Kenzi that she might be killing again, this Kenzi didn’t care. Trick and the others look at Kenzi and her answer is: “You see?” Trick then orders Dyson to put Bo in the Dal Riata’s keg room and as Bo struggles with both Dyson and Tamsin, she is taken away while Faux Kenzi remains with Trick.

After the opening credits, Trick is waiting for Lauren to arrive while Tamsin presses him to move Bo to the Dark Fae compound and in doing so leaving Bo at the mercy of The Morrigan. Dyson again protests that Bo is not a killer which Tamsin once again refuses to accept. When Trick stresses that Bo will remain where she is, Tamsin asks: “Who died and made you king?” Trick then ends the argument by invoking Sanctuary as he did in the past for Dyson which enrages Tamsin and she storms off. Dyson then goes to see Faux Kenzi and ask if she is alright. Faux Kenzi acts sad about what is happening with Bo saying: “Poor BoBo..” Dyson trying to comfort her saying that Bo must be sick and that she didn’t mean what she said as Faux Kenzi plays with a straw in a mug of beer. She then asks how Bo could think she wasn’t herself and who else could she be? Dyson cannot answer this and after assuring her that Bo will be okay Trick interrupts and calls Dyson over to him. As he leaves with Trick, Faux Kenzi watches Dyson and whispers: “Can’t wait.” Trick then confronts Dyson, telling him that he told Dyson to look out for Bo and to watch her. Dyson protests that he has been watching Bo, but Trick presses on demanding to know how long Dyson has suspected that Bo has been killing again. Dyson reveals that they had found two bodies in the last few weeks which may be succubus feeds, but they have no hard evidence of that nor of Bo’s involvement. Trick is enraged and tells Dyson that when something like that happens, he is to inform Trick of it and that it is Dyson’s only job to look out for Bo. Dyson reminds Trick that it was three years ago that Trick told him to do so, but Trick tells him that it is irrelevant. The two argue until Trick says: “The point is… I thought I chose wisely. Maybe I was wrong.” and then walks away from Dyson in disgust.

Meanwhile. Tasmin goes over to Faux Kenzi and strikes up a conversation with her about Bo starting with: “Hey. So sorry your friend turned crazy psycho bitch” to which Faux Kenzi replies with: “You are so not.” Tamsin tries to pump Faux Kenzi for information and she does say at one point: “Another crazy sex game gone wrong for Bo, but, well, that happens when you are a Succubus” which perks Tamsin up and reminds Faux Kenzi that she gave Bo an alibi. Faux Kenzi’s answer is: “Earlier I wasn’t scared for my life.” Tasmin tries to draw more from her, saying that it must be rough to hear what Bo said. Faux Kenzi’s answer is: “Best friends fight” before she turns cold towards Tamsin. When Tamsin asks if Kenzi doesn’t like her, the answer is no she isn’t since Tamsin has been trying to put Bo in jail. Faux Kenzi then leaves saying that she is going back to Bo’s place to get some things for her as “rehab is tough.”

Lauren goes to see Bo where she is imprisoned, and instead of listening to Bo, tells her that she needs to take a sample of Bo’s hair as she needs a DNA sample. Bo is confused by this and then realizes that Lauren, like the others, believes that she is a murder and is not willing to help her at all. Lauren apologizes, but Bo tries to get her to understand that Kenzi is missing, but Lauren only cares about getting a sample from Bo. When Bo asks why Lauren cannot believe her, Lauren’s answer is that Bo is acting crazy and Bo loses control grabbing at the bars of her cell. Bo asks Lauren if she is scared of her, Lauren tries to deflect the question saying that Bo is sick and she just wants to help her. Bo calms down enough for Lauren to reach through the bars and pluck a strand of hair from Bo. Bo then tells Lauren that she will never forgive Lauren. Lauren tells Bo that she hopes that isn’t true, and tells Bo that everything will be alright. Bo agrees adding that when get gets out and finds what happened to Kenzi it will be. Lauren asks Bo for some time and Bo agrees, but tells Lauren that if Kenzi dies it will be on her head.

The scene switches to a cave where Kenzi is chained up and is being held against her will. She hears someone and calls out Bo’s name, but instead sees Faux Kenzi entering and gloating over what she has done. Kenzi is disgusted by the outfit Faux Kenzi is wearing and warns her that “If you are going to rip off my look at least respect the Kenzi brand.” Faux Kenzi then gives Kenzi an earring and Kenzi tries to make Faux Kenzi understand that she needs food and not jewelry but cannot seem to make her understand as Faux Kenzi tells her that she ate three days ago. Faux Kenzi then presses Kenzi about what kind of ice cream Bo likes. When Kenzi refuses, Faux Kenzi tells her that “besties aren’t supposed to have secrets” and Kenzi claims they don’t but Faux Kenzi asks why she couldn’t tell Bo about her rash. Kenzi asks how she knows and Faux Kenzi tells her that what spilled over Kenzi’s arm at the Norn’s was her powers. Faux Kenzi begins to lose control saying that what Kenzi got were her Fae abilities which were going to make Kenzi Fae. However, Faux Kenzi got her abilities back from Kenzi and thanks her for that. Faux Kenzi claims that Bo believe that she is Kenzi, but Kenzi says that “Bo will never buy that.” Faux Kenzi then taunts Kenzi telling her that she will be the best friend to Bo. Kenzi asks what she wants and Faux Kenzi mimics her words and expression exactly. When Kenzi points out that Dyson can smell Fae, Faux Kenzi swipes her hand against Kenzi, licks it, and then brushes what she calls Eau De Kenzi on herself to hide what she is. Kenzi insists that Bo and Dyson will come to find her, but Faux Kenzi tells her that they do not know she is missing and, for an instant, her eyes and teeth change revealing that she is a Fae of some kind. Faux Kenzi then leaves, but tells Kenzi that there are two creatures guarding the exit where she is being held and they growl at Kenzi in warning.

After a commercial break, we return to Bo in her cell and Faux Kenzi arriving to see her saying that she has a surprise for Bo. Bo senses something and asks what she is smelling saying that is smells like dirt or clay. Faux Kenzi shows Bo what she is carrying and it is a tub of coconut ice cream which she says is Bo’s favourite. Bo tells her that she isn’t hungry which disappoints Faux Kenzi somewhat and she smells it before putting it on a table. Bo then tells her that she is, in fact, hungry and: “I changed my mind whoever you are.” Faux Kenzi asks Bo to call her Kenzi and Bo does so which seems to placate Faux Kenzi who then digs out a spoon of the ice cream and approaches Bo with it. Before she can react, Bo takes hold of Faux Kenzi’s arm and uses her powers to try to control her. Bo begins to convince Faux Kenzi that she loves her but when Faux Kenzi tells Bo that they do not need Kenzi, Bo’s anger returns and she reveals to Faux Kenzi that she hates coconut ice cream and Kenzi knows that and Faux Kenzi just sent Bo a message telling her that Kenzi is alive. Faux Kenzi breaks free and begins to rant and rave that no one will be her friend. When Bo calls her crazy, Faux Kenzi tells Bo that this will be the last time she ever sees Kenzi’s face and then bars her fangs at Bo as Dyson enters the room. Faux Kenzi rushes over to Dyson telling him that Bo was trying to hurt her. Bo begs Dyson to have a good look at Kenzi and he examines her scent before he leads Faux Kenzi out of the room and locks the door once more.

Elsewhere, Tamsin gets into a limousine in which The Morrigan (Emmanuelle Vaugier) is waiting for her. Tamsin asks what she wants and The Morrigan bluntly tells her: “Bo. Strung up and executed.” She then pushes Tamsin into going to see the Dark Fae that has been in a coma and using her powers to get the evidence she needs to have Bo put to death. Tamsin tells her that if she does so, the Fae will be a vegetable for the rest of his life, but The Morrigan does not care. When Tamsin resists, The Morrigan wonders if Tamsin has “Fallen in love with the happy sunshine gang.” Her answer is that she is not one of them. The Morrigan then reminds Tamsin that her loyalties lie with the Dark Fae and specifically The Morrigan. Tamsin tells her that she will take care of it and then leaves, but not before The Morrigan taunts her saying that she should smile more.

Back at the Dal Riata, Faux Kenzi is gushing over Dyson telling him that she knew he would save her. Dyson demands to know what Faux Kenzi was doing with Bo and her answer is that she wanted to get her some ice cream. Dyson then demands to know what happened when Kenzi went to see The Norn and Faux Kenzi tells him: “The Norn conned you, like she always does, but I got your love back.” He then asks her how and Faux Kenzi tells him that she did so with a chainsaw, cutting down the Norn’s tree and forcing her and then tells Dyson how she was the one that went back for him after the Garuda killed Ciara. She then cries out easking why he was being so mean to her which makes Dyson believe that Faux Kenzi is Kenzi. Dyson then comforts her and Faux Kenzi embraces Dyson. As he does so, Tamsin enters and can see that Kenzi’s eyes are glowing and becomes aware that Kenzi isn’t who she says she is as Dyson tells Faux Kenzi she can stay at his place.

Bo is still in her cell when Tamsin walks in and asks how Bo is doing saying that she looks weaker by the minute. Bo’s answer is: “That’s a good reason why I shouldn’t waste my breath talking to you.” Tamsin comments: “You never give up do you?” Bo’s answer is: “When it comes to Kenzi, no. And I never will.” To Bo’s surprise Tamsin tells her that she’s going to need some help. Bo is confused and tells Tamsin that she thought she wanted Bo locked up. Tamsin admits that she does, but not like this and Bo will need some help finding Kenzi as she reveals that she knows that Faux Kenzi isn’t Kenzi. Bo warns her: “This better not be a joke.” Tamsin shows Bo the keys to the cell and her shackles and replies: “No joke.” Bo is then freed and Tamsin hands Bo her weapon which Bo takes and thanks her. Tamsin warns Bo that: “If you mess this up, all bets are off.” Bo goes to leave but then stops and asks how they are going to get out to which Tamsin’s answer is: “Why don’t we walk out the front door?” Bo’s question about Dyson is answered with: “I think we have a little window of time” as they leave the cell.

The two get tp the upper level of the Dal Riata but find Dyson there. When Bo sees him she comments: “Good plan.” Tamsin’s answers: “Guess that window closed.” Dyson confronts the two and demands that Bo return to her cell, but Tamsin refuses to do so. Bo pleads with Dyson to help them find Kenzi, but he refuses saying that he made a promise. Tamsin then approaches Dyson while tying her hair back. What happens next is that Tamsin’s face changes, her eyes becoming sunken black sockets and her face skull-like. Dyson begins to collapse under her attack before Bo knocks him out by hitting him in the head with one of Trick’s heaviest books. Bo asks what Tamsin did, but she tells Bo they are running out of time and the leaves with Bo following her.

After the next commercial, Bo and Tamsin are walking underneath an expressway towards a vehicle as Bo explains that when Faux Kenzi changed she had lots of little tiny teeth. Tamsin tells Bo that she believes that Faux Kenzi is a Kitsune, otherwise known as a Fox Fae. Tamsin then tells Bo that she might have an idea of who might be able to help them. Bo asks if Dyson will be okay and Tamsin explains that she “jammed his signals a little bit? A little doubt goes a long way. He’ll be second guessing himself for a while but he’ll be fine.” She also says that doubt “is kind of my thing.” As Bo gets into the vehicle, Tamsin unties her hair and one lock of it falls to the ground from between her fingers.

Back at the Dal Riata, Lauren returns with the results of her tests and sees Trick about them. She tells him that she cannot understand what the tests are telling her. Bo’s blood pressure is very high but her glucose levels are normal. But the thing that worries Lauren the most is that Bo’s cells seem to be dying or more accurately are being attacked. Trick assumes a virus and Lauren agrees that normally it would be but there is no sign of infection. Trick then wonders about The Morrigan finding a new way to attack Bo. Trick then asks Lauren what her margin of error is. Lauren defends herself and when Trick says science isn’t always exact, Lauren tells Trick that it always is. Lauren also dismisses a parasite as a possibility. Trick then asks if Lauren missed something and tells Trick that she knows: “the bioanatomy of my girlfriend” and promises Trick that she didn’t miss anything and whatever is going on it happening within Bo and was not done to her. Trick then suggests that they are both too close to the problem to which Lauren asks Trick if there is something he isn’t telling her. Trick does not answer this telling Lauren they need more samples from Bo so that nothing is left to chance. Lauren agrees and then she and Trick go to check on Bo. finding her cell empty.

Bo and Tamsin meanwhile are at a college dorm meeting with a trio of Kitsune, after the three Kitsune insult Bo, Tamsin asks about a friend of theirs, but they all agree that the Kitsune that Bo and Tamsin are looking for is not their friend. It turns out that the Kitsune, who’s name is Inari, was mentally unstable and had threatened all of their lives in the past and at one point had burned down their dorm in revenge. Inari was told by Tamsin that The Norn could grant her a wish and that wish was to have a friend, but the cost was the loss of her glamour powers as a Kitsune which she gave up but in doing so she was unable to feed. Inari found out that Kenzi had attacked The Norn and been doused with her Kitsune powers. She then stalked Kenzi to get her powers back again. Tamsin asks the three Kitsune where Inari could be and they tell her about a cave when Inari would go when they fought and Bo and Tamsin leave to see if Kenzi is there or not.

Back at the Dal Riata, Trick and Lauren find Dyson out cold and help him. When he wakes up he asks what happens and confusingly asks Trick if he wanted him to let Bo and Tamsin leave. Dyson cannot understand what happened to him and Trick explains that Valkyries use their powers of intimidation to plant doubt in others which Trick describes as a “potent tool of war.” Dyson mentions that Tamsin’s face changed and Trick explains that Valkyries only reveal their true selves to their opponents as part of their deception. Dyson tries to leave to look for Bo, but Trick tells him that the effects will last for some time and even if he feels alright, he could still be under Tamsin’s effects. Lauren also insists that Dyson go gome and sleep the effects off as well.

Dyson goes home and finds Faux Kenzi (who from this point will be called by her real name Inari) in his shower and while she is in there, he makes a call to Tamsin. As he warns Tamsin that he is now aware of what she can do and will be ready for it next time. Dyson tells Tamsin that he told Trick she would not take Bo to the Morrigan and she tells him she promised she wouldn’t but Dyson doesn’t believe her. Inari leaves the shower and finds one of Dyson’s shirts which she smells and then puts on as Tamsin finishes talking to Dyson and throws her phone away telling Bo that there was “bad reception.” After Dyson puts away his phone he enters his apartment and Inari begins to make comments to him such as: “Poor poor wolf pup.” When Dyson suggests she take the bed and he will sleep elsewhere, Inari whines about her feeling better if Dyson was with her and he eventually caves in and allows her to be in bed with him where she cuddles up against him erotically as Dyson falls asleep.

Elsewhere, Tamsin and Bo are hiking through the woods searching for Inari’s cave. Bo is having obvious problems and Tamsin tells her to take a break, but Bo calls in a chance to “grill you” and asks Tamsin some questions. She asks about Tamsin tracking people for fun, Tamsin’s answer is “past life, past tense and it wasn’t always this much fun.” To the question of how Tamsin, who was a bounty hunter, became a police officer. Her answer is: “Special assignment, I pissed off the wrong people.” Bo asks her for the real reason and Tamsin’s answer is that Bo isn’t really listening. Bo then suddenly smells the same thing she did when Inari visited her. Tamsin asks” Is that a Succubus thing?” Bo’s answer is: “No, it’s a new thing” before she moves off in the direction of what she is smelling, but almost collapses. Tamsin tells Bo that she is not okay, but Bo refuses to listen and continues.

Back at Dyson’s place, Inari awakes while Dyson sleeps and crawls on top of him before smelling him and then licking his face. This wakes him up in confusion and then Inari tells him that they are alone finally and this is what they both want. Dyson throws Inari off him and rolls off the bed, the two confronting each other as Inari claims she can be whatever Dyson wants her to be, growling and acting like an animal as she does so. She then takes Dyson’s gun and aims it at him before Dyson wrenches the weapon away from her and they both clutch at each other’s throats until there is the sound of bones breaking and the scene goes black.

After another commercial, Kenzi is still chained up in the cave and in very poor condition. One of the guard creatures tries to attack Kenzi, but it is attached to a chain and cannot quite reach her. Kenzi throws rocks at it and finally it limps away looking for an easier meal. Kenzi tries to free herself from a leg trap, but cannot open it and then sees some of the trinkets that Inari had given her as what she called food. Eventually Kenzi gets hold of the earring from earlier in the episode and begins to pick at the trap and locks that are holding her there.

Lauren arrives at Dyson’s place and he is devastated that he believes that he has killed Kenzi. He thinks that it isn’t Kenzi, but for some reason Inari isn’t changing back into her own form from that of Kenzi. Lauren takes a sample from Inari and tests it which confirms that the dead body is Fae and therefore not Kenzi’s which then makes them both realize that Bo was right and Kenzi is in danger. Dyson hugs Lauren tightly and thanks her before rushing off to find Kenzi.

Tamsin and Bo are still moving through the woods looking for Kenzi and Tamsin again tells Bo that she needs to rest, but Bo again refuses to do so until she finally collapses. Bo blames herself for everything that has happened, calling herself a terrible friend. Tamsin is amazed saying that her own friends wouldn’t walk two blocks to help her. Bo’s answer is that Tamsin needs new friends and for an instant Tamsin’s expression changes before she asks what is so great about Kenzi. Bo tells her that: “She’s… She’s Kenzi. She’s smart and honest and kind and she makes me feel normal and special all at the same time. She is my heart Tamsin and I have no idea how long she has been missing because she was trying to tell me something and I wouldn’t listen to her.” Bo then demands that Tamsin promise her that if something happens she will kind Kenzi. Tamsin rolls her eyes and tells Bo to leave the guilt trip for later before asking Bo when was the last time she fed. Bo admits that she cannot remember and with that Tamsin tells Bo to feed from her. Bo tells her: “I kind of hate you.” Tamsin’s answer is: “I don’t exactly love it either but but I need you cranked to 11 okay? Inari is a ballsy bitch and shit will definitely get real, so, feed off me.” Bo goes over to her and before she feeds tells her: “You tell anyone about this and I will kill you.” Bo then feeds off of Tamsin until Tamsin forcibly pulls herself away from Bo yelling at her: “I said feed from me, not suck me dry!” Bo is shocked saying that she has never tasted Chi like Tamsin’s before. Tamsin’s answer is: “That’s not the first time someone’s said that about me.” Bo also adds: “But different” and then the two continue on.

After the next commercial, Bo and Tamsin arrive at Inari’s cave and find the two creatures protecting it. Bo draws her weapon and the two of them move to attack. At the Dal Riata, Lauren sees Trick and tells him that she rechecked all of the samples and the results say that Bo’s cells are being destroyed and then replaced. Trick does not believe what Lauren is saying and again tells her that she must be wrong, but Lauren again tells him that she is correct and she demands to know what Trick has not told her as yet. Trick mumbles “It’s impossible… It’s too soon… Unless something triggered it.” Lauren again demands to know what’s going on, but Trick only tells her that they must prepare for Bo’s return if Dyson can find her. Lauren corrects Trick saying “when” and he just nods and says “when” before explaining that he needs to prepare an herbal tonic and asks for Lauren’s help in doing so.

Back in the cave, Kenzi continues to fight with her bonds as one of the creatures continues to try and attack her until Kenzi frees herself and in the next moment Bo arrives and puts her knife through the creature’s back. Bo and Kenzi look at each other for a moment and then Bo rushes over to Kenzi, embracing her as Kenzi cries out that she knew that Bo would find her. Bo tells Kenzi she’s okay, but Kenzi tells Bo: “No… No, I’m not. I want a burger and fries and a second burger” which makes Bo laugh and she holds Kenzi tightly telling her that she can have anything she wants. The creature rises again and moves to attack once more, but then Dyson arrives and kills the creature finally. He comes over to Bo and Kenzi, Kenzi callin out his name, Dyson smiling as she says: “There you are.” He then apologizes to Bo telling her that he should have known better. Bo tells Dyson that there is a lot of blame to go around as they move to get Kenzi out of the cave. Outside, Tamsin is fighting the other creature when Bo arrives and ends that threat. Tamsin tells Bo that she owes her one, but Bo tells her that they are even. Dyson then helps Kenzi from the cave and Tamsin watches as the three friends are reunited once more the scene seeming to effect her more than she expected it would.

Back from commercial once more, Lauren is watching Kenzi as she sleeps on one of Trick’s couches at the Dal Riata noting that Kenzi is finally asleep. Bo comments that she has never seen Kenzi eat so much and then Lauren tries to apologize to Bo for what happened. Bo tells Lauren that she cannot accept the apology just yet and Bo is just glad that Kenzi is safe. Trick and Dyson arrive, Dyson noting that the sedative that they gave Kenzi is working finally. Trick asks Bo how she is feeling after the milkshake that Trick gave her. Bo tells Trick that she needed another one to wash the taste of the first one away. Bo asks what was in the drink Trick gave her and his answer is: “it tastes awful and it works.” Lauren confirms that Bo’s fever is down and her cells are back to normal as well which Lauren says means Bo is stable at least. Trick then explains that what they gave Bo will not cure the problem and Bo will have to be monitored constantly from this point onwards. Bo asks Trick to explain what is happening to her and he explains it is something called The Dawning. An ancient Fae evolution which he describes as a “moment of choice” but the problem is that the event is happening to Bo two hundred tears too soon. Lauren is surprised and tells that she has heard tales about it but nothing more. Trick explains that it is not meant for humans to understand, but Lauren tells Trick that if he wants her help, she needs to understand it. Trick then asks Bo and Lauren to follow him elsewhere while Dyson stays with Kenzi promising to keep her safe.

Tamsin in the meantime is in the hospital where the Dark Fae who Bo put into a coma is. She uses her powers and then he awakens asking where he is. She tells him that he is in a hospital and he was in a coma and she wants to ask him some questions. He asks what happened, Tamsin tells him that he was attacked outside of the Dal Riata which he claims he can remember. Tamsin then shows him a photograph and asks if the person in the picture was the one that attacked him. He tries to look at the photo, but cries out in pain several times before finally looking at it and confirming the person in the picture was the one that attacked him. Then he begs Tamsin to stop the pain and she kills him in the next moment. Tamsin then leaves the room and The Morrigan demands to know if he woke up and if he identified Bo as his attacker. Tamsin tells her: “He didn’t talk, he’s dead.” The Morrigan looks at Tamsin and warns her: “Take a minute. Think this through before you commit. You should this is how you want to play it?” Tamsin is resolute as she smiles and then as The Morrigan says: “Bold move” Tamsin leaves with the promise to: “See ya around.” The Morrigan tells her to count on it.

The final scene in the episode begins with Trick leading Bo and Lauren through underground passages. AS he does so he explains that The Dawning is a rite of passage that every Fae must go through. He describes it as a gruelling process that normally takes years to prepare for and with the right training they do pass. Bo asks if everyone passes and Trick admits that some do fail. Lauren asks what happens if they do fail and Trick explains that failure means devolution. Trick explains that was the reason why Bo could smell the clay from Inari’s cave because an acute sense of smell is the first sign of devolution. Trick then opens a locked door and all three of them enter a room where half of the space is behind bars. Bo approaches the bars with Lauren behind her and from the shadows an underFae leaps towards them both. Trick explains that before the underFae failed its right of passage it was a Satyr but now it had devolved into what they see now. Bo asks Trick if that will happen to her. Trick’s answer is that they have a lot of work to do as the episode ends.


Fade to black…


I have a question, a serious one. Why is it that all of the episodes this season cannot be like this one? There was so much in this one to follow and fit the pieces together that it was really good television.

I really liked that they reached back to the beginning of the series with some of the storyline and as well gave the mythos of the universe some layers that it didn’t have before. It’s important to keep the interest up and this episode did that.

To a point.

It is the best episode I think in the series as a whole or tied for that position in my thoughts. But where it falls down is how everyone dismisses Bo’s concerns, cannot see that Faux Kenzi isn’t the real Kenzi as well. The signs are all there, and they should be able to see them, but they just don’t. How is it that someone like Dyson misses them? Or Trick? Or Lauren? Was it just to give Tamsin a chance to be stuck with Bo for a while so she changes her mind?

Then comes the Dawning. Why? Why do something like this? Could they not come up with a better focus for the season and why is it that they reveal this plot point at the middle of the season after having teased about something being wrong for so long? All of the side plots and stories to this point in the season amount to nothing now that this has been revealed and that means, really, that all of that could be thrown away. It makes for a lousy season and it shouldn’t be. There are better bigger stories to tell.

Like, for example, who is Bo’s father? Remember that one? Or, what’s happened to Bo’s mom? That’s a gaping plot hole as well from the first season. What about dealing with that? Or how about the question of Bo trying to deal with both Lauren and Dyson? That one seems to be moving to the side for this new problem as well.

If there are questions left unanswered, how about answering them before you go off on a wild goose chase? There is a lot of good solid story lines left in the past and it would be nice to close some of them… But I know we won’t…

I will say this. At least we know what possessed Bo is all about if nothing else. But then I’m expecting to see more of her now that “the change is coming…” I really am not looking forwards to having Bo’s dialog being all growling and howling… and I don’t mean when she’s having sex either.

On to the characters in the episode…

Bo… While it was nice to see her, even a little, be a Succubus, it was much better that she came to realize that Kenzi is, really, the most important person in her life. All of her other relationships really pale to the single fact that Kenzi grounds her and gives her life meaning. I really feel sorry for anyone, or anything, that ever hurts Kenzi because they will not survive what would happen next. I also hope that the others have finally figured out that Bo needs Kenzi and they should never try to separate them… ever. I think as well that this was the first episode where Bo’s real personality came out and the truths that matter in her life were open to all to see. Those were moments that I really enjoyed.

Dyson… Well, the one thing that really was a problem for me was once again having to watch him lose confidence and then fall apart. That happens a lot in the series and there has to be a better way to do something like this when or if they have to. It was good to see that he was worried about Bo and didn’t believe that she was responsible for what was happening. But he wasn’t the usually intelligent investigator he is. That isn’t like him and while it was for effect in the episode, it didn’t sit right with me.

Kenzi… Real Kenzi! Yay! Missed her a bunch and yes, you should “Respect the Kenzi Brand.” The one thing that I took from her appearance was that she wouldn’t give up and will do whatever she needs to in order to survive. That has been Kenzi from the moment we saw her, but of late we haven’t see this side of Kenzi much this season. It’s always fun to have Kenzi there and being herself, but the other side of her, the side that has been through so much and survived it seems like we forget about… we shouldn’t and that was good to see again. I do need to say something about Faux Kenzi… The bed scene with Dyson made me shiver… I really had problems with her acting like that and, honestly, I hope we never see anything like it again.

Trick. I wonder if I should be calling him Trickipedia or something? More and more he is in the series for information and less and less he actually does something else. I think the one telling thing that was good was when he and Dyson came to words. That did reveal something that we didn’t know. But the attempts at hiding information from Lauren? No, that didn’t sit right and all it did was add a little tension between him and Lauren. It wasn’t needed since they both want to help Bo don’t they?

Hale. MIA. Again. Didn’t show this week. Isn’t the Dal Riata where he is seeing the Light Fae? So why is it that he wasn’t there to help with what was going on? Large plot hole here and it makes no sense.

Lauren. Concerned Lauren with a side order of disappointing Bo. Not that good a combination and honestly the hardest thing to watch was her not listening to Bo, not for a moment, and dismissing everything she had to say. I think that her not seeming to care about Kenzi, at least from Bo’s perspective, has torn their relationship up. But then Bo needs her so… Where do they go from there?

Tamsin: I’ll admit that this episode has changed my opinion about her. I still don’t like her a lot, but anyone that pokes a stick in the eye of the Morrigan gets a bonus point from me. I hope that she’s changing her view of things now, that seeing what having friends means does change her for the better. It has to because this character cannot be a snarky thing all of the time. There has to be more to her than that and I’d like to see it for once.

The Morrigan. Threaten, fume, threaten, fume, leave with threats. Really again an example of a character wasted for really nothing. All thunder and no lightning.

The Three Bimbo Kitsune. Really can’t think of them in any other way. Come to think of it I don’t want to think of them much. It bothers me that a legend like that is represented by teenage angst and moaning.

Gus. And who is he? Well, that’s the Dark Fae that Bo fed on and that Tamsin killed at the end of this episode. For what little there was of him I do wonder about him… It would have been nice to have known more…

One last point. Is there something wrong with the people that do the credits for the series? There is a credit for an Incubus at the end of the show, but there wasn’t one. And connecting the actor to the role, they are referring to the Satyr that appears at the end. Also, the Faux Kenzi is referred to as Faux Kenzie. That’s probably on purpose, but still…

Someone needs to check the actual episode better.



My Review of The Kenzi Scale

Keeping my interest – 5 Pitchforks

Portrayal of a Succubus – 5 Pitchforks

Overall look and feel – 4 Pitchforks

Storyline – 5 Pitchforks

Main Characters – 4 Pitchforks

Mythos – 5 Pitchforks

Overall Rating – 4.7 Pitchforks out of 5


I really didn’t lose any interest in the episode when I first watched it. That’s great because I haven’t really been held in one of the episodes for a long time and I have missed that a bunch. Good tension, good scenes, just overall very good television to watch. There are problems as I have said, but in spite of them I really did like it more than I expected I would.

Bo did, at least where it mattered, act like a Succubus, but that wasn’t the core of things. It was being Kenzi’s friend and doing what she had to in order to rescue her. That combined made Bo a stronger character overall this episode and for that I was very pleased. Would it have been nice to see more of Bo acting like a Succubus? Of course, but that pales in comparison of her being more real overall and dealing with the possibility of losing Kenzi.

The cave was the right mix of weird and scary, although the mess outside seemed to be a bit much. Not to mention that when Kenzi and Dyson and Bo left the cave… It was the wrong size compared to what it looked like from the inside… Maybe that was a Fox Fae thing? I noticed, not sure anyone else did. The other thing that was interesting were the cells that Trick took Bo to. Is all of that under the Dal Riata? Really? That place must be huge underground…

A good ending to the Faux Kenzi arc, for which I was, to be honest surprised. I didn’t expect that it would be cleaned up so well or so fast and that made it feel like it was worth something. But they didn’t answer the big question… Is Kenzi a Kitsune now? And that just sounds wrong. They opened up the Dawning arc, not sure I am liking it, but at least they have a good hook for it. Then there is Tamsin, questions about her future, so, overall, a good series of solid plots as a whole.

For Bo, Tamsin and Kenzi there was lots to see. Mainly for the changes they all have to go through in this episode. Yes, the others had things to face and they have a different relationship with Bo I think now as well. Still, there was movement in who they are and why and how they do things which matters and makes this episode better.

I did like that Kitsune are part of the Lost Girl universe now. I am not so sure about The Dawning, but we’ll see what happens there. Answering at least some of the questions about Valkyrie was also a nice addition to the episode too. The mythos grew and for that I was pleased… But I hold judgement on the Dawning… I have the worst feeling about it and I hope I am wrong about that…


In Two Weeks: There’s Bo Place Like Home

Bo faces the daunting task of returning to where it all started: down home on the farm. There, Bo faces her old demons – and a new one – to clear the way for the path she will soon be forced to travel.


Oscars this weekend, so after one episode we take another break so that we don’t lose ratings before continuing again. This is probably the one thing I hate the most about the series airing this time of year. Still, it does give some time to ponder about things and see where things might go from here.

So we have the “Bo goes home to find that everyone she knew is gone” episode or something like it. It makes me wonder if she is a lot older than we know and if Bo is in fact much older than anyone has said. One of the big questions that has never been answered in the series is how Fae age. Do they age like humans to 30 or something and then take a century or two to get to forty? It’s something that would be nice to understand as it would make connecting ages and experience a lot easier.

Then we have “The Dawning” which bothers me a lot. If this is something that all Fae go through, then does that mean that all of the underFae we have been are failures of the test? Is this how the underFae came to be? More to the point, why hasn’t this been something that anyone else has talked about?

Now, the reason for that is, of course, they needed something to use as the main threat to Bo for the season, which is fine. Why did it take half the season to get to it? Something like this can be a season of episodes on its own and there is no reason why it couldn’t be. The idea is interesting and what Bo must do to pass the test can be lots of television on its own.

My fear is that all of the preparation will come to a Rocky workout montage in the last episode of the season and then a two second test. Which makes me ask, what is the test? If it is Bo’s physical changes, then it makes no sense that she has to prepare for it because biological organisms cannot change themselves in month or even centuries. It takes a really long time for something like that to happen, Fae or not, and that’s where this concept falls on its face for me.

This could have been interesting if it was a mental challenge or something like that, but it isn’t. It could have been interesting if Bo was to have to fight for the right to survive, but really again she isn’t. Most of all, drinking a milkshake cannot fix something that is biologically wrong with someone in literally ten minutes like it did in this episode.

Then comes the Kenzi question. Is she a Kitsune now? What exactly happens from here? Or is all of that now not happening? If there was no point other than to threaten Kenzi’s life, then that entire plot thread was a waste of time and I don’t think it should be. I have had this discussion and honestly I agree that Kenzi herself is the true Lost Girl. Bo calls Kenzi her heart and really she is the heart of the show, so where does she go from here?

We still have the question of Bo and Lauren and Dyson. That’s still unresolved, and even though there is stress between Bo and Lauren, this isn’t finished by any means. Add to that the question of Tamsin, where she goes from here and what The Morrigan does and things get completed really fast. Toss in Hale being The Ash and then what comes? I’ve noticed he’s wearing red. Really shouldn’t. I don’t want to see something happen to him.

There are a lot of questions to be answered and I just know that there will be a lot of hand waving and nothing more which bothers me… a lot. While this really was one of the best episodes of the series as a whole, the questions left make me worry.

It feels like the writers took a bunch of lost ideas, mangled them together and then tossed then out. That’s not good for any series and it adds to my worries. This is halfway and we haven’t got a real theme to this year. We need one. Right now please and the Dawning doesn’t count.

We can do better than this and this episode proves it.

Oh, one last thing.

I found out this week that some Russian television company has gotten the rights to produce Lost Girl there… Why do I have a really bad feeling about this?





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    • James on February 22, 2013 at 12:37 pm

    Dealing with your last question first: On the US TV show “Community” last night, they devoted about 30 seconds to what would happen if “Doctor Who” was remade in Hollywood; THAT sort of translation is why you are worried about Russian LG.

    Now, I could say lots of things about suspension of disbelief and the producers being more interested in selling toasters or whatever than good storytelling, but I want to address another something that you seemed to overlook.

    Your Majesty, I am not sure about a fae succubus’ heart, but I happen to know that a succubi’s heart is not the most important person in the succubi’s life. That would be the succubi’s Eternal, and her heart, being her heart, is absolutely and completely okay with that. Her heart is [i]a[/i] most important person to her, just as my Dear One is [i]a[/i] most important person to me, who completes my life, without whom I could not live. But an Eternal is an Eternal.

    • avatar
    • TeraS on April 5, 2013 at 11:21 pm

    This Succubi knows my heart…. She does.


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