Feb 20 2013

Succubi do not need this much frills on their costumes…

One of the things that I look for in costumes is that they look nice. That’s not to say perfect, just nice. One of the things I hate is when a costume’s hem looks torn or if the accessories make the entire outfit look just wrong. Or if they use the word “fancy” to describe something that isn’t.

Like this one.

Devil Fancy Dress Costume

This is called the Devil Fancy Dress Costume and it comes with the red dress and the horns. Apparently everything else, the pitchfork, boots and stockings, are not included.

It sells for $35 US.

Honestly this isn’t “fancy”. It’s trashy, it’s ugly, it looks lousy. It’s something that really and truly is a waste of material in so many ways.

I hate the skirt, the armlets, the corset, that absolutely lousy lacing on the front of the corset, the horns…

Well, everything really.

It really have been called “trashy” so that the advertising for this disaster was truthful  I think.

Zero pitchforks out of five.

I might have to really think hard about redoing the scorecard for costumes…

It seems like more and more of the things I am finding are zeros.

Really shouldn’t be that way.



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