Feb 12 2013

Desires 64

Today brings to a close this tale in Desires… And an ending that, ii not perfect, tells much about us doesn’t it?


Desires – Needs

By BFSlave and Tera S

Part Twenty-Four


(Interior: a high-rise penthouse bedroom)

He watched her getting ready. It was their anniversary. He could hardly believe it had been 100 years tonight. They were going dancing at a retro nightclub that was very familiar to them. It was the club where they met. Tera used her considerable influence to keep the club open and restored every couple of decades. They went there every year. First dinner at a beautiful little Italian resturant they discovered a few years ago, then off to the club for dancing and drinks (non-alcoholic, just like that first night). Then back home for another night of passionate love making. He thought back to that life-changing night…..

They had reached their peak together, a cocoon of energy surrounding them. At the very moment of climax, time slowed for them. They lingered in the moment of the most beautiful, powerful orgasm either of them had ever experienced. Their souls joined together at that moment. Their minds touched. They became as one being. In that moment of suspended bliss, they saw into each other. She saw and felt the pain of loneliness as he was rejected over and over again. Her glowing green eyes filled with tears as she felt everything through his eyes. But that was nothing compared to what he was seeing. The night she became a Succubi. Her life transformed. And the beginning of centuries of loneliness. Lovers growing old and dying while she remained the same, something inside her stopping herself from transforming them. Either not sure they could handle it or not sure they could resist letting their new power corrupt them. Then she had a dream. Long before they met, lifetimes ago, she dreamed about someone with a heart like hers. More than a lover, a soulmate. She searched for him everywhere and everywhen, until that fateful night. He understood now that they were meant to be together. She’d searched for him before he was even born. He couldn’t stop himself from crying.

He smiled at the memory, his eyes closed. He opened them to watch her change some more… literally. Her hair color, her eyes, her body, her dress, she shifted through dozens of combinations. Human or Succubi, women always take forever to get ready., he laughed to himself. She turned to him, and back to normal. Smiling she said, “Forgotten I can read minds, have we?” He walked over to her and said, “Yeah, that must’ve been it”. They wrapped their arms around each other and touched their foreheads together, their horns gently rubbing each others. His skin was a shade or two darker then hers. Their eyes glowed lightly and, with a soft growl, they kissed and wrapped their tails around them. The reservations can wait, her voice echoed in his mind. He replyed in her mind, For you, my love, the whole world can.
The End

Thanks to my friend Mistress Tera for my first RP and to Gasman for some constructive criticism early on.


Love, Huggles, and always for you dearest Derrick…






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    A wonderful ending to a story of Eternals becoming outside of the Realm. Thank you both.

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    Thank you for liking the story my heart…


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