Speak into the Air by TeraS – Part Nine

And with this post… Lily’s story comes to a close… For now… But not forever I think…



Speak into the Air

By TeraS

Chapter Nine


Dawn broke over the Realm.

The orange-red rays of light streamed across the Lake of Fire, over the rolling hills and curves of the land. The Plains of Dreams were warmed by them and sent them further on their way, eventually arriving as they had for so long at a house that once greeted them with joy, excitement, and passion.

The light seemed to pause at the borders of the place, trying, it seemed, to decide if it should, or could, pass onto the grounds and be welcomed there, or if it would be rejected as it had been for so long. Time paused, the universe held still for an instant, as if waiting for a decision to be made …

… and then the light peeked over the hedges to discover that something had changed. The house … was starting to become a home once more.

Oh it was far from perfect. There was so much to do still to make it so. But there were signs that things were changing for the better, and that mattered. No longer a wreck, forgotten, lost to despair and grief, the house had begun to shine again with an inner light that said that those within it’s walls were … right again. Just … right. The walls were not quite so dirty and falling apart, but again had hints of the golden hue that accepted the warmth of the light. That light, given to warm those within its walls, sparkled here and there, the former glory of the house returning once more. The front doors now were lovingly polished to a shine that caught the rays and turned the wood into a fiery orange-brown. Within, all that had been abandoned and left to rot with time now was starting to return to what it was meant to be, the love of those within its walls given back to their home in return for the beauty with which it held and surrounded them.

Up the main spiral staircase, past a set of double doors lay the bedroom of those who lived in this house … no, no longer a house, but a real home, one where hope, love and passions were there to be seen unashamed. The light outside pressed against the windows of the bedroom and then warmed the place there were two bodies lay together in rest … finally. In the bed there, together, laid Lily, her amber tail entwined with that of her Eternal …

… a red tail.

For the first time in ages, Lily slept without tears, without loss, without the ache within her that reminded her of everything that she had lost when she came to the Realm. More so, her Eternal spooned against her, warm against her skin, comforting them both with the knowledge that he was there, where he should be, and would be ever more.

The light finally made its way over their eyes and the two were roused from their rest and opened their eyes to a bedroom that had a silver dress tossed off over a chair here, a pair of shoes scattered there. Bits of clothing abandoned, forgotten in the rush towards the evening that they had shared.

It was, however, very much a blur to them both.


“Hi yourself.”

“What happened?”

Lily had to think about that for a moment. There was something in the back of her mind, something that had been weighing on her for ages, but it felt less and less important as the moments passed. “I remember looking for you.”

“I do, too. But …”

Lily placed two fingers on her Eternal’s lips, “It’s not important. We found each other, and …”

He took her hand in both of his and raised her fingers from his lips. He then said, in a voice that seemed to say that he hadn’t heard her say the word in … forever … “Say my name, please.”

Lily purred his name, long, slowly, and erotically, “Jesse …”

He smiled and raised himself off the sheets to cup his hands against Lily’s rear, pressing her against his own body. When he spoke her name, everything was, finally, right. “Lily … I love you.”

She pressed herself against him, her head over his shoulder, her hands rubbing against his back, the thoughts how she wanted him to take her brewing in her mind until she paused in confusion … There was a note sitting on the night table with both their names on it.

Jesse knew something was going on, “What’s wrong?”

“I’m … not sure.”

Jesse untangled himself and then stretched out across the bed, crawled over until he, finally, held the note in his hands. The card was written in Tera’s handwriting. Jesse opened it and then showed it to Lily. The note seemed to explain everything …

Welcome home. You’ve been away too long. Sorry the place is a mess, but I’m sure you will manage to sort all of that out in time. Huggles, Tera

The note was sealed with the Queen’s kiss.

“What’s she talking about?”

Jesse got out of bed and padded over to the bay windows that overlooked their garden, “Dunno. We’ll have to ask her … sometime.”

“You know that’s not going to do any good. She’ll just give you riddles that will …”

Lily paused as she watched Jesse press his hands against the window, his tail frozen in mid-swish as something caught his attention, “Lily?”

“Yes Love?”

“Come over here, will you?”

Lily really didn’t want to, but nonetheless she wrapped a sheet around herself, if for no other reason than to tease her Eternal, and tiptoed up to him before whispering in his ear, “Yesssssss?”

“Why are there so many forget-me-nots?”

Lily looked out over the garden in some confusion; she couldn’t remember planting them. Or did she? Her thoughts were a jumbled mess this morning and her Eternal tracing a finger along her spine towards the base of her tail didn’t help her concentration all that much, either.

“Ummm … Don’t care right now …”

“I can make you care.”

“You can try … if you dare …”

Jesse laughed and drew Lily back to their bed, more than willing to make sure that Lily didn’t care about anything that morning save what he was going to be doing to her for hours on end. In the golden mirror on the far side of the room, an image of Riel and Angela laying together appeared there in the world of tails, the world tails only truly understood.

In that mirror, if Lily or Jesse had spent the time to look—which they didn’t just then—they would have seen that there, too, lay a silver dress tossed off over a chair, shoes scattered here and there. Bits of abandoned clothing no longer needed or wanted left scattered where they fell as Riel and Angela’s own night of passions was shared. But they, too, were awake, in each other’s arms, and wondering why the night before was so hazy, their thoughts so jumbled and unclear.

They weren’t spooned together in quite the same way, Riel’s body tensed slightly, an arm possessively over Angela’s waist, holding her close to him. Their tails were, however, entwined together in the exact same way as Jesse and Lily’s were. But the love they had for each other was a different one, which they shared in their own way.

Angela woke first and purred as her tail gave Riel’s a tight squeeze, “Worn out? I can get the oil …”

He growled, his body vibrating against hers, “You wouldn’t dare …”

She giggled and then the sound caught in her throat as she noticed that on their night stand lay a single folded note. Angela picked up the note and read it, thinking about it for a time before showing it to Riel who read it out loud, “Passions dark, passions light, together are.  Tera.”

This note had also been sealed with the Queen’s kiss.

He laid there as his hand dropped to the sheets still holding the note, “You know, I wish that Tera didn’t speak in riddles all the time.”

Angela rolled over and then straddled Riel, smiling almost evilly as she traced a finger over his chest, “At least it’s her and not … you know who …”

He chuckled, “I don’t think we need to see that particular black tail here.”

Angela’s tail swished behind her as she considered what she would do to her own Eternal, “No. We don’t. I only need the one that’s mine.”

As the two couples within the walls spent the morning each in their own way, Tera walked into the garden along the cobblestone pathway, marvelling at the life around her and brushing her fingertips against the flowers that surrounded the path here and there. The grounds were still unkempt, what with all of the forget-me-nots that bloomed throughout bringing some randomness to the place. And with the grass not being cut just yet, or the trees pruned, or … But it didn’t matter … not really. There was time for that all to be tended by those that now were together once more.

Tera just smiled as she saw the forget-me-nots popping up here and there, knowing those within the home there would never recall exactly why they were there.

But Tera did.

And it made her smile.

It is not enough to have a dream or a wish. It is that your wishes and dreams should never be forgotten.

For, when they are remembered, and where love is very strong, sometimes, just sometimes, a dream’s wish can be made true.


The End of the Beginning


Be dreams real Jesse and Lily…




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    • James on January 28, 2013 at 7:28 pm

    A lovely story, from end to end, as your creativity and gift continues to build many wonderful stories into the Tale of an amazing world.

    • avatar
    • TeraS on February 5, 2013 at 1:02 pm


    Thank you my heart for guiding the words to be more…


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